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    Wow - I had not heard that it had Single Rider and I go often.
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    Gray is THE color these days I guess

    My office is remodeling and has painted the walls gray. It feels like a jail gray to me and I hate it! My cousin has gray in her home, but it is a very soft taupe type gray and really pretty with her furnishings. She also has a lot of windows so it feels light and bright. I wish my office was a...
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    Advantage to owning multiple DVC contracts at different Resorts

    I have 5 contracts across 3 resorts. My initial was at SSR for 150 points and is the one I use for my 7 month booking window a lot. I have 2 - 50 point VGC contracts. I thought 50 points would be enough and I could supplement with my SSR contract, but it was not and It is so hard to get into, I...
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    Gold Mobility Rental

    Just made our September reservations with Gold. I saw on Facebook last night that they are already getting pretty booked up, so I called to make the reservation today. And the original time I wanted the scooter delivered they already had 6 others being delivered, so I said an hour later is fine...
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    "Enjoy these moments; they are precious"-Lesley's EPIC May TR!-Updated 6/14-Brunch and Epcot Dapper Day

    Enjoyed reading your first adventure into Galaxy's Edge! We went this past Friday and had a great time and loved the new land. My droid looks just like BB-531, but her name is BB-KP. And pretty cool you got both the droid and lightsaber in the one reservation time. We did droid and cantina. And...
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    We did not need them. There are ramps in the queue and could be done with a wheelchair (but some would be tough as they are kind of steep). The ride was walk on by the time we got to it. The one time we walked all the way into the preshow without stopping.
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    Smuggler's Run & DAS

    Stand by was very short. We walked on 3 times in under an hour. We also do not get a DAS since the wheelchair solves my Mom's needs. Although, she walked a lot and the droids rode in the wheelchair.
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    No DAS for us. We only get a wheelchair for mobility issues for my Mom.
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    We went on Friday morning 8-12 time slot. Loved having the early time slot and only having 1 overlap period. We put our name in at Oga's right away and were told 45 minutes. So we headed off and took pictures by the Millennium Falcon and then built droids. As we were finishing our droids, we...
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    Why are Smugglers Run wait times so low?

    We went on Friday morning 8-12. We rode the ride 3 times in the 3rd hour and never waited more than a few minutes. It took longer to walk up the ramps in the queue than our actual wait to get in the pre-show room. We had taken pictures by the Millennium Falcon early and saw a lot of people...
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    So Much Freakin’ Epicness Y'all! A May 2019 Epic DIS Meet TR Updated 6/12!

    I had not realized Pluto had moved there. Good to know because like you, he is my favorite too! I always take one of mine to visit him. I think I will definitely like the AC to meet him in Sept.
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    Rollator walker vs wheelchair vs scooter - Crazy Christmas season!

    My Mom has been fine renting an ECV at WDW for about 10 years now. First few years were in the park, but only Epcot (so big) and AK (paths too uneven). She gave in after a few years and now we rent offsite. We are local to Disneyland with APs and go a lot for just a day. About 2 years ago, we...
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    Access to Teppan Edo in a wheelchair

    There is an elevator up to the second floor. It is to the left of the main entrance to the store. We take the ECV upstairs via the elevator and then park it in the lobby up there. I believe we could drive it closer to the table, but my Mom does not need to get that close, parking in the lobby...
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    Ride Queues & ECV Access

    Just wanted to add on to both of these items. For Under the Sea, we have always taken the ECV all the way into the attraction through the line and parked it about 10-15 steps from where we board and get off. For Star tours, we used to have to get a wheelchair, but last September, we were told we...
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    Smuggler's Run & DAS

    Will be there Friday with a wheelchair for my Mom. Can let everyone know hows it goes late Friday or Saturday! Had hoped we would be able to hit Single Rider, but does not sound like it from reports I have seen.
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I was wondering about Single Rider with a wheelchair. Guess that won't work to get a few extra rides. Thanks for that information.
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    When we were there on 5/4, we met Chewie, Rey, and Darth Vader in launch bay. We skipped Kylo Ren that day. We have also met Boba Fett on at least 2-3 other occasions there. We especially enjoyed Rey that day. And Chewie liked my t-shirt since he was right on it.
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    So Much Freakin’ Epicness Y'all! A May 2019 Epic DIS Meet TR Updated 6/12!

    Funny about the fries. That was a lot, but I had similar happen. When I was at Hollywood Studios in March, I had done mobile ordering at Backlot Express. I had put in that I was there and got the message about food being ready, but it was not. So I and many others were standing there waiting for...
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    I called guest relations about my wheelchair rental question this AM. They had just gotten information, but did not have the exact answer since today was different. She told me to try back early next week after a few days of how it will go normally. So planning to call back Wednesday to find out...
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    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    Loving the updates! This will be us next Friday morning. Will be checked in for our 8 AM reservation and just waiting to get in the area! Have fun and keep the updates coming!


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