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  1. nkereina

    OKW Housekeeping Issue

    Unless I'm reading wrong, I think you're contradicting yourself. Do they or don't they have a legal right in your opinion? I can't speak on legalities, but I do know that Disney is private property and you are agreeing to Disney's terms and conditions when you make a reservation to stay there...
  2. nkereina

    Real estate question

    The seller fulfilled their disclosure obligation at the appropriate point in the home buying process and it was accurate at the time. Further, the roofer suggested to the OP that the OP should get a new roof rather than make repairs. From my understanding in this thread, the roof is functioning...
  3. nkereina

    False eyelashes

    I also did not have any luck with magnetic lashes. They stayed on fine but they were very hard to place, and you couldn't "slide" them around to get in place once on because of the magnets, if that makes sense. Aside from the strip lashes, there are also individual glue-on lashes you can buy...
  4. nkereina

    Amanda Knox in Italy!

    What a terrible decision. Why would she want to return to a country that she claims falsely accused her of these crimes. Where she spent X amount of years in prison for something she says she didn't do. I'm surprised even seeing that countryside doesn't trigger some kind of PTSD for her. But...
  5. nkereina

    Real estate question

    This is a great point, and quite possibly the reason the buyers requested a repair rather than a replacement. Chances are they didn't want to pay more for the home, and would rather roll the dice with the repairs. That is their prerogative. It may vary by state, but the buyer should have the...
  6. nkereina

    Gray is THE color these days I guess

    Decor these days has transitioned from warm browns and tans to cool greys. Grey is a versatile color and goes with almost anything, no matter the décor style - farmhouse, traditional, modern. It can really work with anything, and its also timeless so it keeps things from looking outdated too...
  7. nkereina

    Trader Sam's Tips?

    What time of year and day of the week? We were there the week leading up to Memorial Day, which was a busy time with the ending of the promotional tickets, people making last minute visits before the craziness of SWGE, and Grad Nites. There was also a convention going on at the Disneyland Hotel...
  8. nkereina

    Still Worth It?

    If you don't have a car in Oahu but are staying in Waikiki, you could rely on organized bus tours to get you to the main tourist attractions. But the cons are that it comes at a cost (probably more than a rental car in some cases) and you're at the mercy of the tour schedule. Driving in Waikiki...
  9. nkereina

    OKW Housekeeping Issue

    I'm not an attorney, I work in banking, but I know in our industry, the regulators have very specific requirements for the verbiage that goes in the terms & conditions (a.k.a. "the fine print"). We have had court cases where this has had to be referenced. Since the terms & conditions are...
  10. nkereina

    Slinky dog dash FP at 6:15, flight at 9:18?

    Its not something I would do, but I do think its logistically possible if all goes right. Is the backpack in the locker for their carry on bag for the flight? If they are staying at Disney resort, they can do Resort Airline Check-In for their luggage, but the locker would still be needed for a...
  11. nkereina

    Flight Change and DME

    If you return to the online form, you can enter the information again. There should be a field asking if you've already provided DME with this information, and you'd check yes. You may get duplicate yellow tags in the mail if you're not leaving quite yet.
  12. nkereina

    What is your favorite travel company?

    When I worked for AAA, we often booked European travel with Trafalgar. They have guided tours and also packages that have some flexibility. It may be best to go to a travel agent you trust. Agents have relationships with various tour companies and he or she can price out which one works best...
  13. nkereina

    Still Worth It?

    I don't necessarily disagree with this. I agree, you can't go wrong either way, and there are pros and cons to both. My main reasoning for saying Aulani would still be worthwhile is if they plan to enjoy the resort - I think Aulani would trump any resort in Waikiki. Plus, assuming they are...
  14. nkereina

    Still Worth It?

    Is the other resort you're considering the Hilton Hawaiian Village? There is a smaller Hilton property in Waikiki, so just wanted to clarify. Assuming its Hilton Hawaiian Village, its definitely a beautiful resort but its at the far end of the strip making for a long-ish walk to the heart of...
  15. nkereina

    Just back! WDW vet's first time at DL!

    That was me, and yes there are several hotels like this in that vicinity. It looked like the Courtyard may have interior corridors, but regardless, all of the properties in that area are compact and tight on parking. We always fly out of the Buffalo airport. JetBlue has nonstop flights between...
  16. nkereina

    Just back! WDW vet's first time at DL!

    What we liked about the Tropicana is that it was almost as close as you can get to the park without paying the high on-site prices or the higher prices of the Best Western which is directly across the street. We got a great AAA rate at the Tropicana, and loved how close it was and how easy of a...
  17. nkereina

    Just back! WDW vet's first time at DL!

    So like I mentioned, we are not club-goers and we are not fine dining people. Comfort is of the utmost importance. LOL! I was so worried about what to wear and that we'd look out of place, but all my worry was for nothing once we got there, much to my surprise. DH wore black jeans with black...
  18. nkereina

    Can I go straight from airport?

    If they don't need to, then why would they? Even if they are flying Southwest and have no bag fees to contend with, there's always a risk of lost luggage or mishandling/damage when checking a bag. Many people try to avoid checking a bag whenever possible for this reason alone. I agree that if...
  19. nkereina

    Can I go straight from airport?

    The OP said they are doing carry-on only so the issue of waiting to pick up checked luggage after arrival is a moot point. If they were to allow DME to handle their luggage, they would then be checking luggage with the airline for the sole purpose of DME handling it. Which means incurring...
  20. nkereina

    Super excited and going next week- just a few questions.

    Yes. Can't speak to buying there vs. buying in advance. We always buy in advance. It rains so much there, people have to go with the flow. It might keep some locals away from the park, but otherwise, it is what it is. They are both express passes, just different levels. The unlimited express...


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