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    Changing shipping address to Border Depot and picking up MB.

    Well, I changed the address on our Magic Bands to be shipped to our condo in Florida because we were already in Florida when the Magic Bands would arrive. They still got shipped to our home address in Ohio. Luckily our adult son was still in Ohio and picked them up from our house.
  2. Cloudy

    Throwaway Room - Offsite to Onsite Stays

    No need to show up at the campsite at all. Just scan your magic bands at the parking ticket booth. Just did this beginning of May. No problems
  3. Cloudy

    I won the ShopDisney Now More Summer Fun Than Ever Contest!!!

    Congrats! I need to start entering these. Nice to hear of someone winning!
  4. Cloudy

    Mickey Waffle Maker

    Thanks for posting. Just bought one for myself. Used Disney Visa and code DRVCMEMBER for another 10% off.
  5. Cloudy

    Question about DDP drinks and character meals

    Just back from Akershus. I got an ice tea and a mixed drink. Something "Magical" with a light up ice cube, didn't really care for it much though. Could order any drink off the alcohol menu.
  6. Cloudy

    Third fast pass in epcot?

    We do Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land as our other 2. I agree Mission Space does usually not need a FP, but neither does Living with the Land but I find it to have a line more often than Mission Space.
  7. Cloudy

    Best resort for autistic child

    I have a now 23 year old autistic son. Our first trip as a family was when he was 7. I think POFQ is a great choice. We stayed there once and since it is one of the smaller resorts, it seemed more quiet and less crowded than others. We also rented DVC points and stayed at Old Key West twice...
  8. Cloudy

    Tip on Akerhaus

    Nice tip. We just ate there last week. Didn't care for my entrée either. Would have loved to know I could have tried something else.
  9. Cloudy

    Non Disney Timeshares

    We stayed at Silver Lake last year. We loved it. We were in room 701 which was right across the street from the pool. There in May, had no problems with pool hours. Had a rental car so not sure if there are shuttles. Very convenient location. Turn left and go about a mile and you are on...
  10. Cloudy

    Favorite Swan/Dolphin Pool?

    I would call the Swan/Dolphin more of a pool complex. There is the main Grotto pool with a regular rectangular pool on each side basically, one by the Swan and one by the pool restaurant/bar. The Grotto pool is divided up into areas so if you need to be able to see your children at all times...
  11. Cloudy

    The we loooooove Bonnet Creek thread Part 4

    I have this as the resort phone number on my reservation: 407-237-3500
  12. Cloudy

    Move from Pop to PO April/May 2020 to Avoid Cheer Groups?

    I love POFQ but wont Pop be a gondola hotel by then? Gondola access might make a difference to me as well. I might just put up with a few cheerleaders.
  13. Cloudy

    Autism and first time seizure at Disney

    I will be there starting May 6th with my very similar son. I will keep your son in my thoughts. Positive energy headed your way. A Care Gram is a information sheets given to patients about their condition. The one we received had similar information as per the CDC...
  14. Cloudy

    Now DS23 is going with us. WWYD?

    Never thought about the EMH. Going to do the late EMH and not even sure we will be utilizing them, so I think I will wait, see how it goes, and add him when we get there if it becomes a problem. Thanks for helping me think it through
  15. Cloudy

    Now DS23 is going with us. WWYD?

    Have a throwaway room booked for 3 nights starting May 6th for 3 adults (me, DH, DS23A) with DDP. Staying offsite at Wyndam Bonnet Creek 5 nights. Booked throwaway mainly for EMM and free parking. Magic bands and 60 day FP are a bonus. Added DPP for the first time because eating expensive...
  16. Cloudy

    9 days out and DS is puking

    Agreed. Keep him hydrated and wash your hands a lot so the rest of the family doesn't get sick.
  17. Cloudy

    Autism and first time seizure at Disney

    It sounds like our children are quite similar. My autistic son had his first seizure at the age of 19. His second was a year later at Epcot. We had just finished dinner at Coral Reef and were walking out the International Gatway exit on our way to the Swan. DS had a tonic clonic seizure just...
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    Magic Band Shipping Change

    I figured it out with a search. I guess I was part of a glitch in mydisneyexperience. Found another post that said to check in your hotel first. Did the online checkin and then everthing is working properly. Just in under the wire. I have until tomorrow to complete my choices. Thanks for your reply.
  19. Cloudy

    Magic Band Shipping Change

    How do you know your customization deadline? Trying to customize today for our May 7th trio and I keep getting an error. I was hoping I still had a day or 2 left


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