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    Flight Changed Drastically - WWYD?

    Had the same notification for our Disney Paris trip for the runDIsney races in Sept. Our 5:00 PM flight is now 1:30 PM-the 2 1/2 hour layover is now 6 in Philadelphia. Ugh!! Also screws up our ride as our son was taking us to the airport to cut out parking fees-now he can't as he's at work. We...
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    I'm noticing Delta matching or coming close to the price on Allegiant/Frontier flights-all are nonstop. For my family of 4 later this year, Delta is $832 RT. Allegiant is $780. If each of us take a bag, there is another $200 in fees(we have a Delta CC, bags are free). Delta has 3 times of day we...
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    Animal Kingdom Moonlight Magic Booking

    I started at 2451, it stated capacity at 1990.
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    What East Coast Beach for a Family Vacation?

    I'm with the past several posters. Virginia Beach is my favorite from the ones listed. Granted our tastes have changed as time progresses. We despise Myrtle Beach-if I'm on a beach to relax I don't want another family 2 inches away because the beach is so crammed. It's too commercial for me...
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    What Unique Festivals Are You Aware Of?

    Beer cheese(Winchester) and Spoonbread(whatever that is in Berea). Brass Bands(Danville) and Bigfoot(Lawrenceburg). You can celebrate horses(Georgetown), Chicken(London), and Wollyworms(Beattyville). I also think they celebrate the meteorite that hit Middlesboro(crater city). If the town is...
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    Cheapest time to visit WDW - 2020

    Driving or flying? Onsite or off? Based on recent trips, February would have cheaper flights unless it's President's Day weekend. You would have higher room costs over Princess Marathon weekend also. November flights this year are high. You have food and wine at Epcot, a race the first weekend...
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    Tell me about 6 am flights

    Depends on day of the week and the airport. 6:00 AM during the week is crazy with business travel, 6:00 AM on a Saturday is a ghost town. I've had some of the longer security waits early in the day, even with precheck. You also mention you live an hour from the airport-how easy is an alternate...
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    Morning or evening? Need your expertise

    Early bird here, but find the parks to be magical when lit up at night. If fastpasses allow, I'd likely do the evening thing. With the morning EMH, many will not stay up until 10-11-midnight with a 4-5:00 AM wake up call the next morning.
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    Non Disney Timeshares

    It's been awhile. The 2 issues I remember is our room wasn't ready at check in-it was more than 2 hours late being ready. The pool hours were short during the visit also-never got to swim as we were at the parks.
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    Are all WalMarts created equal?

    If Walmart is close to an Aldi, then it will be cheaper on basic goods like milk, yogurt, bread, etc. We normally do a store pickup at the Walmart near 192/27 when flying into Tampa. We then changed the same order to the Walmart on 535 and the price had gone up on the same items around $3(about...
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    For trip to WDW on Southwest do you buy EB?

    You beat me by 5 minutes. If your home airport is a connecting airport for SW(Midway, BWI), I would buy it. If the flight is direct from a non-SW hub, you won't need it if you check in at T24. We've flown SW nearly 40 times without ever buying Early Bird, and have always sat together. Can't even...
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    Any Verizon iPhone deals

    On the flip side, make sure that you have cel coverage from the others in your area. Sprint has a non existent signal and we are in a community of nearly 40,000. Our son has been going through Best Buy for Iphone upgrades with Verizon. May be another place to look.
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    Old key west vs Animal Kingdom

    We own at Animal Kingdom. We prefer to stay at OKW. The extra space is a big reason. Don't care for the Animal Kingdom restaurants(although Mara is OK). Sanaa is OK, jiko was an overpriced disappointment. We LOVE Olivia's at OKW. On the flip side, the second bathroom at Kidani would be a...
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    Best chance for a waitlisted studio for weekend in late October

    We just had an Animal Kingdom waitlist come through during wine and dine race weekend(the weekend after you have planned). You never know what will open up.
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    Eat to the Beat Bands announced yet? [Yes, see post 19]

    Underwhelmed here too, guess I was expecting a bit more. I also had to google who about half of the people are, and I can usually names songs from everyone on the list. At least we get to see Sheena Easton, that's a new one to us.
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    College selection vs cost

    I'm in the knock out core classes as cheaply as possible then move into the more expensive school camp. I changed my major 4 times before settling in on one my junior year. Our son moved from engineering to electronics to ultimately CAD, where there are literally recruiters in the classrooms...
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    Grocery delivery price comparing - Dizzy Dolphin vs others ?

    We used Shipt for the first time at AKL back in January and it was flawless. Shopping was done at Target. We bought the membership knowing we would use it in many different areas, not just Orlando. They were great delivering to our hotel in New Orleans also.
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    So...what did you pay per point for your membership?

    2013 160 AKL $70.50 per point resale-contract was loaded. Closed in Mid Oct, had 160 points that ended Nov 30. Pieced together a 4 night studio stay and a 3-4 night 2 BR stay at Saratoga over Thanksgiving week-threw it out on the reservations marketplace, and gained nearly $2500 back within a...
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    Go to Mardi Gras World-maybe one of the better tours we have done. We did Uber/Lyft and did not rent a car for 4 days. So much to do, we were impressed during our first visit last Feb. Our hotel was the Hyatt Place near the Superdome. Couldn't beat the price of $96 a night and it was Rock and...
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    When would you go in 2020?

    Time of year: Too many unknown factors to be able to assist. Winter-are you flying vs driving and where from? Snow and ice can ruin a trip either way. You also have hurricane season. Summers are extra hot and humid-older folks don't care for park touring when the heat index is 105. Lower crowds...


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