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    POFQ - standard room

    I only know about the elevators at POR. There are none!! I don't know why they don't have them for the 2 story AB section? I have never stayed in the Mansions part, so not sure about those. We always stay ground floor at POR due to no elevators and mobility issues.
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    I need a new book series

    Yes, I've read some of them. I'll have to find the others. If you liked Karin Slaughter I bet you'd like Preston/Child's series on their quirky and mysterious hero, Aloysius Pendergast. It has some paranormal and "monsters" in the books, but lots of fun.:)
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    Tips for a nervous flyer

    OP, I can definitely sympathize with you! I was terribly afraid of flying for years. I got physically sick weeks before the flight. I had to get a drink and take Dramamine just to make the 3 hour flight. Your long flight is definitely a challenge. I was completely cured when I was...
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    I need a new book series

    Wow, what wonderful ideas, thanks OP. I, too, have picked up some new authors to try. I like series too. I am into murder mysteries/thrillers/with some romance. I love Karin Slaughter's Will Trent series. Suzanne Brockman's early romances and Navy Seal Series of troubleshooters is...
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    Gray is THE color these days I guess

    My house colors are deep blue/ deep red, gold and green. Don't see myself changing for grey. I don't follow the "latest" trends, so...…...……......
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    Best building at Port Orleans Riverside

    WE always stay in garden view in AB. We have stayed in 18 (before it was preferred), 17 which is next to preferred, 26 and 27. We actually prefer 26 and 27 as they are closer to the West bus stop. It is a farther walk to the Mill/registration. It depends on what is more important to you...
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    First time trip report 6/1-6/7

    Thanks for your great trip report! I've never been to Disneyland, but hope to next spring. I wonder why the crowds are so low, even with SW opening? Did you get to go to SWGE? It sounds like a perfect trip.
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    Are you afraid of clowns?

    I'm not afraid, but I find them really creepy, both alive and dolls! Thank you, Stephen King!!!
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    Calling All Knitters and Crocheters!!!

    Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. I think it looksbetter this color!
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    French Quarter room location advice

    OP, we stayed at POFQ for the first time last year. We had the same thoughts, as we had always stayed at POR before. Honestly, there are no "far away" rooms like there are at POR. I walked from bldg. 1 to 7 in less than 15 minutes, and that was leisurely strolling and checking out all the...
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    James Holzhauer- JEOPARDY

    I don't think he will just "walk away" from Jeopardy. Remember Ken Jennings? He was beat when he answered a reasonably easy question wrong. There is no way he could have missed that easy one, IMO. I just think he was ready to be done with it, maybe the ratings were falling, IDK, and left by...
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    What’s something you’re weird about..

    Wenrob, I'm the same about the tv volume. It must be even numbers. I thought I was the only one like this. I have to have all closets, drawers, cabinets closed!! I can't stand having them open at all. I also make my bed before getting dressed for the day; don't leave without it being made...
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    Why Disney is BETTER as an adult!!

    My husband and I always went with the kids, then the grandkids. One time, we stayed over for a few days by ourselves, and WOW!!! We had a fantastic time! We went where we wanted and when we wanted. We could actually wander around looking at all the stores, displays, art, building...
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    favorite counter service?

    We agree with you and rarely want to have a long sit down meal: MK: Columbia Harbor House AK: Yak and Yeti food cafe HS: not too good of a choice here, but we usually eat at The Commissary. The food is actually a lot better than it used to be. Epcot: The fish and chips place in England...
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    Sewing Machine for Beginners

    First, congratulations on starting this wonderful hobby:) I always hated sewing in home ec class while in high school, and decided in my 30's to give making a quilt a try. I made the mistake of buying an old mechanical machine from a yard sale. It did an awful job and my first quilt is the...
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    Self care before vacation?

    Make sure bed is made up with fresh sheets and house is clean. Usually buy one Disney shirt before the trip (Kohl's and Target have great ones:) I get my hair cut before going to Florida, just easier to take care of I get into a walking routine about 2 months before the trip, so I won't fall...
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    Is it really that hot in the summer?

    We lived in Tennessee for years, and it was very hot and very humid, like Florida. Our first visit to WDW was in July!!!! We were used to hot and humid and it did not bother us. One day, about mid day, we were in line for a ride when I turned around and saw the family behind us. There was a...
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    Another onsite-offsite debate

    Wow, I'm confused after reading these!!! I just know that a small child like yours would rather be at a pool than a park. At least that's what my kids and grandkids wanted. I remember my 5 y/o asking when are we going back to the hotel to swim, while we were at the parks. So, I would...
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    Keys to the Kingdom tour

    In one word: YES, YES, YES! My husband and I did this tour a few years ago and we loved it. There's lots of historical information and backstage information, including a trip to the utilidoors tunnels. We have been to WDW several times too, but the trip added something to our visits to the MK...


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