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  1. violina

    Do you understand your spouse's job?

    My husband and I work at the same company so I've got a lot of insight into what he does. With that being said, I'm sometimes puzzled when he tries to explain his job to other people. 🤐
  2. violina

    What are you putting off?

    Folding and putting away the laundry. I managed to get it all clean and through the dryer... but it's that last part I'm putting off.
  3. violina

    Safe to book Anaheim VRBO?

    I'm not sure about Anaheim proper, sorry. However earlier this year I stayed at an AirBnB in Santa Ana (for a wedding). We ended up making it out to DTD for some small celebration and it's really that not bad as far as travel time. So that might be another option if Vrbo/Airbnb doesn't work out...
  4. violina

    If you had to choose... dining edition

    I haven't done the WOC dessert party, but I'd try to work it in if I could. My group loves WOC so we try to figure out how to get that in if we can. One year we did the Carthay dining and that worked out really well. Though you can always go to Carthay for lunch instead and do the dessert party...
  5. violina

    Very Merry Unbirthday Tea?

    I hoping the reviews come out for you as well! For the most part, it looks similar to the previous teas that I've been to but I'm sure someone will have a more in-depth look. I'm sad I'll be missing this one though, I'm a huge Alice fan.
  6. violina

    Have you ever given blood? Plasma? Are you an organ donor?

    I was able to give blood once when there was a shortage and it was needed. Most other times, I've been turned away due to my anemia. No to plasma. However, yes to being an organ donor.
  7. violina

    Very Merry Unbirthday Tea?

    I haven't been, but Disney Food Blog has some photos of the meal. I haven't seen any reviews yet since I think SWGE is getting priority this weekend.
  8. violina

    Question for Married Ladies

    I usually just walk with my wedding band along with one of my silicone rings. Since we usually go when it's hot, the silicone band is my backup just in case I need to switch it out during the trip. I leave the e-ring behind since mine is a bit big and the sizer has fallen out quite a few times.
  9. violina

    Whats your favorite "go to" restaurant when at Disney

    WDW: Hollywood Brown Derby and the Biergarten DL: Napa Rose, Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen, and Carthay's
  10. violina

    No Park - what to do?

    We always allot the first arrival day for DTD -- especially if we're just coming in midday (though some members of our party have a much longer flight so they aren't up for a partial day at Disney). Walking/shopping around DTD is great but something we've tried is the spa and a nice dinner at...
  11. violina

    Blue Bayou

    I'm still waiting to find out if there's a restaurant that is doing it as well! We're super excited if one of them does it since it'll be a new experience. I wonder if it will be Carthay -- they have great food.
  12. violina

    What was your first job? What was your favourite job?

    My first job was working at a travel & insurance company, though I worked on the insurance side. My fav. job was working as a volunteer coordinator at a science festival. It was a short and seasonal job, but I got to cover a lot of NY back when I lived there.
  13. violina

    Blue Bayou

    In the last few years, my group has made it a tradition to go for the pre-fixe during Halloween (though, that's changing this year). The food has always been really good though admittedly, we haven't really seen the regular menu in a while. Plus we're not too picky about the seating, most of us...
  14. violina

    Ancestry tests

    I've done both Ancestry and 23andme because I'm interested in my background due to a lack of family records. Over time, the results have changed ever so slightly based on the new data that each company gets, but it hasn't been drastic changes. The lower percentages changed over time but not...
  15. violina

    Dogs and Couches

    We let our dog up on the couch -- she's part of the family and to us it seems odd to restrict her from common places within the house that we are usually on. With that being said, most of our family and friends expect this and aren't really weirded out. We try our best to warn any new guests...
  16. violina

    How often do you get to ZERO inbox?

    Regularly... on my own personal accounts, I can't stand to have anything unread in my inbox. For my job, it's actually part of my job to monitor how my team is doing and to help them with the client. I think getting to 0 is just a byproduct of my job though.
  17. violina

    I am in shock. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

    That's awesome! I've only ever stayed at the GCH and it was such a great experience. Especially if you have park hoppers and you'd wanted to duck in and out of DCA. I hope that you have a great trip!
  18. violina

    Long Beach Airport

    LBG is my preferred airport to fly in and out of... though that's partially because we have friends in Santa Ana and that's their preference for picking us up. As others mentioned, it's a smaller airport, but I love it. The food options are slim as a result, but you've definitely got some good...
  19. violina

    Last 3 Non-WDW vacations you've taken

    Hmm, I'm not sure if they count as vacations since it was a mix of weddings and work trips. - Santa Ana - Seattle - New York (my hometown)
  20. violina

    Have you been to Egypt?

    I went a few years ago with a tour group and it was great. We flew into Cairo, took a sleeper train to Aswan and then did a cruise on the Nile back to Cairo, stopping along at the various historical sites. We even got to visit Alexandria for a bit. The tour group isn't around though but I will...


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