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  1. Joanna71985

    How long is the killer whale tour?

    It's about 45-60 minutes (I've done the tour before)
  2. Joanna71985

    Just booked our first SW trip. Few questions.

    I've had friends use all-day dining there, so unless it was removed it was an option
  3. Joanna71985

    Sea World Park Opening Procedure?

    Sesame Street opens 1 hour after the park
  4. Joanna71985

    Wow, the food is bad at Discovery Cove

    I went twice in Oct, and I didn't have any issues with the food
  5. Joanna71985

    Animal Encounter Photos

    A 1-day PhotoKey is aprox $70. However, when I did the penguin encounter, there was no photographer (so the guide took pictures on my camera)
  6. Joanna71985

    2020 New Coaster Teaser Video

    That is doubtful (SeaWorld already tried VR once, with Kraken. It didn't last very long)
  7. Joanna71985

    Just booked our first SW trip. Few questions.

    The food trucks in Sesame Street are included in all-day dine
  8. Joanna71985

    October Parade/ Firework dates

    The only event going on in Oct will be the Halloween event, and that is only on Sat/Sun (plus, they don't do anything at night- it is all during the daytime)
  9. Joanna71985

    Questions about Gold Annual Pass?

    I've never purchased Quick Queue before, but I'm pretty sure it can be purchased for the whole group
  10. Joanna71985

    Questions about Gold Annual Pass?

    There are no blockout dates for gold passes. And yes, anyone can purchase all-day dining
  11. Joanna71985

    Arriving at 10:00am will we have time for everything?

    I wouldn't skip the killer whale tour (it is awesome, and my favorite tour in the park)
  12. Joanna71985

    Adults without kids meeting Sesame Street characters?

    I've gotten pictures with the characters before, and see plenty of adults do so too
  13. Joanna71985

    2019 Seven Seas concert lineup

    No. Seven Seas artists don't get announced until the last minute (usually just weeks before the first concert)
  14. Joanna71985

    Orca encounter anyone done this ?

    yes. only 1 person in the party needs to buy a PhotoKey
  15. Joanna71985

    Orca encounter anyone done this ?

    Oh it is! It's my favorite tour in the park You can buy a PhotoKey in the park
  16. Joanna71985

    Orca encounter anyone done this ?

    Do you mean the tour? (only asking because there is a show in SD called Orca Encounter). If you do- the tour is amazing! At SWO, the group is broken up into smaller groups, and each group is put with a trainer and orca. You get to take pictures with the whale, the trainer has you ask the whale...
  17. Joanna71985

    (Sea)Lions & Gators & Dolphins….Oh, My! A Halloween PTR/TR with a “wild” theme - Oct/Nov '18

    The trip sounds awesome so far! But sorry the balloon doesn't like you guys
  18. Joanna71985

    Walrus Baby Watch

    Nothing has been posted from SW yet. But she is due very shortly (if she hasn't had the baby yet)


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