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  1. MrsRoyale

    "Official" 2019 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party: Oh-So-Jolly Holiday Celebration

    Hello all, So I have a question for those who have been to the parks during the dreaded Christmas week...I want to know...Is it REALLY that terrifying? Because I keep reading all these posts saying DON'T DO IT. DO NOT GO TO DISNEY DURING CHRISTMAS TIME UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES...but really...
  2. MrsRoyale

    ***** December 2019 *****

    All booked!! December 21-28th at Copper Creek!!! Can't wait! 334 days to go!
  3. MrsRoyale

    Restaurants for Christmas?

    That might could work. We are DVC members so we'll be staying at our home resort, which is Copper Creek....A sleigh ride sounds fun!
  4. MrsRoyale

    Restaurants for Christmas?

    Hello all, I am currently planning our next trip for December 2019. We will be spending Christmas at WDW, but I am not getting anywhere near a park on Christmas day because I know it is pure madness. With that being said, we still gotta eat, so could you recommend a restaurant with a nice...
  5. MrsRoyale

    Question about DME and Magic Bands

    Awesome sauce! I appreciate everyone's help on this :)
  6. MrsRoyale

    Question about DME and Magic Bands

    Awesome! Thank you so much! They were the standard ones, right? Not purchased, I mean...
  7. MrsRoyale

    Question about DME and Magic Bands

    Wonderful! Thank you so much :) Good news is I did customize them a long time ago adding names and different color bands :) I was just hoping that they would give you a tracking number because we have some serious deluvery issues in my area....
  8. MrsRoyale

    Question about DME and Magic Bands

    Oh ok, so worst case scenario, if the Magic Bands don't come, I can still get them at the hotel, right? It's our first trip since the Magic Bands were implemented so it's all new to us :)
  9. MrsRoyale

    Question about DME and Magic Bands

    Hello all, I contacted Disney today with a simple question. I am sad to report that no one was able to help me out, so I figured I would ask here since you probably know better...I'll spare you the details of the conversation but this is the first time that I have been disappointed with...
  10. MrsRoyale

    Family Magic Tour Question

    For what I have read, some of the clues are inside :) You have to look for them in the rides
  11. MrsRoyale

    Family Magic Tour Question

    Oh wow! So some nice attractions are included in there. Makes it a lot more difficult to choose my FP now! Thanks for the info everyone!
  12. MrsRoyale

    Family Magic Tour Question

    Hello all, Have a question about the Family Magic Tour. I know, from what I read, that as part of the tour they take you to one of the rides (is it one or two?). My question it always the same rides or do they change it? From what I read, Peter Pan seems to be one of the main picks, but...
  13. MrsRoyale

    Email for Moonlight Magic @ AK?

    It was a slow process, probably from all of us jumping in at the same time, got a couple internal errors but I was finally able to book for 5/16!! So happy!!! I've been planning this trip for over 5 years and we are only 93 days away...this is like a dream to me!
  14. MrsRoyale

    Kitchenette Question

    Wonderful! Thank you so much! Now I ca place my Garden Grocer order :)
  15. MrsRoyale

    Kitchenette Question

    Hello all, Just a quick question about kitchenettes. I will be staying at the Copper Creek Villas in May 2018. We have a studio with kitchenette. Does anyone know what the kitchenette is equipped with? I know the standard coffee pot and mini fridge, but is there a toaster, or microwave...
  16. MrsRoyale

    Disney Clothing?

    Have you tried Poshmark? It is mostly used clothing but you can find great deals on many things! Particularly Disney stuff which tends to be on the pricey side!
  17. MrsRoyale

    I'm out of things to plan. Packing???

    If it makes you feel better...I have a box in a corner in my room where I started throwing things that I know I will absolutely need for my trip...In May 2018....
  18. MrsRoyale

    Disney Friendly Kids Sandals?

    Hello all, I am almost 6 months away and started my shopping for the trip and have a problem with my 4 year old. He absolutely hates wearing closed shoes. His feet sweat terribly and he is always taking his shoes and socks off (and they are completely soaked from sweating so much!)...So, I...
  19. MrsRoyale

    •The Official COPPER CREEK VILLAS & CABINS Owners & Lovers Group•

    Hopefully! We'll be there checking in on May 12 and checking out May 28. This is a dream come true vacation for us! We have been there several times but will be my son's first. We haven't been there since our honeymoon in 2010!


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