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  1. DisLiss

    Which water park?

    DH & I prefer Typhoon Lagoon. We love the look of it and we love the lazy river and the wave pool. My youngest son is our thrill seeker and he thinks the slides at Blizzard Beach are more exciting, so that's his pick. :) My oldest doesn't have a preference.
  2. DisLiss

    10hr line for Universal's Hagrids vs Disney's line handling for FOP/SWGE

    I'm not standing in a 10 hr line or a 5 hr line or even a 2 hr line, so as long as they keep the queues out of the way of everyone else in the park, it really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. :) :) :)
  3. DisLiss

    Umbrella stroller or regular stroller

    We had a Maclaren umbrella stroller, that while more expensive than your basic umbrella, was really for us the best of both worlds. It was adjustable and comfortable for our kids at different ages/sizes. It was comfortable for us to push. It was lightweight and easy to move around...either...
  4. DisLiss

    shoe recommendations for 3 year old?

    I think these two tips are the most important of all. Bring shoes she has already been wearing. Even worn in shows can give you trouble if you start walking far more than usual, but new shoes can be a recipe for disaster. I also like to have 2 pairs of shoes. A. If one pair starts to rub...
  5. DisLiss

    School vacation week

    The NY districts I am familiar with don't get a full week, either. We have to go as much as possible to avoid snow day make-ups keeping the kids in school until July. ;) ;) ;) Districts all make up their own schedules and states vary widely from one area to another in terms of weather...
  6. DisLiss

    Here now: Tips for Toy Story Land and SDD

    Great advice! The parks really are lovely in the evenings. :) Why broil during the hottest part of the day if you don't have to? :) Glad you had such a nice time!
  7. DisLiss

    Arriving before parks open to minimise the wait for popular rides

    We are big fans of going where everyone else is NOT going. So when we rope drop...we avoid the areas that are currently most popular. We either get a FP for the popular ride(s) ahead of time, OR we wait until late in the day, and then try looking for FPs again, or if the stand-by line gets...
  8. DisLiss

    First Time...Is it NOT to do park to park passes ok?

    I think it depends on how big an HP fan you are and/or how you feel about hopping in general. I think for big HP fans, the ability to hit both parks in one day is more than dimply getting the train's getting the entire Wizarding World experience in one go. And obviously, if you're...
  9. DisLiss

    I'm home. Severely depressed. Spring Break was a nightmare

    I know how old this thread is, but I think it's worth posting on it if we can all help someone else avoid feeling similar depression after a trip gone wrong. For instance, the earlier post with all of the great tips for traveling with a big group was wonderful. :) That being said, I really...
  10. DisLiss

    Your Favourite Quick Service Restaurants?

    AK: Satuli Canteen & Yak & Yeti (QS) EPCOT: Sunshine Seasons & Tangierine Cafe MK: Columbia Harbor House & more recently, Pecos Bill HS: Backlot Express (And we're hoping we'll like Docking Bay 7.) DS: Blaze
  11. DisLiss

    Poll: pushy or acceptable?

    I don't have any issue with asking CMs if there is any remote possibility that they can help with something IF my reason for needing/wanting to ask was not entirely caused by my own actions/decision. But in the situation described in the OP, the reason for asking is because despite knowing you...
  12. DisLiss

    All about the Autotrain

    I'd definitely call and ask about this. I don't think it has anything to do with an attendant having a heart. If this rule is due to safety, which I imagine it is, they may not have the option of letting you in unless it's been worked out ahead of time. I imagine they certainly can work out...
  13. DisLiss

    How many medallion machines are there and where are they located?

    Sorry, I quoted the wrong price! The quarter machines cost the dollar (plus the quarter for squishing!)! Our favorites are the machines that actually press a penny, though. :) We have a tube of pre-1982 pennies that we like to bring with us to us so that they have the higher copper content...
  14. DisLiss

    How many medallion machines are there and where are they located?

    I, on the other hand, hope they will keep a decent amount of pressed coin machines around and not switch to primarily or all medallions. First, the medallions are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00, which seems expensive to me. (I know some of the coin presses were more expensive, but some were still...
  15. DisLiss

    Is Port Orleans FQ worth the difference over Pop?

    A resort's worth is not only different from person to person, but even to the same person from trip to trip. DH & I love POR, and think it's definitely worth the higher price. But for our next trip, we'll be staying at POP. Not because of anything to do with the resort, but because we'll be...
  16. DisLiss

    Best type of backpack/day pack for theme parks?

    The closest to bagless I ever managed to be was when it was just DH & I and I carried around a camera in a slightly larger than necessary camera bag. That allowed me to slip my inhaler, a tiny tube of sunscreen, and a few other tiny essentials with me. Now we like to use the smallest crossbody...
  17. DisLiss

    How much do you spend on vacations?

    Oh gosh, I don't know...we save over the course of more than one year for bigger trips, so it doesn't really amount to the percentage of just one year's take home pay, kwim? Plus we use gift money, and yard sale/Craigslist/eBay money, etc., too. So figuring out the math would be way more math...
  18. DisLiss

    Who still brings a “camera” into the parks?

    This year is a departure for us..we are not bringing a camera. Every other trip I have. :) This year our kids are old enough to each use a phone while there. (Even if they are older hand-me-down phones. ;) ) So we decided to buy the memory maker for the ride pics and posed family shots...
  19. DisLiss

    Hey there!!! Where's Pete's Grand Floridian Grand Gripe??!!!

    It surprised me to read that because I thought he was more fair about the overall stay than a lot of people would have been. I seem to find that once someone has had a few small things or one bigger something go wrong at a resort (or anywhere) it can be hard for them to see any other good in...
  20. DisLiss

    Two Kids, Two Parents....One Hotel Room?

    We all share a room. By the end of any given vacation day we're usually tired, so we all just go to bed at the same time. Then we all get up at the same time, so there's never any tip-toeing around. :) LOL...sorry! I didn't realize I had already commented on this thread. That's what...


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