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  1. caylene44

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Glad someone else understands! I was thinking Barbados as well but I saw others recommending Martinique. I think it's more likely that the CBR station will be open than Riviera by then. Fingers crossed it even is open by my trip though, no one really knows. That's another good reason! Barbados...
  2. caylene44

    Pop Century - luggage delivery timeline

    Not to hijack the thread but does anyone have experience arriving in the later afternoon/night? We arrive around 5 pm. We have plans to go to Disney Springs for dinner after checking in so I'm not concerned with having baggage right away. However, I would still like to see it before I go to...
  3. caylene44

    How many more days until your trip to WDW - Part 8

    7️⃣6️⃣ days... I keep going over my FP+ plans with a fine tooth comb, can't wait to reach that milestone in 16 days.
  4. caylene44

    Disney's CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT Information & Questions Thread-With Refurb Updates! NEW PICS!

    Anyone going in late August/early September decide what the best room request would be? We have a preferred room booked and I'm not sure whether to request Martinique 24 to be closer to Riviera Station or Barbados 33 to be closer to the CBR station. I'm driving myself crazy staring at these maps!
  5. caylene44

    Do they actually release more fastpasses?

    @TheOneWithTheTriplets wrote about FP "drops" in her recent TR! It's still on my list of things to research for our trip.
  6. caylene44

    Merchandise Issue Phone Number

    I was going to post there but I'm pretty sure the number is just generic to Disney Parks so didn't know where I would get the most response. I'll try there as well!
  7. caylene44

    Merchandise Issue Phone Number

    Didn’t know where else to put this and couldn’t find anything on the boards related to this. We purchased a puzzle during our trip to DLR in April. Just took it out of the box and, as we worked on it, we found it’s missing pieces to the outside “frame” 🧐 Is there a number I can call for a...
  8. caylene44

    Here Now-Anytime fastpass for rain SDMT (June 6th)

    I could be wrong but I thought anytime fast passes could be used on that ride once it's back up and running...
  9. caylene44

    Memory Maker question here now please help

    If the person who owns the account doesn't want to give out that info, just wait until the trip is over to download them all then post in a shared album (Facebook, Apple Photos, Google Drive, etc.). That's what we did on our recent trip and had others share the photos they took on their phones...
  10. caylene44

    You won a free vacation but you have to

    I did a study abroad in Estonia! It's really pretty and actually pretty awesome. They have public Wi-Fi pretty much everywhere and are really advanced/modernized in regards to the internet. They do all their voting online. But for the size (Google says 17,462 sq mi), they only have a population...
  11. caylene44

    You won a free vacation but you have to

    C: Croatia!
  12. caylene44

    “You’re My Favorites: Now Go Away!” Feb/Mar 2019 First Family Trip (Updated 6/13)

    Finally caught back up, looks like such a good trip! Okay, how have I not heard of these FP drops before? Need to go do my research, seems like you had a lot of success with them! That picture of you two is SO sweet! I'm sure she loved the one-on-one time better than she might have liked FoP...
  13. caylene44

    Planning a Family Size Trip (My First PTR)

    Hi! So funny because I've been lurking along on your TR, your girls are so stinking cute! Their little personalities crack me up, I'm not sure how you plan for tiny people with varying interests. Also, sorry for all the updates. This is like my stream of consciousness thread as I trip plan...
  14. caylene44

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they had a Finding Nemo Ride?! Trip Report! UPDATED 6/10 PART 5!

    Following along! First off, you are hysterical 😂 Second, you poor, poor souls with the A/C, the lost hat, AND the gas pump. But hey, I think there's some proverb about couples who can survive traveling together or something... makes for great stories at least! Last and most importantly...
  15. caylene44

    ABC news - American woman attacked in the Dominican Republic... Update 6/3

    Sorry, all! I understand what terrorism is, those were 2 separate thoughts I forgot to join with more words (typed out my response too fast). I was intending to reference the fact that in addition to events like these, all the terrorism abroad lately (specifically places like Paris/UK/etc) has...
  16. caylene44

    Japan Trip Update/Report

    Okay, that Pokemon cafe is beyond adorable! My BF is a HUGE Pokemon fan so added that as a must do for our trip. This is the reason why I love reading TRs, so many things out there you don't come across via Google alone. Thank you for keeping this updated as you go, it's so fun to follow along...
  17. caylene44

    "Let's Ride Every Ride in Disneyland" - An Awesome Daddy/Daughter Spring Break Trip (Updated 6/8)

    Your daughter is my spirit animal. I'm eating a "unicorn" macaron (it's cotton candy flavored) for breakfast right now 😂 So awesome to experience DLR with such low crowds! We were pleasantly surprised on our trip as well. Definitely shows that TP historical crowds are probably a better...
  18. caylene44

    ABC news - American woman attacked in the Dominican Republic... Update 6/3

    This! What happened to this woman is absolutely horrible and thank goodness she survived. However, stuff like this can (and does) happen anywhere, including right here in the United States. I personally refuse to let TERRORism (terror is literally in the name and is what they're hoping to...
  19. caylene44

    A World of Disney - 2019-2020 Pre Trip Reports! - Update 5/28-SWGE Plans

    Following along! We are going to Tokyo/Japan in the spring so definitely looking into those hotels you mentioned. You're also less than 24 hours away from SW:GE! 😱 Can't wait to hear about that too!
  20. caylene44

    Planning a Family Size Trip (My First PTR)

    I solemnly swear that this post might actually (finally) be my final plans: UPDATED SCHEDULE (as of 5/30/19): August 29: Travel day! Disney Springs for dinner and ticket activation/memory maker purchase. August 30: Universal day— Dinner at Lombard's Seafood Grille for 11 August 31: AK— Yak &...


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