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  1. lealea42

    Free water

    What a great idea! I will have to figure out which liquid ones I like and remember to stock up on those for the trip.
  2. lealea42

    Dummy Booking Advice

    I am weighing that option. Just don't want to give my son, who already fights about going to his pre-k class, any reason to think school isn't "important" (for lack of better words). I was a tad bit of a rebel in high school and you know what they say...ten fold. Lol! Just not wanting to give...
  3. lealea42

    Dummy Booking Advice

    Ouch, sorry I am hesitant about pulling him from school.
  4. lealea42

    Dummy Booking Advice

    Thanks!!! I have the schedule for next school year but with year round "track" schedule there 4 different 3 week options that it could be. I may pull him but am undecided on that. Just not sure if that's something I want to do. I'm hoping that he will track out for 3 weeks in October or...
  5. lealea42

    Dummy Booking Advice

    Soooo, we are planning our second cruise for the fall of 2016. Only catch is that my son will be starting kindergarten and he will be in a year round school. With that said it could be as late as April/May before we find out which track he will be on. So not knowing that means we have no idea...
  6. lealea42

    Disney Gift Cards

    didnt know you can combine Disney gift cards!! When did they start doing this?
  7. lealea42

    We're Cruising Again - Fantasy!

    We went on the Dream in September 2014 and have missed it ever since we got back. Well my hubby just surprised me tonight and told me I can book the Fantasy next fall!!! I don't know exactly when as my son will be starting Kindergarten next year and he will be in year round but we will not find...
  8. lealea42

    What's up with excessive amount of open houses at the kid's clubs?

    My son went to the club the first night (he just turned 4 that day) and well he was a little scared. All these older kids and strangers made him not want to go back. Yes, he's in daycare and is around older kids but being his first cruise and so many people well, that scared him. He didn't want...
  9. lealea42

    Refunds from My Cruise Photos/Shutters

    I work with a LOT of chargebacks on credit cards where I work and have dealt with many banks as well on refunds. My understanding is that a refund that is issued on a bank debit/credit card that is linked to a checking/savings account usually has to be refunded within 2-3 business days. A...
  10. lealea42

    Ticketed character meets?

    I just sailed on the Dream this month and loved the fact that the Disney Jr & Princesses were ticketed. It made everything go SO much smoother and didn't have to spend 30+ minutes in line. My son also got to interact with Jake & Doc a little more than the Fab 5. I did go and get my tickets as...
  11. lealea42

    The Magic is better than the Dream....I'll be the judge of that!!

    We're looking at sailing on a 4 night October 2015 since the Dream isn't doing any then. We just got off the 4 night on the Dream so am very anxious to read your report!
  12. lealea42

    Tervis tumbler

    I was on the 9/7 sailing of the Dream and there were plenty of Tervis to go around on the last day. I picked up one off Castaway Cay on my way back to the ship & there was plenty there too. There were 4 different 16oz cups available onboard, including the Halloween on the High Seas and only 1...
  13. lealea42

    Pirate and Princesses Party?

    I just got off the Dream & the Pirate & Princess party isn't a meet & greet. You actually would need to get the tickets for that meet & greet (or ours it included Sofia, Jake, and Doc) the morning you get on ship at the port adventures desk. The Pirate & Princess Party is just a little dance...
  14. lealea42

    Tricks to getting the CHEAPEST deal possible on a Disney Cruise?

    OR buy the $50 gift card from Target using your debit card, pay $47.50 and buy anything (sale prices of course) that you would usually by elsewhere! Less out of pocket & save $2.50
  15. lealea42

    Shutters Payment Question

  16. lealea42

    Shutters Payment Question

    I have quite a few Disney gift cards and I don't think that I'll be able to use them all onboard and would like to put them on my onboard account to pay for my cruise pictures....does anyone know if you can do this? I know that if you prepay you have to use your credit card. Just wondering! TIA!
  17. lealea42

    JillShari's disigns...

    First off, your DISigns are WONDERFUL! I'm looking to swap the magnets for Pirate night and would LOVE the following: 1. Classic Character - Mickey Pirate Center of ear - Jonathan Left ear - Disney Dream Right ear - 2014 2. Classic Character - Pirate Minnie Center of ear - Leanne Left ear -...
  18. lealea42

    absolut_mandy's Disigns - Part 3 **Thread Closed to Requests - Please request on New thread **

    I love, love, love your designs! My son will go NUTS for them. We're sailing in September and I cannot wait... Can I please request the following (didn't see a name so will try to describe it the best that I can): 1. Cars Name Fill (the name is filled with what looks like sheet metal and...
  19. lealea42

    Stateroom Decorating

    Let's hope that the Dream has magnetic walls! =) That would make me VERY, VERY happy. My husband will probably kill me for all the decor, but hey it's the memories that will last forever!


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