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    Main Street Cinema Now A Store

    Okay, so station a CM inside there to keep people in check. I mean, is that really so difficult?
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    Crowds the weekend after July 4?

    We will be there. We go every year on July 4, but booked a staycation this year for July 4-7. Can't remember it ever being overly crowded on weekends in July in past years. In fact, Saturdays in July have long been my favorite low crowd times to visit in summers due to the Deluxe and lower AP...
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    Have you tried the Impossible Burger or any of the other Impossible Foods products?

    I looked up the nutrition profile and ingredients and actual ground beef is healthier! This is a ultra processed product full of calories and fat and not really any actual nutrition. It lacks the vitamins and iron of beef.
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    Which would you find more manageable for the parks in the summer? Pixie cut or medium length hair?

    Pixie cut. It's the best at WDW in the summer! I had one last year for our trip. Do it.
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    Mickey Waffle Maker

    My waffle maker arrived last week and we made waffles last Sunday. They are not exactly like the ones at the parks, but close enough. These are a bit thinner, but still good. My kids loved them! I've been using Golden Malted waffle mix for years in our Belgian waffle maker, and it is the best!
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    ABC news - American woman attacked in the Dominican Republic... Update 6/3

    Well, yeah. There are many parts of the U.S. that I won't go to...
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    Smuggler's Run & DAS

    Big Thunder is the main entrance, as far as I know.
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Oh, I misunderstood. I read yesterday that they were telling SRs that they would not get to be pilots, when they got in that line.
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    They will not assign single riders the pilot position. You would have to ask the pilots in your party to switch with you if they are willing.
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    How busy will June be?

    Nope. Not an exaggeration. It is 4:40 on a Saturday in June, nice weather (cloudy but not raining). The current longest wait at DL is 30 minutes (tie Space Mountain and Indiana Jones). Most rides are 5 min-10min. Haunted Mansion is listed as "13 minutes" which is a walk on. The park is dead...
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    Smuggler's Run & DAS

    Inside, near the main entrance to Black Spire outpost.
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    How busy will June be?

    Not even a little bit surprised. It is going to be DEAD, at least until June 24, especially on weekends with all the AP blackouts and no promotional tickets valid right now.
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    I realize this is looking WAYY ahead to the future but...

    Same timeframe as they usually do...late winter/early spring.
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    I realize this is looking WAYY ahead to the future but...

    IMO, yes, there will be discounts. There always are.
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    How many kids would be too many for you?

    3 would be too many.
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    Smuggler's Run & DAS

    They are doing DAS. There is a kiosk inside the land. That is the only kiosk you can use to get a return time for SR. It works the same as every other ride...return time is based on current standby time. My friend and her son used the DAS yesterday. They were limited to one ride using DAS and...
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Kylo and Rey and sometimes Boba Fett. I have met them all at Launch Bay at DL.
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    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    Well, no, the CM won't reassign people, but groups can trade amongst themselves. That's what I meant.
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    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    They apparently are just handing cards out randomly, but people can swap cards. It's not like you have to sit in the position you are given. Disney doesn't care who sits where. I imagine many families will purposely put their kids in the pilot position because it is in the front.
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    ***Official*** Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Information Thread

    I guess what I am wondering is, are they actually using the Single Rider line?


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