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    Port Upgrade question

    In my experience, the upgrade at port is usually LESS than doing it beforehand - significantly less. (for example for an Alaska, 7 night cruise, we upgraded from inside room to a verandah and saved about $5000). Having said that, with an 11 night cruise it is a unique itinerary which means it...
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    Breakfast after checking in at PC...doable?

    I totally agree with this recommendation. Arriving at 10am to drop off bags will be super busy not only with people arriving at the terminal but also all the people disembarking and waiting for their transportation to leave the terminal. Really doesn't make sense to do this. Why not leave...
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    Measles Vaccination Check in Future?

    I love pixie dust and I love you. Thank you thank you thank you.
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    ** Opening Day Pricing QUOTES Summer 2020: Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy **

    Gold Booking Day Quotes (no OBB,ins etc): Fantasy June 27, 2020 2A2K (12,10) 11C $12,200 11A $12, 236 9D $12,524 7A...
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    2020 Watch??

    You can do that. But what is happening in the system is you will be making a booking online with a new reservation number. Your placeholder is its very own reservation number. So what they would do when you called in would be to cancel your online reservation and make the booking with your...
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    Just off the Wonder this week. All good, just a few hiccups.

    I don't think that anyone here is claiming higher moral ground for not using straws over those who have medical needs to drink from a straw. I think, in general, the number of people who require straws as a medical necessity would be a very small minority and, of course, should continue using...
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    Just off the Wonder this week. All good, just a few hiccups.

    Make a quick google search of "plastic straws and sea life" and I can tell you those animals would not say that the single straw that they ingested, and likely contributed to their death, or the single straw that was stuck in their body made only a "small impact" on them. You can also google...
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    Here's a thread where someone has had experience booking placeholders for 2 other people without having to be on either reservation themselves.
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    Hmmmm, now that I think of it, when I booked for a friend I booked an actual sail date for them to get the onboard booking benefits (before they had placeholders). We did not have to book ourselves on that cruise as well. It was just their names on the reservation. Perhaps for a placeholder you...
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    Yes, you can book a placeholder for someone who has not sailed before. You need to book it with their name(s) and birthday(s). You do not have to be on that cruise. But, bear in mind that you are only allowed to book one placeholder per cabin (if everyone in the cabin is residing at the same...
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    Vancouver Area Shopping

    Pacific Centre and Metrotown are solid choices. The newest and shiniest mall is Tsawassen Mills- great place!!! And en route from border to downtown really - less out of the way than Metrotown.
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    Accidents in the kids' club

    I do believe that the expectation is that kids are toilet trained to be in the kids club. I'm sure they would call parents if an accident happened to come pick up their child and change them. I know some parents go in every 2 hours to pick up kid and take them to the bathroom just in case...
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    Dining table-mate assignments | Need clarification/advice

    I am completely with the private table camp. I can't imagine making small talk with strangers every evening of my vacation. I want quality time with my family and friends (when we cruise together!). We have always been granted our own table when requested. The great thing is there is the...
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    Questions about The Baths…A Poll

    I totally recommend the Baths at Virgin Gorda - it was our absolute best excursion we've ever done out of 4 Caribbean cruises. Our boys were 9 and 7 at the time and had no issues. In fact, we had to scramble to keep up with them! They loved the ropes and ladders and climbing over and under...
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    Help with timing of an Alaska cruise

    If it were me, I would totally do the 7-29 cruise and do an inside. For me, I don't find a huge difference between inside and oceanview since I am not in the room much anyhow. Now if there was a balcony that would be a massive difference. But to pay $1500 for oceanview, for me, would not be...
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    Airmiles ALERT!! Current week's offers start on page 974

    The way that I read the announcement is that you can still USE the travel certificates if you have them and they will still be honored at Transat Travel, Marlin Travel etc. The limitation will be that you will no longer be able to use your airmiles for any NEW travel certificates or evouchers...
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    To concierge or not to concierge

    So well put! There really is no "right" answer to concierge or not to concierge. It all comes down to preference. White flannel pajamas or silk pajamas? I think the only time NOT to concierge is if it puts you into debt or causes financial strain in other areas in your life.....
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    Never been to Hawaii...much less Aulani! Help me!

    I also like doing the split stay - stay in waikiki to get all the touristy things done (I like the Hilton Hawaiian VIllage) and then go to Aulani and enjoy the resort! I will go against most though and say that the more economical way to stay is actually booking a hotel room/studio and NOT...
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    Oahu itinerary waikiki & aulani

    lol Yes, WAY too busy. Depending on how many babies and toddlers and also how able all the adults are (80 years old - how well can he/she walk?) I dont think your day 4,5,6 is doable at all - even with just 2 adults I wouldn't try and venture that itinerary. I like a go go go vacation but I...


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