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  1. macraven

    hotel reservation - did I wait too long or not long enough

    Loews does not need to give out hotel deals for certain time periods during the year. Some events fill the hotels up early at the lower prices. HHN is one time period that helps fill the rooms There are many conventions going on in the fall which blocks out # of rooms When a convention is...
  2. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    Thank you Robo for adding that info. Private tours can do repeats of the houses. Public tours are not allowed this perk.
  3. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    When you book to be in a public tour or book a private tour, you also need to buy the hhn rip ticket for the night you are on the tour. Tours can have some waits but they are let into the houses when the TM handling the entrance house lines tells your TG.... have your group enter. Your group...
  4. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    If you have the ep ticket, you can Last and past years uo allowed those that did the public rip hhn tour be allowed to do the rides one time using the ep line
  5. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    No ap discount for UTH in past years
  6. macraven

    Both parks on one day

    You can check in anytime and have your belongings held with valet Check in time is 4:00 but if a room is available prior, you can get a room earlier If the hotel was not sold out the night prior, it is possible to be assigned a room in the morning when you arrive
  7. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    Rip private tour has an ap discount
  8. macraven

    Something About Nothing ... #12

    Monyk You have been missed here Very sorry you got ripped off on your vacation and that’s all I will say about that Don’t blame you for driving back from the airport after a long day I always sleep better in my own bed also Besides all of the homies here that missed you, I bet all your...
  9. macraven

    It's an epic 16th birthday celebration (TR) - June 14th - We've Arrived

    You are a great dad! Sweet 16 birthday trip is probably the best gift you could have given your daughter Awesome pictures!
  10. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    Once hhn releases the list for all ten houses, we will know which houses will be included for the day tours
  11. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    I noticed I failed to answer one of your questions Last year it was possible just to do the day house tour without buying the park ticket. So far, have not seen that will continue again this year. Nothing released yet but will assume the park day ticket won't be a requirement. When I booked...
  12. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    I booked the House day tour when it was first bookable I went with the 6 house tour Some info was not available when I booked, such as which houses would be included Was told this year there will not be the hour break in between houses if you booked the six set. This tour will be completed...
  13. macraven

    Official 2019 HHN-29 Thread

    I always book the first tour of the night
  14. macraven

    Lebeau Family Trip Report 2019: Portofino Bay, Mardis Gras and More

    Tell Josie she is the best “back up “ photographer and will give you a run for the money someday...
  15. macraven

    Hagrid's Coaster Queue Updates / Questions / Reviews

    Monday and Tuesday of first week of October should be good but then hhn resumes and more will be in the park Many do the park during the day and hit hhn at night At that time you will see some move over to IOA as the studios closes at 5:00
  16. macraven

    Something About Nothing ... #12

    it’s Friday again The one day of the week the homies love Peeps going to work today,,,, Peeps now home from travel today Looking at you charade and Schumi! We are to have a cool spell Today in the lower 80’s (Should I put the heat pump on this morning and then the ac on before noon?)...
  17. macraven

    A 2019 PTR: California, HHN 29, & More Updated 6/13

    Tell us you are in the parks and no delays getting there!
  18. macraven

    First Time...Is it NOT to do park to park passes ok?

    I always do P2P Nice to have in case a ride is shut down and can return later Not restricted to staying in one park then Short easy walk to go from one park to the other


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