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    Single Rider for Hagrid’s Motorbike Coaster

    You're assuming that all single riders go thru the single rider line which isn't true. And for things to work the way you suggest it implies that the single rider line is at a rate that is in the norm of 1/2 of the main line so that if a single rider isn't seated in every car then it will be...

    DVC availability, points & value help a mom out!

    FWIW OKW was refurbed since CCV came on with it's laminates and got carpet in the studios and the master bedrooms. It all just depends on the flavor of the moment of whomever is making those decisions at the time.

    Point transfer questions

    You can look at the rental board to see if anyone has points available for transfer. I think that one or two of the brokers may also coordinate transfers. When transferring the points are actually placed into your account and under your control which is a pro over renting where the reservation...

    •The Official COPPER CREEK VILLAS & CABINS Owners & Lovers Group•

    The 40% off is a special this summer and ends August 31st: "Discounts on Treatments, Packages and More Delight in pampering services at 4 participating locations. These include: Senses — A Disney Spa at Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort Senses — A Disney Spa at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort...

    Which DVC resort is best?

    For me the boats are not all that great at the Epcot resort either. They take fo-r-ev-er. And if you miss them double that forever. BWV to Epcot is great if it's there or arriving when you walk out to the Boardwalk. Otherwise walking is faster. They're nice if you're looking for a rest but...

    Wire Transfer Payments

    Frankly it's freaky to transfer that much money even if you live in the US. :faint: Good luck in finding the best way to accomplish this internationally!

    Which DVC resort is best?

    All Disney resort buses are on a every 20 minute schedule but the issue is the can get delayed for various reasons. Still, all of them are supposed to be at that frequency. On buses alone - I vote AKV. They do not share buses with any other resort and only have the 2 buildings they stop at...

    DVC availability, points & value help a mom out!

    First, the 175-225 points is too many if you're planning to still go every other year and stay in studios. You would want to use banking or borrowing to combine 2 years worth of points so you'd only need 1/2 of what you would typically use. In Jan-Feb a studio at CCV would typically be in the...

    Falling in love with ROFR backup

    Eeeekkk! No, no such thing as deciding a contract would be ROFR'd and so offering on a "backup" before it was.

    CCV now $210/Point Direct

    Since DVC is a points system and you aren't locked into any particular sized unit just selling large contracts would not provide any correction. If people had wanted to buy for the cabins they could have done so even if buying multiple small contracts.


    The Hyatt Regency on Maui is not just for DVC, it's like any old Hyatt hotel. Go here to book it on cash if you wish to stay there over Christmas: I have stayed here years ago. On cash, nothing to do with DVC...

    selling small contracts i own to extend years and add points

    You could sell the contracts with a delayed closing though you wouldn't receive the funds until after the trip and the sale could be completed. If this is what you are thinking of I think I'd also keep an eye out for a loaded SSR contract in the size you are thinking of. If you find it and are...


    Maybe I'm not understanding but anyone can get a room there on cash. Is that what you were asking? Since it's not a DVC resort but it's something that a DVC member can trade into at various times of the year that is what I was originally assuming you were asking about.


    It's currently part of the Concierge Collection. I do not see any points listed under the Holiday season so it could be it's restricted for the Christmas dates. You will also need to have points that qualify to book the Concierge collection - either direct purchased points or resale purchased...

    Old Key West Three Bedroom

    This is the only picture I've managed to find anywhere.

    Old Key West Three Bedroom

    And the living room rug. Don't forget the living room rug! ::yes::

    DVC for Annual RunDisney Trip

    It's a good thing to ask about although I think they may not be offering the race week anymore.

    Anyone rented the Poolside Patio Seating at the Grand Floridian?

    Anyone rented the Poolside Patio Seating at the Grand Floridian?

    I saw a post about this somewhere recently. I think those are an umbrella and a couple of chairs. One or two commented at least about seeing them although I think one person had used them. If I figure out where that is I'll post the link.

    Buying both direct and resale

    FYI - they will sell you any resort direct. It might take a waitlist for some of them though - that just depends on what they have at the time. They push to sell the new resort but if you push they will sell you pretty much anything so it wouldn't have to be Riviera. Here's a link to the...


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