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  1. Melisande

    Granddaughter just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

    I agree about keeping a kit on hand with juice because unless she is a super active child normally she will bottom out from all the walking. I am type 2 and while the two types are different, the one thing remains true for both types, we always bottom out at theme parks if we control too...
  2. Melisande

    Single Mom traveling with son with ASD

    If it was not for the disability card that Disney offers to Autistic children, I would have never gotten my daughter to ride any rides. It is such a blessing.
  3. Melisande

    Should I encourage my dad to rent a scooter?

    As I have learned from taking trips with my father, sometimes it's better to just rent a scooter for them. He won't rent it for himself. You just need to have it there waiting for him. He will need a scooter. That is too much walking for someone with a hip replacement. If he wants to walk part...
  4. Melisande

    Would a 4 year old need a stroller?!

    For that long of a trip to Disney I would buy one used on Craigslist. Then sell it off after the trip. You will want some kind of a stroller. I remember that even as a teenager wishing that I could ride in a stroller. It will be useful.
  5. Melisande

    DMR Mystery DVD

    I got muppets, ichibod crane, and Mary popping from the mystery offers. The Mary Poppins was the mystery blue ray and even came with a digital movie code. I love Disney Movies Anywhere so that was a huge bonus.
  6. Melisande

    Criminals in the TSA

    No I am not a spiteful little brat. I promise you. I am just one of your random TSA haters. There are many of us out there. We are all tired of it. Did you know though that the TSA does not always fire officers once they are convicted of a crime? I think this scares and upsets me more than...
  7. Melisande

    Same Sex Marriage?

    Seriously I have my doubts about marriage for anyone regardless of sexual preference. I think its a bad idea. I am not any good at it and neither are millions of other Americans. Why should I worry about what letting gays marry will do to the sanctity of marriage? We are so quick to marry...
  8. Melisande

    Snow White's Scary Adventure Closure

    Here Here. Someone I can totally agree with on this. Although we all know those indy cars are never going sadly. They are still popular year after year. I do hope they keep barnstormer. I can not imaging ripping it down. Maybe refacing it.
  9. Melisande

    How long do you spend in AK?

    Right now Ak is one of my favorites too. I just love the Nemo and Lion King shows. The animals are nice. Who does not enjoy those cute tigers? :) I always drop by to see Pooh and friends. Its a nice way to start out my day. I love the coaster. Seriously the only thing in that park I hate is...
  10. Melisande

    You Think You Have Problems?

    If you ever need someone to go to the parks with I am over in Clermont. /wave. As to your obsession its ok. It will all be ok as long as you live here. You would go crazy living anywhere else with that kind of obsession but you live in central Florida.
  11. Melisande

    If You Were Pregnant, Would You Ditch Your Husband For WDW...?

    I think its fine but the bigger question is will enjoy it. Seriously HEAT STROKE. This is one of our hottest times of the year and you will be way pregnant. I had an August baby so I know what its like to be pregnant in Florida in the summer. If you really want to do this please consider...
  12. Melisande

    question for parents of children with autism

    When she was two she started doing some very OCD things that were typical of Autistic kids like everything had to be lined up perfectly in linear order. I always knew she was sensory like her Dad and I. One of the things that delayed her diagnosis was that she was the typical child in a...
  13. Melisande

    Autistic teen and Disney Cruise?

    Well it depends on the child and it depends on how their sensory issues are. My DD13 is Aspergers and she would probably just wander the ship nonstop. She loves staying in hotels and she loves hanging out in the lobby so for her I think she would enjoy that. Now that she is old enough to go in...
  14. Melisande

    Food On Cruises (Disney Especially)

    This is important to our food needy people. I think it points out how well Disney takes care of us. I know in the parks there is never a question of Disney making accommodations for me or my family concerning our dietary needs. I would also say I never have problems with my blood sugar at WDW. I...
  15. Melisande

    A warning about a Disney product

    I agree I had a swatch watch as a teenager that I never took off for years. This cold of happened while he was awake too. It could get caught up on a heavy sweater in the winter. No need to take it out on the mom. I have a thirteen year old aspergers child who sleeps with the strangest stuff...
  16. Melisande

    What about us 40ish guys?

    40 something sounds perfect. A 40 something guy who loves Disney even better. Are you an animal lover too? :cheer2: Seriously there should be some kind of Disney dating service. Although a lot of dating services are so expensive.
  17. Melisande

    Good/Bad Internet and eBay Pin Sellers

    Uh nope Gordo1111 is complete bad. Hiddeous. Foul. Move them to red. I ordered specific pins. All 4 were very clear scrappers when you held them up and looked horrizontially at the pin carefully. Uneven and scratched. They like to say their used and oh they trade for the stuff regularly at...
  18. Melisande

    Need help or direction on getting refund from ebay scrapper.

    First off the people in some of these posts will make you crazy. Not all of those lots are strictly scrappers. I got some great pins in a lot of 50 that I purchased before reading the craziness on here. I am not really sorry that I purchased the lot now. I ended up keeping most of them because...
  19. Melisande

    Doggie Bags at Ohana?

    Its funny because I was told once while on deluxe dinning plan that Wolfgang Pucks Cafe would not do takeaway for me on the dinning plan to take back to my room. That they are technically not supposed to doggie bag stuff for dinning plan people at all which is totally ridiculous. It was not like...
  20. Melisande

    Trust me I searched for an answer first...

    Yep saw a bunch for sale today but only as starter sets not as an item by itself.


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