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  1. melk

    Big Apple, Boardwalk, and Beach - Dine at Vine (pg 43)

    Another person here still following your trip report! Really enjoying the HH pictures. We went to Hilton Head several years ago and would love to get back. I have to laugh because out of curiosity I looked back to your first post to see when this trip report started. My youngest child has...
  2. melk

    “I felt like a chickmunk!” A Jan/Feb 2019 TR UPDATED 6/2 x 2 COMPLETED!

    I don’t think I commented at all but want you to know I enjoyed reading about your trip. I think you did a great job!
  3. melk

    Short stay at Vero Beach

    Have fun! We just recently stayed at VB for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.
  4. melk

    What to pack for Zion/Bryce/GC

    We will be doing short hikes, nothing crazy. I think we’re really going to be guided by the heat. Thanks for all the replies. It helps to coordinate the packing list in my head.
  5. melk

    HH and VB with young kids

    When my kids were young they loved HH. Plenty to do for kids and the beach is better than VB for young children. VB has a great pool area though, plus activities and mini golf for them. Still prefer HH though.
  6. melk

    Warner brothers studio tour

    We did this with our three kids and they loved it. We toured the sets of the Ellen show and Big Bang Theory. Of course a highlight for them was the Friends set as well. The outside portion was interesting too. We were all happy we included it in our CA trip.
  7. melk

    What to pack for Zion/Bryce/GC

    We are heading in June to visit these National Parks and wondering how to pack. I know we’ll need shorts, hats for the sun, etc. But how cool is it at night? Will we need sweatshirts? Any other packing tips you can offer, things you were happy you packed, or things you wish you had packed...
  8. melk

    Refillable shampoo/conditioner/body wash questions

    Polynesian villas still had the single use containers this past week.
  9. melk

    Crowd levels right now

    You picked the right park. MK was packed, absolutely brutal. However Epcot last night was very manageable.
  10. melk

    Official 2019 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

    My husband and daughter are on a bus. Pouring, thunder and lightning (at least where I am at the Poly).
  11. melk

    Focus groups, anyone been a part of them for extra cash?

    For me it was a neighbor who told me about it. Maybe try googling focus groups in your area and see if any are nearby.
  12. melk

    Focus groups, anyone been a part of them for extra cash?

    I do them for a company that is based near me. They send out an email for groups where I fit the profile. But I have to call or email pretty quickly as they usually fill up fast. I’ve made anywhere from $25 for a quick 15 minute interview to $200 for a longer focus group. They’ve ranged from...
  13. melk

    24 hours in LA - WWYD?

    We did the Warner Bros tour when we visited a few years ago and we all loved it.
  14. melk

    One day in Phoenix

    Thank you both for your replies. Definitely not used to Phoenix heat so will look into your suggestions.
  15. melk

    One day in Phoenix

    We’ll be in Cottonwood (mid June) the night before but then flying out of Phoenix at 9:30 pm the next day. So I thought we would leave early in the day for Phoenix and spend the day there before heading for the airport. We’re a family of five, kids are older teens/early twenties. Any suggestions...
  16. melk

    Welcome Trip at the Poly, early December 2018

    Sounds like a fun trip. Enjoy the trips when your kids are little, they grow up so fast!
  17. melk

    Does anyone remember the chocolate lollipops at Howard Johnson's?

    I’m the OP and because I’m subscribed to it I get the alerts when someone posts. Glad to see that so many remember the lollipops, too bad we can’t get them anywhere. But after 17 years I think it’s time to just let it go! :rotfl:
  18. melk

    Help!! Blonde hair turning a pinkish hue

    My hairdresser mentioned sunscreen but I don’t use it on my forehead or near my bangs. I’m still leaning towards the makeup setting spray. I looked up the ingredients and there were a ton, the majority of which I doubt I could pronounce.
  19. melk

    Help!! Blonde hair turning a pinkish hue

    What’s wrong with being sexy? (Sorry, can’t resist the opportunity for a Spinal Tap quote)
  20. melk

    Help!! Blonde hair turning a pinkish hue

    I believe it’s All Nighter. I’ll have to check the label. No, I use AG, pretty sure it’s white.


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