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  1. OKW Lover

    News Round Up 2019

    We were fortunate to ride it in DL Paris a couple of years ago. Yes, it really is an awesome ride. The ride technology is unlike any others before.
  2. OKW Lover

    Reams Rd. Entrance

    Celebration is a bit pricy. The area off of Reams is not at all touristy. However, traffic has become a bit of an issue during shift change times. Not terrible, but definitely noticeable.
  3. OKW Lover

    New Disney Ships: News, Rumors, Speculation.....and Names!

    Interesting discussion about anchor damage. I wonder if the GC port authorities have considered putting in moorings?
  4. OKW Lover

    Narcoossee’s or Citricos? How do I decide which one to go to?

    They are both very good. I give the edge to Citrico. You really can't go wrong with either.
  5. OKW Lover

    "Skyliner" talk has died down quite a bit.....

    There is a huge thread devoted specifically to the Skyliner. Definitely hasn't slowed down.
  6. OKW Lover

    How bad is Presidents Day week really?

    Presidents day week (including those before and after the actual day) is very crowded. It follows only Christmas/New Year and Thanksgiving as far as crowd levels. go.
  7. OKW Lover

    20 Years of Dreams Event - Official Thread

    John, would that also apply if we were to drop days from our reservation?
  8. OKW Lover

    Where has Charles been ?

    He's just another member of the podcast.
  9. OKW Lover

    Advantage to owning multiple DVC contracts at different Resorts

    In my case it was simply what I felt I needed when I did a particular add on and what DVC was selling at the time.
  10. OKW Lover

    Hydro Flask

    Yes. They, and similar insulated beverage containers are allowed.
  11. OKW Lover

    Resort full, little worried

    I'd add Roy's to this list. We had a wonderful meal there last week, perhaps the best of a 3-week stay. We also enjoyed the Taco place near the Pizza Corner. Out of our party of 5, however, 4 out of 5 did not care for the Pizza Corner pizza. We've also come to the conclusion that Monkeypod...
  12. OKW Lover

    10 Days in Paradise - Our Oahu (Aulani) and Maui Big Summer Blowout

    We stopped at their shop a couple of weeks ago. Interesting, but over-priced was our take.
  13. OKW Lover

    Resort full, little worried

    We just returned from Aulani on the 11th and didn't find the crowds to be any better/worse than our other visits.
  14. OKW Lover

    Just back. Some tips on navigating the chair situation.

    We just got back from Aulani and didn't find the first week of June any better/worse than other times we have visited.
  15. OKW Lover

    Epcot Construction Update Thread - Updated 6/9/19

    It hasn't closed
  16. OKW Lover

    Aulani First Time Visit

    Just to add to what the PP's have said, I'd suggest a week for your visit. There is much to do on Oahu and you'll also want some time to just stay at the resort. You'll be surprised at how quickly the time goes by.
  17. OKW Lover

    BLT for a no elevator stay?

    BLT would be a real problem for somebody that won't use an elevator. I'd suggest a different resort. If you need to be on the Monorail, then the Poly would be a good choice. Otherwise, I'd suggest Old Key West, which only goes as high as the 3rd floor, or Port Orleans.
  18. OKW Lover

    Shorter cruises more often or longer cruises not as often?

    We generally prefer the longer (7 nights or more) cruises. But occasionally we just want to cruise and have to get a 4-night in.
  19. OKW Lover

    DIS/DREAMS Exclusive San Francisco / Backstage Magic July 2019

    When we did this same trip a few years ago, it was one set of guides for the entire trip.
  20. OKW Lover

    Late Flight - check out time question.

    Yes, they will do this for you at Aulani. Actually, pretty much any hotel would hold your luggage on the day you check out. Its a standard industry practice.


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