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  1. amberpi

    Quite the Valedictorian speech

    Slow clap.
  2. amberpi

    My unpopular opion

    I've never seen the first one, and the kids are totally disinterested (we bought them the first one before our first WDW trip); I have no reason to see the most recent one.
  3. amberpi

    Which Popular Bucket list ideas would you never want to do?

    Anything camping-ish. I'm out. We're civilized, no need to sleep outside.
  4. amberpi

    90 Day Fiancé!

    Ah! The piece I was missing! Makes more sense now.
  5. amberpi

    90 Day Fiancé!

    I'm not familiar, but is the premise that people meet and marry in 90 days? I just don't find that noteworthy.
  6. amberpi

    What Movie did you love, but

  7. amberpi

    Do you understand your spouse's job?

    Right, that's called a roommate.
  8. amberpi

    Do you keep your young kids up later at Disney?

    We’ve kept our 2.5yo at the time and then a 3 year old a few weeks ago up far later than usual. They don’t melt down at night (except for normal, but there is no way on god green earth I wake up sleeping children. They are grumps of the first order if you wake them, but can hang...
  9. amberpi

    Two Kids, Two Parents....One Hotel Room?

    We’re of the suite only family. The kids are night owls, but not anything like dh, and we like to have a couple of cocktails or glass of wine and wind down. Dh is in and out to smoke. The suite is perfect, they are right next to us, hell, closer than home, and we have 2 bathrooms that way. Well...
  10. amberpi

    Ladies of the Dis--please help me choose a dress for a wedding

    ModCloth has a ton of beautiful more modest dresses.
  11. amberpi

    Yinzers Unite! BBQ Chipped Chopped Ham - Pickle Relish, Yeah or Nay?

    Funny, you can hear that in rural Appalachia too, as well as Yinz, but that they may be more of a you'n's sound around here.
  12. amberpi

    Do you understand your spouse's job?

    I could throw some words around that describe what he does, but I really have no idea.
  13. amberpi

    When was the last time someone really upset you

    Last week I let a 5 year old making fun of me bring me to tears...not my best moments. In my defense, my medications make me dizzy and drowsy and I was worn out from a lovely vacation. Having bad balance and then being on meds that make the problem worse is a big insecurity for me. She also has...
  14. amberpi

    Best Non-theme park breakfast & brunch places on Orlando!

    Room service for us. Great and super easy while getting kids up.
  15. amberpi

    Both parks on one day

    Can you do parks open to close? We can't so this wouldn't be possible, but with 2 able bodied adults, it'd be possible. You will miss a bit of the magic of the parks though. They are terribly underrated.
  16. amberpi

    Last time you got a compliment from a complete stranger

    I got complimented on my dress twice today. It's a cheapo from Target (not as good as some of these finds ya'll've been talking about) I've had for a year, and apparently today was the day for compliments. I am having a really bad day with my balance, so maybe people just felt sorry for me?
  17. amberpi

    Where to eat at Universal Orlando including menus...UPDATED REGULARLY

    Our family loved Cowfish, Mythos, and Jake's/Belu's. Chocolate Emporium was terrible.
  18. amberpi

    Anyone dissappointed in star wars land

    Underwhelming would be tsl. Of course, no one in my family is into the movie, so perhaps it’s the same. We bought the movies for the kids, even never finished them. People just have different tastes. I wasn’t a huge avatar fan but I was blown away by the world they created.
  19. amberpi

    How many kids would be too many for you?

    My dh has 2 which I proudly claim and love intensely. More than that and we have to go to zone defense instead of man on man.
  20. amberpi

    Is it really that hot in the summer?

    We got home Wednesday. As I mentioned, I'm on a medication, that is pretty much like "stay out of the sun, you will get sun poisoning, please go to the nearest ER if you develop sun related symptons." I'm not just fair (which I am). Please do not wear a fricking jacket in 100+degree real feel...


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