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  1. CarolMN


    Even if you were DVC and wanted to trade into this resort using your DVC membership, you'd probably decide to pay cash or stay elsewhere. Using DVC points to stay anywhere besides an actual DVC resort is a bad economic choice. You could rent the points needed to stay at the Hyatt to someone...
  2. CarolMN

    Can't book Riviera with non-Riviera points? -- Resolved there is no issue

    Is there still availability for the night(s) you want? It's not uncommon for Members to get an error message that isn't related to availability (Poor system coding/testing). If yes, call MS. Your account may need some attention from IT.
  3. CarolMN

    Purchase DVC...for future investment OR Identified specific QTY which reduces Financial impact

    And what you purchase is a deeded interest in a RIGHT-TO-USE LEASE. That's not the same as real estate.
  4. CarolMN

    FastPass restrictions for split stays

    Are you a DVC Member staying at DVC resorts? If so, there doesn't appear to be a problem booking FP+ for your entire stay when the 60 day window opens for the first portion. AFAIK, there still is a problem booking ADRs (180+10) for DVC split stays online, but if you call MS, the CM can book...
  5. CarolMN

    Renting DVC AKV vs All Star

    With the DVC rental, you'd have access to all of the amenities of the AKL Deluxe resort. Not nearly as many amenities at the value resorts. May or may not be of value to you if all you want to do is the parks. AK resort itself is beautiful - lots of nooks and crannies to observe the...
  6. CarolMN

    DVC discount on MNSSHP ticket for guests?

    Agree, BUT I'd still call MS to purchase and see if some pixie dust might be granted in the case of 2 adults with 10 kids. Good luck!
  7. CarolMN

    Set to arrive on the morning of June 20.

    Go to the parks, anyway (unless it's lightning or raining very heavily). Rain tends to thin the crowds quickly, so wait times are a lot less than "normal". Might even be able to get some FP+ reservations you couldn't get before arrival. Just invest in some decent rain parkas and wait out...
  8. CarolMN

    Moonlight Magic Booking: worst experience ever!

    Easiest thing for them to do would be to limit attendance to those staying on site at a DVC resort on a reservation booked by MS. (so no RCI, no cash or points reservations booked for other Disney resorts). Guests would be limited to those actually staying with the Member or in another...
  9. CarolMN

    Running some numbers and have questions.

    Sadly, the way ROFR is going, one wouldn't be able to get BCV at $120 pp. Disney has been taking those. Probably be looking at upper 130's at a minimum and even those would have a risk of getting taken.
  10. CarolMN

    Buying both direct and resale

    It helps to know that the points are associated with a resort (not a Member). As Pyotr posted, only the points purchased for a particular resort can book that particular resort during the home resort booking priority period. (If you think about it, why would anyone buy more than the...
  11. CarolMN

    Purchase DVC...for future investment OR Identified specific QTY which reduces Financial impact

    Plus he is financing, so would take even longer.
  12. CarolMN

    Family can join us on July 3 and there was Availability for their own villa.

    Meant to be! Wishing you all a wonderful stay. :)
  13. CarolMN

    On the fence about buying DVC

    AFAIK, the site POS must have the fixed week option for Disney to sell one. BLT does not.
  14. CarolMN

    All the resorts are booked!

    It should. Right now, you are competing with those who want to stay for Marathon weekend (Jan 8-12). That's a very popular time. Good luck!
  15. CarolMN

    Resort Villas with Gondola Views?

    You will definitely be able to see them from the standard view rooms at the BWV and maybe from the Boardwalk view rooms and the studios overlooking the Village Green. Some of the BCV rooms should have a view of them, but we've never stayed there so no idea which rooms that would be. I know...
  16. CarolMN

    What do I need to bring to make coffee??

    If your FiL isn't picky about the brand of coffee, I'd just buy a package of the coffee/filter combos, similar to this: You can always take the packets out of the box and transport them via a plastic bag. If you go with the combo packets, you don't have to worry about filters and bringing...
  17. CarolMN

    AK Moonlight Magic resort modification

    Not worth taking the chance, IMO. (no matter what MS may say. The CMs are known to give out incorrect information). Remember that with DVC, you will be back and have many opportunities to stay at AKV and try out the other resorts. Congratulations on your recent purchase.
  18. CarolMN

    Riviera resort: A thread with a poll / Discussion / Information

    I remember a 30% figure from a post by drusba, but that was about DRR rooms costing about 30% more than BWV rooms when you figured in the point charts. Like you and several others, I seriously doubt whether 30% of the points have been declared - that would amount to somewhere in the...
  19. CarolMN

    Disney Vacation Club main page ads

    Everything looks OK to me. I use Chrome most of the time, but I see the same thing using Firefox or Microsoft Edge, too. After the DRR frame, there are frames on the page - Copper Creek, Member Benefits, Add-on Offers and Opportunities, New ShopDisney Arrivals and More Member Benefits and
  20. CarolMN

    online reservations

    Yes, you can modify online, by using the MODIFY feature. It's very easy to use.


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