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  1. kaytieeldr

    Why oh why is my son in love with white?!

    Stop that! Just stop it! Right now! :)
  2. kaytieeldr


    I think Reaction Score is the number of Likes your posts have gotten, and Trophy Points are for achieving various goals since moving to these boards.
  3. kaytieeldr

    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    Really, as @OutBigTrip recommended, you need to discuss all this with your specific medical teams. Nobody here who hasn't visited with your specific party makeup can give you definitive answers. See a common factor? Those articles are three or did years old. They're also not in any way the kind...
  4. kaytieeldr

    Taking your droid and lifesaver home on the airplane......

    Exactly as you should! :thumbsup2 Again, my statement was directed to Every. Single. Person. reading this thread. Ever.
  5. kaytieeldr

    Traveling with Grandparents: Where Should we Stay?

    Isn't a two bedroom kick-off a combination of a studio and a one bedroom?
  6. kaytieeldr


    Call back and ask to have your need for additional days escalated to Guest Services. No guarantees, but it anybody can extend your trip into a single reservation, it will be this department.
  7. kaytieeldr

    Sci-Fi Diner - Ave time spent for dinner? sci-Fi is # 13, around the middle of the map. Fantasmic! is #48. Looks close, but still a relatively long walk once you go through the gate.
  8. kaytieeldr

    Taking your droid and lifesaver home on the airplane......

    Typically, many people read a thread. Some of those people are rabid fans who will be skeptical that anyone, well, isn't. See @mrsap post, above.
  9. kaytieeldr

    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    Power wheelchair, through your insurance (because no rental company will rent you one without experience) or see if there is a service organization - Masons, Knights of Columbus... - that loans equipment. No. Even if such a thing exists, it is NOT SAFE especially in a crowded theme park...
  10. kaytieeldr

    Taking your droid and lifesaver home on the airplane......

    Shocking comment ahead, please remain seated... Not everybody knows or cares about Star Wars. Please don't judge or criticize.
  11. kaytieeldr

    Split stays and tickets?

    You csn use the 14 day ticket for whatever period the ticket covers.
  12. kaytieeldr

    ADR Family of 10 issues

    The restaurant can accommodate 10 people, but it's possible the tables can't. Example: Sci-Fi, where I believe even the picnic tables only hold eight.
  13. kaytieeldr

    Kids TS credit to QS

    It's entirely up to the location, and more likely at your resort than elsewhere, but they should.
  14. kaytieeldr

    Pop Century - luggage delivery timeline

    Luggage should be in your room three to four hours after you arrive at the resort. If your flight arrived at five, luggage should arrive by about 10:30. Whenever you fly, you should always always always always always pack your carry on with everything you will need for the first 24 hours at...
  15. kaytieeldr

    Room only reservation, can i drop a middle day?

    (if, again, the rates are available). Honedtly, OP, it seems like it would be less trouble and probably less expensive to just arrive at U.S. early and purchase Front of the Line.
  16. kaytieeldr

    Pop Century - luggage delivery timeline

    Reasonable expectations are good, too! A perk that is not personalized but is availaproperty-wide can be expected to take time.
  17. kaytieeldr

    "Skyliner" talk has died down quite a bit.....

    Still active on disABILITIES, and Transportation, and probably Disney Rumors and News... and Robb from seems to be youtubing the system a few times a week...
  18. kaytieeldr

    Gold Mobility Rental

    I wouldn't do anything now, but as soon as you know your flight, contact them. Depending how many other deliveries are scheduled for your ultimate arrival time, and where, you might need to wait a bit for the delivery.
  19. kaytieeldr

    Pop Century - luggage delivery timeline

    If it did, it forgot to take pictures! Now, in fairness, a CM told me they had over a thousand rooms turn over that one day.
  20. kaytieeldr

    Walt Disney World Skyliner Gondola cabin video, photos, info.

    It appears there's not a lot over over-water routing. Mainly Hourglass Lake. At CBR, it looks like the tracking is close enough to shore that the scissor truck will work. if Hourglass Lake is deep enough, I'm willing to jump and swim, then just lie on the sidewalk drying off until they can get...


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