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  1. eco-muse

    1 week in Ireland?

    That all depends on your interests. Do you want to see castles? ruins? historical places? go hiking? go to a beach? Something else? Are there any specific sites you want to visit (Cliffs of Moher, Newgrange, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry, museums, etc.)? A week definitely isn't much time, but...
  2. eco-muse

    Every ? Minutes, you see Disney references

    It's "just 3 circles"at Disney, too (intention being the only difference). Gods forbid wondering about something... :rolleyes2
  3. eco-muse

    Every ? Minutes, you see Disney references

    I wonder if anyone has ever kept track of hidden Mickey's they've noticed in regular life (i.e., not on a Disney trip and not part of a Disney product).
  4. eco-muse

    Teach me your ways and Tell me my plan is okay before I book fast passes

    How tall is your son? (I ask because some rides/attractions have certain height requirements. You can find a list of attractions here, and an option to filter by height.) Regarding the safari, I've heard it's best to do that early in the morning or later in the day (whenever the last few trips...
  5. eco-muse

    Horse Drawn Trolly

    Also... "Spot horse-drawn carriages (trolleys) on Main Street U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom park. To interact with majestic looking horses, take a smooth sleigh ride or a scenic jaunt along a trail at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. You can also see a variety of breeds including...
  6. eco-muse

    Add "Florida" area to Animal Kingdom.

    I'm going to guess they don't have a Florida area in Animal Kingdom because they are in Florida. You can easily see a variety of Florida wildlife around the parks and resorts. If you want to know about a particular animal, plant, or ecosystem, you could see if a cast member knows anything...
  7. eco-muse

    Crystal Palace Review (Disney Dining Show)! #cute

    Agreed, it was hilarious and adorable.
  8. eco-muse

    No Parks Vacation! Looking for Resort Activity Ideas

    Bike rentals (Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans, Old Key West, Saratoga Springs. Wilderness Lodge/Fort Wilderness also has them, but they are currently suspended, due to construction) Carriage rides (Port Orleans and Fort Wilderness) Art classes (select dates at Saratoga Springs, Animal Kingdom...
  9. eco-muse

    A bit bored at the Studios

    I have to agree that Hollywood Studios is a half day park. I'll only be doing 3 rides and 1 show on my next trip. The remaining half day will be spent at EPCOT (which is also a half day park for me--3 rides, 1 meal, and whatever the new fireworks thing will be).
  10. eco-muse

    GF review?

    My expectations were pretty basic/standard, and apply to anywhere I stay (whether at Disney or Oregon or Maine or wherever): -The staff should be nice and treat guests with some common courtesy or basic respect, not like they are a burden or waste of space. -The room should be clean and not...
  11. eco-muse

    GF review?

    So glad this was finally posted. I agree with him 100%. Staying there is not worth the cost, not even for one night. We also had a theme park view room when we stayed there a couple years ago (I don't remember the building name/number). :thumbsup2 The guys out front (at the hotel entrance) were...
  12. eco-muse

    Questions about northern Europe cruises

    Thanks for all the responses, very helpful info :)
  13. eco-muse

    Themed Magic bans.... sold out?

    Yeah, there weren't any luggage tags with mine either, just some vouchers for mini golf and such.
  14. eco-muse

    Themed Magic bans.... sold out?

    I just received mine in the mail today, although my trip isn't until October. (It was ordered the day the offer first came out.)
  15. eco-muse

    Tusker House v Chef Mickey’s

    Tusker House, no contest.
  16. eco-muse

    Garden Grill for breakfast or lunch

    I've never had their breakfast, but the lunch is excellent.
  17. eco-muse

    Expecting too much?

    Yeah, you are expecting too much (and also crazy). You're not the only one that pays thousands of dollars to visit Disney World. Expecting any special treatment on that factor alone will gain you more scorn than favors. It sounds like the cast member did everything she could to help you, and I...
  18. eco-muse

    show today?

  19. eco-muse

    Would you let your children play a video game that has talking animals?

    Considering I played such games as a kid, yes. Hell, Disney's Magic Kingdoms game has some talking animal characters in it. Like most others in this thread, I don't see it being an issue.


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