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  1. kboo

    Poll: Size of Room

    I voted for a studio for 8 days. We stayed in studios and hotel rooms with our 2 kids for quite a long time - as recently as April (and my girls are 7 and 3), we did 3 nights in a hotel room at the swan and then 6 nights in a studio at VGF. We had a blast! Depending on your home resort, the...
  2. kboo

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    This happened to us; we went on more vacations overall, in part because owning DVC made it much less effort to bring it all together. This actually started before we bought DVC, when we got our first APs - then the justification was, " the park tickets are paid for... " Now some people here...
  3. kboo

    Analysis of Riviera sales as of 5/10/2019

    You would know better because you've spent a lot more time scouring the OCC site, but I recall seeing a good number of contracts being broken up - i.e. one buyer, buying a larger chunk of points and breaking it up into smaller contracts. I believe this was during the time that RIV was being sold...
  4. kboo

    Poly/BLT or Riviera

    I’m someone who was considering adding on 200 BLT points resale and ended up adding RIV points direct instead. (But we already owned BLT and love the resort) If you’re just dipping your toe into DVC, I would suggest starting with a smaller BLT resale, see how it’s working for you, and then...
  5. kboo

    Best 2 BR or Larger for the Money

    I think I was the one who suggested looking at a 2BR lockoff. The second bedroom is what’s different - it will either be a studio unit (1Q and a sofa bed) or a bedroom with 2Q beds. If the kids are yours and you’re planning on having them sleep in the LR, then it might be nicer for your guests...
  6. kboo

    Studio vs 1 & 2BR (Opinion)

    Depends on the ages of the kids, I think. Our girls are 3 and 7 and happily share a sofa bed. We have done both studios and 1BR and a 1BR feels like a luxurious splurge, and we definitely enjoy it when we do it. That said, our last trip was 10 nights at the Swan and then a VGF studio, and we...
  7. kboo

    What would YOU do if buying first-time into DVC today?

    Our situation is similar, have stayed at the BW area on Marriott/SPG points for years at the Swan/Dolphin. We have 2 kids (3 and 7) and have gone from thinking we would go for about a week once a year, to multiple trips, etc. Yes! We loved it there. Given your circumstances, resale would...
  8. kboo

    Have you ever felt you're going to much?

    What did you do with your points in the 7 years you didn't go?
  9. kboo

    Potential Buyer Looking for Some Seasoned Input. Is DVC right for me?

    Congratulations on your decision! You seem to have thought things through thoroughly, and we bought DVC (at WDW) for substantially the same reasons. Be careful that your trips don't get more frequent! LOL. We bought in thinking we'd go 5-6 days a year. As currently planned, we will get about...
  10. kboo


    That's just backup research for the inevitable addonitis ... I am STILL getting listing sites' emails and app alerts, and I still read them, and I still read this thread, and I can pretty safely say NOW that I am done adding on . . . . . . . ... for at least another year.🤣
  11. kboo

    Best 2 BR or Larger for the Money

    Depending on the vibe you are looking for, BLT might be a good choice too. With 6 and 12 year old kids, it might also depend on what they prefer. For the adults who are going for the first time, there is still something cool about the Contemporary, being able to see some of MK from most of the...
  12. kboo

    Price / Incentive changes

    Got it. I read it as you were thinking of going from 2x100 to 2x125.
  13. kboo

    What makes DVC worth investing in?

    That is basically addonitis, no? It’s not that something is objectively better or not. It’s that it feels less painful having prepaid than paying out of pocket each time (although using the magic band to charge also doesn’t feel as real as pulling out a CC or cash). So you aren’t constantly...
  14. kboo

    Price / Incentive changes

    @Drewferin and @Rush - when you talk about buying as 2 smaller contracts, you *are* asking them to give you the incentives as if you were buying one large chunk of points, right?? Like 2x125 shouldn’t be 2x$500 but rather whatever the incentive is for buying 250 points ...
  15. kboo

    Price / Incentive changes

    Ha! I talked a big game before it went on sale, but pretty much did nothing to hold the line. Welcome to the other side. Have you booked your first stay there yet? 🤣
  16. kboo

    Availability for Christmas time at 7 & 11 months?

    BLT 1br, especially standard, is a great points value though. Especially being walking distnace from MK, having the extra bath, and sometimes fireworks views. And TOTWL. Don't get me wrong, I own at both BLT and VGF, so obviously love them both. For the stroller set, BLT's location can't be beat.
  17. kboo

    Availability for Christmas time at 7 & 11 months?

    😂 *BLT raises hand sheepishly* ... but has a boat to WL ... Another thought - if you ever think you may grow your family, BLT has some of the smallest studios, but its 1BR are among the loveliest. Walking to MK beats the monorail any day. FWIW - I was able to book a BLT 2br std at 11 mo to the...
  18. kboo


    The only thing I can think of is if there's something about the seller or the contract where Disney has already passed on it - I recall an AKV contract that passed recently in the 90s. Maybe if it's an international seller + some other situation? Again, just speculation.
  19. kboo

    When will Riviera resales be available

    This is actually really scary seeing the numbers like this ... saw on social media recently someone who'd bought direct in December who got prior year and current year's points, hasn't even used the contract yet, who just lost his job and needs to sell. He financed, and there's lot of...
  20. kboo

    What makes DVC worth investing in?



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