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  1. Quellman

    $5 Disney gift cards

    You can use the disney gift card website to move balances of any amount between Gift cards. This might be the best way to do it, granted if they are a gift, it might be a bit more tricky. If you have 2 cards both $25, then you can make one of them $5 and the other $45. Or you can reuse old...
  2. Quellman

    Make me feel good about my stateroom please....

    Keep an eye open later this week as hold cancel, and just in general peoples plans change!
  3. Quellman

    Not Priced Out Fall of 2020 thread?

    I have 2 on the books from the new schedule, but will likely drop both of them. One because of price, the other because I was just informed that we may have another comitment during that time.
  4. Quellman

    Transportation from Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral

    Exactly, especially when your only benefit is styaing at the airport and the luggage transfer. Taking the free shuttle to a nearby hotel when you land, and then again the next morning isn't a bad idea, especially since they will likely also charge less than $270 a night. Plus staying off...
  5. Quellman

    Trying to decide on a Father's Day gift for DH

    No to the cruise as a fathers day gift. For me it seems extravgant for someone who isn't your father or the father over your kids. That siad, you know your dynamic as a couple better than I ever could and have more means than I do too. So if he would be thankful go ahead with it.
  6. Quellman

    Do Cabins Open Around Final Payment Time?

    Some yes, but probably not as many as you would think
  7. Quellman

    Not Priced Out Fall of 2020 thread?

    Usually there is a huge outcry of ridiculous pricing, too expensive, and what are they thinking posts. Were people content on pricing? Are people just not booking the fall in general? Just trying to get a pulse on what the masses think about the Fall 2020 pricing.
  8. Quellman

    Disney Magic Kingdoms - Tips

    You aren't wrong. The Toy Story content was preloaded. The events just recycle themselves. They are good until after the July 4th Holiday when they return from company retreat to Monaco.
  9. Quellman

    First cruise, and I'm completely lost!

    For simple transport: Take the Paid Disney shuttle from the MCO Airport to the ship, and then again from the ship directly to the Disney hotel of your choice. No need to involve Disney's Magical Express until you go from your Disney Resort back to the airport (which is free). Getting off the...
  10. Quellman

    Best time to buy DCL merch on the ship?

    Agree with others, buy when you see it. Through a miscommunication, we missed out on a DCL purse for my wife, which i found a year later in a pop up shop at Disney Springs. Also missed out on the 4 SHips art print seen HERE. Found it on another sailing. As someone else mentioned, you can...
  11. Quellman

    Shorter cruises more often or longer cruises not as often?

    We prefer longer cruises to really get away. We have other vacations throughout the year to keep us entertained as cruising isn't our only vacation. We did this. It was interesting and has its pros and cons. Just be aware, that it isn't always cheaper to do the back to back, even with the...
  12. Quellman

    Does Garden Grill rotate currently?

    Normal entrance, usually to the far left. With the construction going on at the park entrance, not sure how they are handling pre park opening admittance.
  13. Quellman

    Disney Magic Kingdoms - Tips

    I have mickey and hiro impatiently waiting with green check marks over their heads. In a few days, I'll collect those 2 bots, and then immediately send them out for their second collection and then gather tokens for the the next time the event comes out. I'l finish with 4 bots, which I hope...
  14. Quellman

    Paddle boats

    I couldn't find anything specifically on heights, even from some manufacturers. I would say that ages 9-10 can certainly provide some pedal power. Just know that you won't be moving at a high rate of speed, no matter who is providing the power.
  15. Quellman

    Disney Magic Kingdoms - Tips

    I'm still getting happiness tasks for 4 hours. I sent a message to gameloft asking what's up with that. My buddy Gaspar didn't address my concern at all. And Igor just said they know about it and to check out the gameloft website and facebook page. Looks like a new update just came out...
  16. Quellman

    Pin Trading at Stateroom door?

    People just don't carry pins around a cruise like they do the parks, especially since you might set it down for a while to go swimming, or lounge on the deck! So glad you were able to find some good trades out there.
  17. Quellman

    Opinion: Should DCL add port of Tampa?

    No real benefit in terms of itineraries. At least with Miami, Disney could consider more southern itineraries as a result of not having to travel back to PC.
  18. Quellman

    3 day double dip

    Just don't blame me for dwindling account funds!
  19. Quellman

    What to do in WDW before DCL transfer?

    We make a nice breakfast reservation at one of the resorts. Pick your favorite, 1900 Park Fare, Whispering Canyon, Trattoro at Boardwalk. You can get up, turn over your luggage and then have an 830 breakfast reservation, being done by 1000. Then you can enjoy the resort before getting a taxi...
  20. Quellman

    New Disney Ships: News, Rumors, Speculation.....and Names!

    I understand why too. The port of miami is in hot water as a result of their dredging projects impact which was way worse than estimated. I'm not an engineer or a scientist, but the impat for the Cayman appears to potentially get sideways quick. As ships get bigger and the thrusters more...


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