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  1. lanejudy

    Credit card rewards categories

    There are sometimes threads on the Budget board asking for similar info. You could check over there. (Oh, I just realized this got moved to the Budget forum!)
  2. lanejudy

    Credit card rewards categories

    Merchant category codes can vary by financial institution. It may help to know which credit card you will be using. Enjoy your vacation!
  3. lanejudy

    Walt Disney World Skyliner Gondola cabin video, photos, info.

    That's a standard construction zone rule (if not law). Nobody is allowed within a construction zone without a hard hat, no matter how peripherally you enter or for how short a time. It might explain why workers were wearing hard hats when testing the evacuation boat - I'd assume the gondola...
  4. lanejudy

    Room only reservation questions

    If you completely change your resort, and the new nightly rate is higher, you will be required to pay additional deposit. For example: initially book at POP rack rate, then receive a bonus at work and decide to change to a promotion at GF. If you change from rack rate to a promotion, and the...
  5. lanejudy

    Annual Pass purchase

    Last I knew, you have 24 hours after check-in to show the AP at the front desk and retain the discount. That allows guests to check-in at their resort and then go to the parks to buy or activate an AP. Has that changed? It isn't possible to activate an AP early, unless you live close enough...
  6. lanejudy

    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    You cannot add 4 extra days to a 10-day ticket. You can buy a 10-day ticket and a 4-day ticket for your trip, but it's probably less expensive to get an AP forego the package. Another option for 14 days is to add the "Plus" option which gives you 10 additional entries to waterparks, mini-golf...
  7. lanejudy

    Question about cabins of people with different status

    Anyone in your stateroom can book activities at the Platinum date. Other staterooms with lower CC level will need to wait for that online date. To book people across multiple staterooms, you will need to wait for the later date for activity booking to open. Or you can book yourself/stateroom...
  8. lanejudy

    School vacation week

    If you mean Feb 2020, that is Presidents‘ Day weekend, so yes it gets quite busy. I’m not sure where you are from but school vacations are all over the map. New England public schools do tend to have a vacation around then, but not all the same week (ours is the following week). POP will...
  9. lanejudy

    Anyone with experience buying tickets/hoppers through an employer/employee discount program?

    I don’t think anyone can really say. Historically prices increased about once per year. However, in the past 16 months prices increased Feb 2018, Oct 2018, and March 2019. It’s anyone's guess when or how often going forward. If your dates are definite and you have the cash, you could buy...
  10. lanejudy

    Just back - our DW experiences

    Yes, at Buzz mobility devices go through the main queue until shortly before loading, when they are directed down a small passage to the exit area. I believe this is to have the mobility device st the exit post-ride without involving CMs to move them. It’s more due to efficiency of ride...
  11. lanejudy

    Dl/birth certificate cruising

    You should always book travel in the name on your legal ID - which in this case is the drivers license. A birth certificate is never a legal ID. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. lanejudy

    Stroller rental

    I used to travel alone with DD when she was 3. I used an umbrella stroller, one large suitcase, and a backpack as your carry-on (at 5 your child should be old enough for his own small backpack carry-on for his toys). Hang his backpack on the stroller when pushing it with 1 hand, and pull a...
  13. lanejudy

    TICKETS & Upgrades - Prices and "How to"

    The value of unused tickets is never lost, even if the tickets expire. I know MDE is having a massive issue with lost tickets right now. But if they can see you have unused expired tickets, you should be able to “upgrade” them to a future date. Enjoy your vacation!
  14. lanejudy

    First time using TA

    For families with several children, yes, they split the parents on the bookings and book connecting staterooms (or sometimes across the hall). There really is no "gamble" on connecting staterooms as you typically can select the stateroom on booking. Each reservation MUST have an adult booked...
  15. lanejudy

    Can't sit down...

    I have never seen one in the parks, however I do believe the 4-wheel standing ECVs are allowed in the parks. Whether it is allowed at shows may depend on where the mobility device seating is located and whether anyone might be behind with view blocked. I’m sure it will no be allowed on rides...
  16. lanejudy

    TA booking tomorrow, Reshop in November?

    I would definitely plan to have your TA book tomorrow (or this week, whatever day it opens to you). Then when onboard in November, re-shop it but compare the figures carefully. The OBB will be off prevailing rates in November. If the cruise fare has increased enough, it could negate the OBB...
  17. lanejudy

    Photo Package Discounts

    Unless something has changed recently, it has been 1 full-price (or pre-paid price) and 1 half-price. This can be repeated for multiple staterooms, such that any 2 pay full price another 2 get half-price, etc.. Unfortunately with 5 staterooms that leaves an odd one out - so 3 pay full price...
  18. lanejudy

    Tickets question - 2 day tickets

    When WDW first changed to date-based tickets last fall, something was mentioned by a TA about tickets through DCL that will allow for a cruise mid-ticket. I haven't heard anyone report about it, so I don't know if it was legit info or not. You might try contact DCL to see. Otherwise, your...
  19. lanejudy

    First data on wheelchair damage by the different airlines released by the D.O.T.

    One thing to remember when reading that report is that “damage” may or may not be significant. A quote from the report: “it is important for wheelchair users to file a claim each time a mobility device is mishandled, even if the damage is minor or cosmetic.” It would be more useful if the...
  20. lanejudy

    How early can you rent ECV at parks?

    ECV rentals are inside the park gates, but all 4 parks now allow guests inside (to a point) before park opening. So you will be able to do the rental as soon as you enter. How long it takes will depend on how many others are doing the same thing at the time you are there. Enjoy your vacation!


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