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  1. Kiara5

    New baby gorilla

    Can you take a screenshot of the photo then upload the screenshot? I think that makes the photo smaller in size changes the format or something....
  2. Kiara5

    dining with 1 day ticket?

    Yes you can call and add the dining plan. Without a ticket you would ask to book a ticketless package.
  3. Kiara5

    Added Trips! Now May, August, October & December!!! What?

    Tusker house switches to lunch about 11. We had a 10:45 reservation in December. We started with breakfast. Then about 11 they moved the breakfast foods to the middle and put the lunch offerings on the outside. Once the breakfast food was gone they put more lunch offerings out. We liked being...
  4. Kiara5

    Priceline Express Deals

    Try this one 6L64FE29F3
  5. Kiara5

    Priceline Express Deals

  6. Kiara5

    Priceline Express Deals

    Hello yesterday I booked an express deal that I figured would be Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo house villas. It was similar to the one I asked for help identifying the other day- same dates and all but it said the rooms were 700 something a night so I was saving about 70%...It did end up being...
  7. Kiara5

    Priceline Express Deals

    Thank you for checking hotel canary for me! :earsboy:
  8. Kiara5

    Priceline Express Deals

    Hello. I see an express deal for 9/09/-9/14 in the bonnet creek area 4.5 stars. I think it may be animal kingdom lodge jambo villa but can anyone else confirm/best guess? Thank you!
  9. Kiara5

    Split Stay Dining Plan Question

    You could book the first part of your stay online if you want but the ticket less package has to be done over the phone. I am not sure if they would modify or cancel the room only reservation if you tried to do that online and then call about the dining plan. Room only and packages are treated...
  10. Kiara5

    Split Stay Dining Plan Question

    You can call and ask for a ticketless package for the second part of your stay.
  11. Kiara5

    DMR Mystery DVD

    I redeemed for the mystery movie 3 times in 2018. I don't remember the exact dates but I got The Rescuer's, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and Sleeping Beauty.
  12. Kiara5

    Table service tipping

    When we ate at sci fi we asked to split the bill by party( 4 and 2 for us) and the tip was 18% for what we each ordered.
  13. Kiara5

    Tiffins - Is the RoL Menu Different from Regular Menu?

    We did the ROL package at Tiffin's earlier this month and were given the regular menu. Everything we had was very good and with what we ordered the package saved us money and we had great seats for Rivers of lights:earsboy:
  14. Kiara5

    Tiffin's just dessert?

    Thank you for the suggestion but one of the reasons I want to eat at Tiffin's is also to see the decor in the rooms. I really want to see the animals that are lit up and the totem polls in the one room. I think it is called the gallery...
  15. Kiara5

    Tiffin's just dessert?

    Thank you for posting pictures! We would have a quick service dinner so something small would be Ok. It might be the only way I can convince them to try it. Unless there is another menu change between now and then...
  16. Kiara5

    Tiffin's just dessert?

    Wow! That is pretty small!
  17. Kiara5

    Tiffin's just dessert?

    I really want to try Tiffin's my family ( kids ages 13 and 10 and husband) are unsure of the menu. Right now I have a late dinner reservation ( 7:55) Is it Ok to go and just order dessert and drinks?
  18. Kiara5

    First December visit

    Not sure which day you are going but right now they have it showing at 6:15...maybe as it gets closer they will add a second showing...
  19. Kiara5

    First December visit

    River of lights will be showing in December. I have a river of lights dining package it says first show...
  20. Kiara5


    At Animal Kingdom our son really liked Tusker House for breakfast. He liked meeting the characters without waiting in line and the variety of breakfast foods to pick from. At Hollywood Studios last year we tried the Hollywood and Vine Seasonal Dine. Got pics with Santa Goofy, Donald, Daisy...


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