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    FP window question with an on-site and off-site stay

    thank you!! i had myself convinced i needed to switch everything around but was over-thinking it!
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    FP window question with an on-site and off-site stay

    I've read thru the FP sticky, but want to make sure I understand correctly. We are booked on-site for 4 nights, and our last night is off-site. I have a 5 day ticket. Am I correct in thinking I can book all 5 days worth of FP's starting 60 days from my on-site check in date? Example-I...
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    What restaurant surprised you?

    We absolutely loved 1900 Park Fare when we went in 2010. The character interaction was some of the best we experienced the entire trip. I have pictures of my kids making silly faces and the stepmom giving them such the dirty look, plus the step-sisters were 100% perfectly snarky without being...
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    O'hana at 8:35pm in mid October

    I'm seeing a lot of that same reaction lately...hoping whatever is going on there gets straightened out by October. But I've adjusted my expectations and am trying to stay positive!
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    O'hana at 8:35pm in mid October

    thanks guys! We've never eaten at O'hana so when I saw that time slot I was hoping it would work for fireworks!
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    O'hana at 8:35pm in mid October

    Made my ADR's today, and aside from being tired I'm pretty happy! We like a late dinner so the times I found were fine for us. If we have reservations for O'hana at 8:35pm on October 16th, would we be able to see fireworks if we ask for a window seat? I believe MK closes at 9pm that night...
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    Pete Changed Our Plans! Going to try "The Wave"...

    We ate at there waaaaaay back in 2008 but we enjoyed it.
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    last night of trip-which All Star resort to pick? Pop not available :(

    We are renting DVC points and staying at OKW for the majority of our trip; unfortunately there was no availability for the last night (Friday). We will be going from October 14-19. Currently we have an off-site booked for the last night, but not being able to make fastpass selections until 30...
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    Points for Rent: 178 Aulani 17.00 & 325 SSR $15.00 Discounted

    Hello, any availability in a studio at any resort for October 18th? Just need it for the one night, currently at OKW but they didnt have any rooms for that Friday. 2 adults, 2 teens (17 and 14). thanks!
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    *** Official OCTOBER 2019 Thead - Boo To You! ***

    I'm getting anxious for ADR's!! I wish park hours would come out as well. Between trying to plan around SWGE and F&W with no park hours and very specific restaurants we want, I'm going crazy!! :crazy2::crazy2: :upsidedow
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    Magic Kingdom dinner day-need ideas

    :thanks: thanks for the ideas everyone! I hadn't thought about Skipper Canteen, I'll have to show the menu to the fam and see what they think. I love the O'hana idea, not sure why I didnt think of that before! I should have also worded my prior post a bit better also. I completely agree...
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    Magic Kingdom dinner day-need ideas

    They're a bit old for characters I think, and we've had Chef Mickey in the past and weren't that impressed by the food. Atmosphere was fun but I think they are past that age :(
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    Magic Kingdom dinner day-need ideas

    We are going in October, and have 2 teenagers and 2 adults. Nothing in Magic Kingdom sounds very appealing for us as a dinner option, so we are thinking about hitting one of the MK area resorts for dinner. So far I'm torn between Grand Floridian Cafe and Whispering Canyon. We will be on the...
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    Fall Break in October

    TN here, and unfortunately our fall break is October 14-18, so we will be there with all the crowds! Our two previous trips were several years ago, and were the week after Thanksgiving which was perfect weather, low crowds, and Christmas decorations. While we are excited to just be back at...
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    100 Points For Rent OKW After 10/01 $14.75/pt

    PM sent! Looking for a studio anywhere for October 18-19th!
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    >> Refillable Mug FAQ (new) <<

    We were hoping for Halloween themed mugs, so fingers crossed it happens this year!! Thanks for the info :)
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    Flying to MCO in advance of our vacation-question about DME

    thanks everyone! I dont know why I didnt think of that...duh!! Then we would only need a ride back to the airport on our check-out day.
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    I'm so glad someone asked this. Our "kids" will be 17 and 15 when we go this year, and I'm dreading letting them go off on their own. I know they're ready, but part of the fun is spending time together! We are still up in the air about letting them go to/from the resort to parks without us...
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    Flying to MCO in advance of our vacation-question about DME

    Sorry if this has been answered before. We have reservations for October 14-19 at OKW. Originally we were going to drive down early and spend a few days with family who live in Florida, and then drive ourselves to Disney on Monday to start our vacation. Now that Southwest has released...


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