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    Has anyone recently seen the castle?

    We are heading to Disneyland this weekend/next week and I read the castle was under construction. Does this mean it is mostly covered so it isn't visible? Or is there just scaffolding around? Or what can we expect? I *think* it was said to re-open soon, but the date was after our trip would...
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    Official June 2008 code watch

    my huge fam and i will be there 6/10-6/17 :thumbsup2 staying at asm sticking around to see what this code thing is all about...:dance3:
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    typhoon lagoon vs blizzard beach for kids

    so it sounds like bb would be better for my 4yo -- right? what are the chances of doing both in one day? they dont look very big at all....
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    typhoon lagoon vs blizzard beach for kids

    which water park is better for preschool-aged kids? its really hard to tell from the websites...
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    anyone heard of orlando vista hotel?

    we're thinking about staying here, looks like we can save about $350....has anyone heard/stayed here? thoughts? :grouphug: <--my son picked the icon ;)
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    Motorized scooters/wheelchairs

    my grandmother used one at silver dollar city in missouri this past summer. it is very hilly there and she didnt have any problems navigating one? but, i agree, it would be too hard to use if she actually needs assistance. i bet she'd do ok if she drove it around for a minute or two. :goodvibes
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    How Long with?

    i will have a 4yo and a 1yo when we go too :) we're also planning on 6days/7nights. although, im starting to think that might be too long. although hubby thinks it will be good because we can relax a couple days instead of just going non stop...kwim?
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    baby changing stations question

    ooh, i was going with the assumption that the bathrooms at the disney parks were clean. i never even considered otherwise. :scared: i'll just buy some disposable pads to be safe :)
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    is this too long?

    do you think 7 days/8 nights is too long for a one year old and a four year old at dw? is 6 days/7 nights long enough to see everything? we really cant decide what to do here. we arent planning on going to the water parks, just the main 4 parks and maybe downtown disney. thoughts??:goodvibes
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    baby changing stations question

    thanks :) in those normal plastic fold down things, are they stocked with the changing pads? they all have a place for them, but in our town, only a few places actually keep pads in them.
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    baby changing stations question

    are the baby changing stations at wdw stocked with changing pads? im trying to figure out what all i need to take into the park with me. and yes, im a germophobe and must have a changing pad :cool1:
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    stars and motor cars parade = block party parade?

    oh wow! you guys are fast! thanks :) we'll definitely have to find the times for the meet n greets! :goodvibes is dhs mgm? thats what i meant..not animal kingdom :upsidedow
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    stars and motor cars parade = block party parade?

    so im planning our FIRST trip to disney world!! my hubby has been a few times, but myself and our sons have never been. im sooooo excited. anyways, enough background ;) my son LOVES the power rangers. i just saw that there is a 'stars and motor cars' parade at animal kingdom. then i...


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