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  1. Amandas4

    Depression and Disney

    I totally understand the fear. We are struggling to feed our family right now. Anything extra especially anything like Disney is completely out of the question. I thought we would have a chance this summer so I started working extra hours, busting my butt to save money. I didn’t even need that...
  2. Amandas4

    Depression and Disney

    I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I was a teenager. I find great relief in planning and going on Disney trips. We’ve only been able to go 5 times in the last 17 years. The last time was 3 years ago. I still plan vacations I will never be able to take. My husband and family don’t...
  3. Amandas4

    Disboutiquers Part 30 Kids Disney Boutique / Customs Clothes psst..we sew ;-)

    I got an embroidery machine for my birthday! My son made the Donald shirt.
  4. Amandas4

    Disboutiquers Part 30 Kids Disney Boutique / Customs Clothes psst..we sew ;-)

    Maybe we need a new thread to draw people both new and old.
  5. Amandas4

    Disboutiquers Part 30 Kids Disney Boutique / Customs Clothes psst..we sew ;-)

    Do people still post here? Is there a new thread (this one is crazy long). I miss seeing what everyone is doing.
  6. Amandas4

    Disboutiquers Part 30 Kids Disney Boutique / Customs Clothes psst..we sew ;-)

    Where did you find this fabric? It’s adorable!!!
  7. Amandas4

    Fabric question

    Does anyone know where in can get wholesale Disney fabric?
  8. Amandas4

    Show me your adorable DIY family tee’s!

    I made these 6 years ago
  9. Amandas4

    Halloween or Christmas party?

    I'm trying to plan a trip for my family. 4 kids ages 13, 11, 9, and 5. It would either be a week in October or a week in November. The kids are split. Two want Halloween and two want Christmas. I would love to see the Christmas lights but the Halloween party sounds like more fun. Please give...
  10. Amandas4

    Fall 2015 Room Only UOC is here

    I got one of these emails with a room discount UOC, I'm wondering if it can be used along with the free dining or if I'd have to pick one or the other?
  11. Amandas4

    Unique offer code

    I got a Unique offer code email. I'm wonder if I can use it in addition to the free dining deal in the fall. Does anyone know?
  12. Amandas4

    Why was I rejected?

    Has anyone ever known why they were rejected from the program? I just took the WBI and was immediately told that they had no roles that match my interests and skill set. I expressed at least some interest in every role on the application and there wasn't really room enough on the application to...
  13. Amandas4

    A couple of questions

    Well, I guess i won't have to worry about it because I failed the web based interview. No idea why.
  14. Amandas4

    A couple of questions

    Another question. What are the fees for?
  15. Amandas4

    RIP Thread

    I adore Terry Pratchett! I was so sad to hear of his passing.
  16. Amandas4

    A couple of questions

    I am older and have a family but it has always been a dream of mine to work at Disney. I just applied to the college program but I have a couple of questions I couldn't find answers to. 1. Do you have to live in program sponsored housing in Florida, or can you live in your own house? 2. How...
  17. Amandas4

    Taking one kid and not the other?

    I am planning to take my two youngest next Oct. they will be 8 and 4. I really wanted to take their older brothers too but they will both be over 10 and would more than double the price of the trip. I will be talking to the boys about it before I actually make any kind of reservations. If it...
  18. Amandas4

    Cheapest way to eat?

    thanks for all the responses! Our trip will be next October, I'm actually hoping for free dining. If that doesn't happen I think we'll do cereal and sandwiches.
  19. Amandas4

    Cheapest way to eat?

    Is it cheaper to get the quick service dinning plan or get some basic groceries for breakfast and lunch and only eat dinner at the parks or resorts?
  20. Amandas4

    Girls trip?

    If it makes a difference, the boys have been to Disneyland twice without the girls. It would be nice to all go but the cost of a trip for 6 is way different than for a trip for 3 especially since my oldest is considered an adult.


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