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    What is your favorite dessert party? Poll

    If you love Illuminations, it’s FEA no contest. Food and drinks were great with an awesome bonus ride opportunity. I didn’t end up liking the show much, so it’s one and done for me until the show changes. I love HEA so I’ve done Garden Plaza twice. First time was amazing; second time people...
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    What would you do? Solo edition

    All great points, and you may be able to pick up a same day FP in the afternoon as we were on our last trip (on a fairly busy day, too!)
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    What would you do? Solo edition

    I did TSL EMM and the FEA dessert party on my last trip. If you adore Illuminations, I would do FEA since that’s going away. The food and drinks were much better than the HEA party and the view is so close you can feel the heat. I didn’t love the show so it’s a one and done for me. They put you...
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    Best location to activate AP?

    I chose to do mine at the resort to let me rope drop (I didn’t know how early GR would open)
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    Typhoon Lagoon Question

    I don’t think there are showers (not that I noticed anyway) but there are changing facilities and small lockers. The large size barely fit my backpack which is a standard laptop size, but they have a keypad. No padlock necessary, I believe $15 to rent using a kiosk that takes CC.
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    Best location to activate AP?

    I can’t be 100% positive that they didn’t have the card, but I did not receive one and was too tired after my flight to think to ask. I wasn’t thinking about occasions on which I might need a physical card. But at least you could activate it that way and enter parks from the start, and then...
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    Best location to activate AP?

    I upgraded my ticket to an AP at All Star Music last month. Not exactly the same, and I didn’t get a physical card, but I was able to use it to enter the parks. I had to go to Guest Relations at IG to get TIW, at which point I should have asked them for a physical AP card but it didn’t occur to...
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    Tell me about Jellyrolls, please!

    I went on Easter Sunday this year. Don’t forget that there is a $15 cover charge and they do not take MagicBands. Bring cash to request songs. I believe theoretically it isn’t required, but every person paid at least $5 per song when I was there. I felt bad because I only had a $20 and my MB so...
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    I hope this is open in early November! (Actually, I hope it opens early enough for sufficient reviews to be out before November...)
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    Strategy for DHS Extra Extra Magic Hours (6-9am Sept 1- Nov 2)

    I’m just guessing, and look forward to hearing more educated guesses from people with data on Pandora & once DL opens BUT I would expect that in August, yes, it will be swamped at 6 and well before, necessitating taxi service to arrive around 4 or even earlier to be able to get into the land...
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    What is your Disney shameful secret?

    Ohhhhhh I had not heard that acronym before! I haven’t made the time to see this show either...
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    What is your Disney shameful secret?

    I didn't love Illuminations or Hoop Dee Doo. Citrus Swirl > Dole Whip. I don't like DHS (other than TSL and Star Tours)
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    Central nj

    Hi! I know this thread is a little old, but I live in Monmouth County and my boyfriend lives in Park Slope, BK. We'd love to make Dis friends :)
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    I live in Central NJ and my boyfriend lives in Park Slope. Just returned from our second trip a few days ago, and I have a solo trip planned for August 25-30!
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    Summer Solo Birthday Trip (accidentally SWGE opening week) 8/26/19-8/30/19

    Very exciting! I have to think about that... I really enjoyed doing some relaxing things outside of the parks on my most recent trip - boat ride, mini golf, The Void, searching for Hidden Mickeys, etc. I did the Keys to the Kingdom tour and explored some of the other resorts. I also enjoyed...
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    Partially-Solo Spring Break Adventure: 4/19-4/28 (food, resort hopping, KttK tour & more!)

    I think Morimoto was the best meal of the trip, don’t get me wrong! I liked it more than California Grill. I don’t think it’s worth it on the dining plan because of how the economics work - they probably won’t let you share small plates, etc. which is what I like to do. When we had free dining...
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    Partially-Solo Spring Break Adventure: 4/19-4/28 (food, resort hopping, KttK tour & more!)

    Day 9: Cali Grill, Epcot, and flight home Departure day! We spent a few hours chilling in the room and packing up. We knew it would be a long day, so we wanted to rest up before we didn’t have a bed! We left my checked bag at airline check-in (always nervous that it won’t make it home!) and...
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    Rope Drop Slinky Strategy?

    We did EMM on Wednesday (4/24) and were leaving TSL around 8:50-8:55. The rope drop crowds were downright scary and I witnessed CMs loudly scolding guests for running/pushing, which seems intense. Don’t get me wrong - I loved the ride last August when we waited 40m just after Fantasmic (10:30...
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    Best Disney springs table service?

    I would second Morimoto - we had an AMAZING meal there, especially the pork spare ribs and pork bao - but you said 1 TS credit. We ate at The Boathouse last trip for my birthday but I had a cold and didn’t fully appreciate it. For 1 TS, specifically, I would go with Homecomin’, for the quality...


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