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    Question for Bama Ed

    Thanks Ed. We are in site 31. We scheduled this trip because of reading the accounts of yours and others at dis meets there. Love the fact it is flat and a covered bike area at the beach. Thanks again. Hope to run into you sometime at the fort.
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    Question for Bama Ed

    Ed. First trip to Gulf State Park. DW has trouble with hills riding bike. Is it flat from campground to beach? Thank you in advance for all of your knowledge.
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    Motorhome purchase worth it?- Rent out when not in use?

    I believe an RV purchase is a personal choice. We have had two pup-ups, four motor-homes, and our latest purchase an airstream travel trailer. It is expensive, however, it is the only thing DW and I spend our money on. When our son was younger he would invite someone to go along as he is an only...
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    I see you are only 3 weeks out, so you should have received a small booklet in the mail stating "your magical vacation is about to begin" etc.. Inside the first page it lists your reservation number and arrival date. It does not list your departure date. My first thought is that maybe the...
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    New neighbor construction started

    In response to question from AMCC. We were there between Thanksgiving and Christmas. A boat captain on the small water taxis said they had just been told they were going to add two more boats (did not know if small or large size) and were going to build a new larger dock to be used by dvc and...
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    November 2018...who will be there?

    Cruising66: see the thread on the traveling fire-pit. We will be there in 54 days, November 24 through December 12. Full hook-up, no park days.
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    >> Refillable Mug FAQ (new) <<

    We are arriving two days after Thanksgiving and staying until mid December. Sure hope they have a Christmas design.
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    Which resort would you choose to live at?

    There are a few already doing or have done. My choice is Fort Wilderness Campground in our own motorhome. We already visit a couple of times a year, however, a full year would be heaven.
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    2019 Fort Wilderness Rates and Price Increases

    Thanks Ed. I know it's expensive but we just got back from a trip out west. Put 7000 miles on the rv and spent about 5 grand. The fort doesn't look so bad after that. Just made ours for Halloween, 2019, October 21st through November 1st. We have never attended the golf cart parade and am now...
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    The Fort in July Pre TR & TR

    It appears there is a July trip report thread too. Maybe could be merged. Anyway we will be there for a short visit. July 6,7 & 8. Fort only, no theme parks.
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    The Fort in July Pre TR & TR

    We will be there for a short time, July 6, 7 & 8. Fort only, no theme parks. Then to Jetty Park for a week. Our fall trip to the fort will be for 18 nights beginning the day after Thanksgiving.
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    Advice and pics of your canopy...

    We have two 10 x 10 and use both. We bring our golf cart in an enclosed 12 foot trailer. One e-z up goes near the front for the golf cart (electrical plug in and garage in case of rain). The other goes by the door of the trailer (always leave it attached to motor-home) and covers the picnic...
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    OFFICIAL OCTOBER 2017 pretrip and trip report!

    Arriving our happy place 10/1, requested 1700. Departing 10/18. Thanks, everyone for all the updates following Irma.
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    When is final payment due?

    Our experience has been a little different. We do resort only and have been asked at check-in if we want to keep the same card on file that was used for making the reservation. Then every $15 or $16 hundred they hit our card, with the final charge being made the date if our departure. This is...
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    Possibly moving from CT to GA

    Welcome to Georgia. We will be right up hwy 74 about 6 miles in Tyrone. PTC has about 100 miles of golf cart trails. You will love it. You will use your cart to shop, go out to eat, 4th of July parade, etc.. The fort is 472 miles from our house. DW and I have visited every fall since our...
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    DIS Meet at the Fort on Friday January 6, 2017?

    Please post pics for those of us who are jealous.
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    September Trip Roll Call & trip report thread

    We are here now and it is hot. We have been here many times in September and I cannot remember it being this hot. Everyone we speak with says we are lucky we weren't here last week when the bad weather was here. No rain so far. No mosquitoes either. Went to Hollywood Studios yesterday. Lots of...
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    Keeping Frozen Items Frozen - Cooler Question

    I read this thread a week ago and thought everything had been covered, however, upon re-reading the thought occurred to me that you may be able to go to Epcot and visit the Norway pavilion. I believe there is a young lady named Else that knows a thing or two about freezing stuff. She might be a...
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    September Trip Roll Call & trip report thread

    We will be there three weeks from today, Sept. 12 through 21. Requested 1200 loop.
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    Where to get gas?

    We have a 35 foot motor-home and tow a 12 foot enclosed trailer with golf cart, bicycles etc.. We average 7.9 mpg in our motor-home and stop at the last exit in Georgia at the flying j. Easy in and out. From there we can make it to the fort and back, therefore not needing fuel in Florida. Bama...


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