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  1. Nebraska_Disney

    Saving for Disney

    Lots of great ideas showing up on this thread, but..........When you are talking a Disney vacation, most are going to be several thousand dollars on the low end where most of the trips I have taken are on the $7-$9,000 range, most of these ideas are just a drop in the bucket. Don't get me...
  2. Nebraska_Disney

    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    I didn’t know I’d throw off my entire thread with one word...instead of “elderly” would “senior citizen” make the world happier? Dug into a little more today and not good news. Will be on the phone Monday digging more. The suggestions provided have been great, thanks.
  3. Nebraska_Disney

    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    She owns the house, mortgage free. But, other debt, taxes, insurance, upkeep will be a chore. She is 64 and the house is on a large lot, over 1/2 acre with lots of mowing and landscaping. Probably too much for her long term and we live 90 miles away, so not just a quick drive over either...
  4. Nebraska_Disney

    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    I appreciate the responses. Not a great thing to deal with. MY FIL was in the air force for 4 years and a federal employee for close to 40. He had been retired for several years now as the govt privatized his job (flight service center). Anyone familiar with federal pensions?
  5. Nebraska_Disney

    Help needed—Senior Citizen money issues

    My father in law just passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Just today, my wife was talking with her mom and learned their finances are in a shambles and she has never been involved with anything and is lost. She now finds herself a widow, owns her house, and a mountain of debt. At this...
  6. Nebraska_Disney

    How Much Should i Bring?

    As others have said, I'd have money for tips separated out for any TS meals, but after that, I'd just use a debit card if you are afraid of running over. I always will have cash on me, but not that much.
  7. Nebraska_Disney

    Saving for Disney

    We used to go every-other year, so we had time to save and plan. One thing we do to save money is stay longer when we do go. I know that sounds stupid, but when we have to pay $1200 to $1600 in airfare to get there, we make it worth our while and stay longer. Yes, we don't as frequently, but...
  8. Nebraska_Disney

    Guided Fishing From Beach Club...

    My son and I did the guided fishing from Port Orleans Riverside a few years back. We were taken to the Disney Spring lake and caught some huge bass. It was well worth it and our guide was great. I am not sure how different it would be from Beach Club, probably get to fish Epcot which would be fun.
  9. Nebraska_Disney

    Can Kids Order From The Adult Menu With a Dining Plan?

    If she is 10, yes she is a Disney adult for tickets and DDP
  10. Nebraska_Disney

    Has anyone received any flack for having an ADR but only wanting to order Desserts?

    I know I am not the moderator and don't want the job, but when the discussion was mentioning tipping or tipping practices and not saying/demanding a certain % should be tipped, it is sad that those comments were deleted. My comment basically stated that there should be no need to feel like you...
  11. Nebraska_Disney

    Taking afternoon breaks...

    How long is your trip? If I was on a shorter trip (5 park days or less) I'd stay at the parks, but find dedicated times to get out of the heat, rest, relax a bit. On longer trips, we leave the parks by 2pm, go back and swim, relax, re-hydrate, and get off our feet for a while before heading...
  12. Nebraska_Disney

    If you can only pick 3 DW Restaurants to go to

    The wave Cape May Ohana
  13. Nebraska_Disney

    Souvenir Ideas...

    One thing my son started collecting was the different die-cast "ride" cars. One trip, he got a monorail die-cast set, another trip, it was the ride vehicles from the "mountains", another trip, he got a Magic Kingdom train. We packed these away for him (now that he is 17) and they will keep...
  14. Nebraska_Disney

    When do you stop renting a stroller?

    We stopped bringing a stroller when my daughter was almost 4 yo. It was too much of a hassle
  15. Nebraska_Disney

    First trip without a stroller... What are your backpack essentials?

    How old is your child as a change of clothes may be needed/wanted. Usual items are ponchos, sunblock, phone charger/battery pack, water, snacks, plastic grocery bags, any meds you may need, bandages, blister care items, wet wipes/lysol wipes, and anything else you may want/need (hats come to mind).
  16. Nebraska_Disney

    Southwest Early Bird Check-in

    We usually add it for our flight out of MCO as I have seen Southwest not do family boarding leaving Orlando as there are so many families which would qualify. Like others said, for your flight out, I'd skip it and do family boarding.
  17. Nebraska_Disney

    Souvenir Ideas...

    Boys are harder, but we have done pressed pennies almost every trip for my son. They have other "collectibles" such as Disney coins, that he has acquired too. It may not be as easy as the pearl, but you can find things. Maybe a personalized Christmas ornament from the shop at Disney Springs?
  18. Nebraska_Disney

    Non-park day - What is open early?

    Depending on how long you are going to be there, I always have a park day available, even if I did not plan on going, I can. With little kids, and from where you are staying, they have a great character breakfast next door at Poly. Riding the monorail to Epcot and back is always fun. Finding...


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