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    Closing my acct

    Simple: Many of the moderators and members have revealed their true colors and I won't support it. The ads on this board are becoming riddled with malware and I don't want my username associated with that in any way, shape or form.
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    How do I delete my Disboards account?

    So to be compliant with the privacy laws recently enacted, you have to have a way to delete all posts and my account so my username and name are no longer associated with these boards, so I am asking for this to be done.
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    Closing my acct

    No, I want all of my past posts completely removed, as it my right under privacy laws, as I do not want my name a or username associated with these forums in anyway. When I say close, I mean I also want everything removed completely.
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    Closing my acct

    Same here, anyone figure out how to close their account completely?
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    Disability and tickets

    I would disagree, but that would be for lawyers to settle, not you or I. The OP asked if there was a way to allow for what they want regardless of anything Disney may or may not be obligated to do and I gave them viable options that would allow them to get what they need and yet everyone still...
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    Disability and tickets

    No, that is a lot more expensive than buying a 3 day ticket, sorry, but that is not the same as a mobility device, given them a few extra days before the ticket expires costs Disney literally nothing, an ECV rental does cost Disney money, which is why they can't give it for free. No, what I...
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    Disability and tickets

    Actually, if you get passed to a supervisor, confirmation numbers would indeed mean something....been there, done that.
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    Disability and tickets

    But some people need two or three days off between park days and the OP may be one of those and don't give it the whole life isn't fair garbage, that is what ADA is supposed to be there to fix, to make it more equal for those with disabilities.
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    Disability and tickets

    I disagree completely, equal access should account for disabilities that prevent using x days within y number of day, that is equal access. You are still getting the same number of days. Of course that doesn't give with your self righteous attitude that only those who can afford more days should...
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    Disability and tickets

    This is the one part I will agree with, do drop the park hoppers, if going for a longer trip they can be worthwhile, but 3 days they would not. We go for 14 days or so, so sometimes we go back to the hotel mid day and then go to another park after, but I can't imagine doing this on a short trip...
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    Potential of Daily wheelchair rentals running out?

    Check out Gold Mobility at ********************************/ If you are going for more than 3 days, you should be ahead with them and their customer service is the best. I also doubt you will find a lower price from a reputable company and you definitely won't find a lower price with all of...
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    Online check in ?

    Yes, connecting and adjoining are indeed different, but I would do online check-in, if you don't like the rooms assigned, go to the front desk when you get there, but you actually stand a stronger chance of getting what you want with online check-in, as they can assign the rooms when they are...
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    Mobile ordering - do you do it this way or that way?

    First off, might I suggest making this a poll? Secondly, there is another option "D" for me, I will do a bit of both (although not usually taking a table until i have food unless plenty are available), but not because of crowd, because sometimes I just don't know where I want to eat until i get...
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    DAS return times

    Now I am in familiar territory, here are the answers: You have to be present to initially get the DAS and you will need everyone's magicbands/tickets, after that your grandson most definitely can be the "runner", I believe at that point he only needs his magicband/ticket, but confirm with guest...
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    Disability and tickets

    They are not saying they should be able to get an extra number of entries into the parks, just instead of expiring after 5 days, it should expire after say 14 days after first use, still 3 days worth of admission and I think that is completely fair.
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    Disability and tickets

    Ok, first off, can I just say that you guys (except maybe Hoodie) are being unfairly harsh to the OP, they are new and what kind of impression are you making on them? Secondly, I think the OP is very fair in asking IF it can be done, as it does indeed seem unfair to make those with disabilities...
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    Potential of Daily wheelchair rentals running out?

    I personally would suggest an ECV, pushing any device can be difficult in the parks. If she needs to walk, someone else (whose feet might like a break at that point) can drive for a while, then switch back. And no matter what, I would definitely rent offsite.
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    2 ECVs in group of 11

    This is definitely old information; however, they do have ONE bus that can accommodate up to three mobility devices, but they don't like running that bus and instead will simply call another bus out sooner if needed.
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    Broken Ankle and a knee scooter: How does that work at WDW?

    I would strongly advise against renting an ECV in the parks, they have been made so slow they barely (and sometimes can't) even get up a wheelchair ramp, not sure how they would work. I would suggest calling Gold Mobility (if possible know the year, make and model of the vehicle you will be...
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    Long Beach Airport

    Nope, domestic and they were quite clear, they would not check you in at less than 60 minutes out.


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