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    TOTW for fireworks?

    What time should we get there to make sure we are allowed on for fireworks tonight?
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    shoe recommendations for 3 year old?

    I’ve got one kid in Stride Rite and the other in Carters sneakers. They both wear crocks sandals too.
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    Do you keep your young kids up later at Disney?

    5 and 2 year old. Here now. No bedtime. When they are tired we put them to bed. We will worry about routine when we get home.
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    Stroller rental

    A 5 year old can probably get by with just a stroller at the park. I normally say rent offsite, but buses might be an issue if you can get seats and you are trying to keep yourself, your child, and your stroller from falling over. My 5 year old has not ridden in the stroller at all this trip...
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    Pool Cabanas

    I’m typing the from the SB cabanas. We LOVE this experience. Do any of the other resort pools have cabanas?
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    Via Napoli in Epcot... Good food or no?

    Meh. You have to like that style of pizza, and we don’t.
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    A Mess at Via Napoli

    We had a similar experience last year at our first time at the restaurant. Won’t be back. We have better pizza at home.
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    What have you done a complete flip on

    Antivaxxers. I used to be in the “their family, their choice” camp. Now I think they are putting the public at risk.
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    Do I Need a Stroller/Wagon

    To be fair, wagons were never allowed. The Keenz stroller wagon was a workaround because you could push it, but they closed that loophole.
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    When was the last time someone really upset you

    My mother upset me last week when she said she is refusing to get her teeth fixed until my dad gets some repairs done to their house. Her excuse is that he will refuse the repairs because of the expense of her teeth being so high. And she is right that he will refuse, but I’m on his side for...
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    Stroller Question- Baby Jogger Double Summit

    I just checked all of the approved vendors and none of them are renting that stroller for delivery at a Disney resort. They have them available for use at other places or say that it doesn’t meet Disney guidelines.
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    Stroller Question- Baby Jogger Double Summit

    No, they don’t differentiate and those rental companies should not be advertising that this particular stroller is approved. Several true jogging strollers are too big to fit within the guidelines. Either the front tire sticks out too far or they are too wide. I wouldn’t risk taking it if I...
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    Are there any restaurants (not Disney owned) on property that accept certificates?
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    Older teen/young adults and family vacations

    I’ve thought about this some more. And I still think there should be ramifications for her actions. First, of any of the family ask why she isn’t there, tel them they will need to ask her. Let HER answer for her choice. Second, I don’t think you should pull all support, but I do think you...
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    Older teen/young adults and family vacations

    I don’t think you have to be nice. I think you have to be honest. “You are being very disrespectful if you don’t come. You are an adult and we can’t make you come, and don’t want to because past behavior shows us that you are a raging ***** if you don’t get your way. But we no longer HAVE to...
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    How many kids would be too many for you?

    4. I wish we had 3 but it’s not in the cards for us unless the stork drops a baby on our doorstep. 😭
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    Stroller Question- Baby Jogger Double Summit

    The Baby Jogger website says it does not meet Disney size requirements. Since they are the manufacturer I would trust what they say.
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    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    We were on a very similar situation with my FIL passing. The very first set is to have her give you full access to her finances so that you can determine what professional help is needed. A lawyer will probably be needed no matter what, but the type of lawyer will depend on what you are dealing...
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    Wax warmers allowed?

    Totally agree. Wax warmer scents are like any other strong scent in that they get in the soft goods and linger. The smell doesn’t just disappear when you remove the wax warmer. And some scents trigger sinus migraines in me. I would be irritated if I had to switch rooms because someone used a...
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    Sand Toys

    Do they sell sand toys at the Y&BC gift shop?


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