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  1. mamabunny

    Is Disney possible for us? (multiple moderate to severe invisible disabilities)

    @Skipadeedoodaa As far as your situation goes, given the fact that every member of your family - including you - are disabled (albeit in different ways) I think that you should certainly consider taking along at least one extra adult (perhaps a grandparent, or aunt?) if not two. Absent...
  2. mamabunny

    Transfering to seat in 3D shows

    I agree - fully. However, based on our experience with our daughter, who has used a mobility device for her entire life, CMs will ask one of the parents. Now that I am a full time seated person, I experience this daily. My family has learned to not answer the person who overlooks me, and...
  3. mamabunny

    Walt Disney World Skyliner Gondola cabin video, photos, info.

    Typically, in a true rescue situation, the first responders will have on appropriate safety gear, and their first goal is simply to get everyone to safety as fast as possible. There isn't time to hand out hard hats, and make sure everyone's hat is adjusted correctly, etc. When you look at...
  4. mamabunny

    Qualify for DAS ?

    Sometimes, just knowing you have that in your pocket (so to speak) helps tremendously! Hope your time at WDW is awesome! :)
  5. mamabunny

    Transfering to seat in 3D shows

    Just to add to what @kaytieeldr said - you may find that you will be asked by a lot of the Cast Members "Can he transfer?" Let them know that he can walk only one or two steps, so that they don't try to send you all someplace too far from his chair. Usually if you say that he can walk (without...
  6. mamabunny

    Gold Mobility Rental

    Just let them know as soon as you have your flight info confirmed :)
  7. mamabunny

    Party of 8, two scooters and a stroller - My experience with accessibility

    I presume it's one of those things where ECVs used to be OK - but then something happened, and so everyone gets "punished" because of an isolated incident. I do think it's weird that they have been waving me through during the After Hours/Party events...
  8. mamabunny

    Chronic Pain

    I think your parents and my parents had the same kind of parenting style! LOL
  9. mamabunny

    Party of 8, two scooters and a stroller - My experience with accessibility

    LOL I kind of have the same question - the last couple of years, we have done either After Hours or MNSSHP which are, admittedly a bit different in terms of how everything operates, so I haven't gone through HM during regular Park hours in probably 3 or 4 years. But I was always able to stay in...
  10. mamabunny

    How easy is recharging scooter in WDW parks?

    Battery Hygiene tips: Make sure that you charge your scooter to full capacity every night in your Resort room, and you should (hopefully) never need to plug it in and charge it during the day at the Parks. For example, if you are sitting on your scooter, (in a queue, watching a parade, looking...
  11. mamabunny

    How easy is recharging scooter in WDW parks?

    I get it. I understand. But you will be better served by spending the money on a new battery and here's why: First of all, you won't be spending precious time waiting for your battery to recharge. A fully charged battery should last you all day long if you practice good battery hygiene...
  12. mamabunny

    Need Handrail On Left

    I *think* almost all of the backstage tours are accessible now, but even just a few years ago, there were still a couple of them that were not accessible! Be sure when you book any tour or special event at WDW that you let them know if you have accessibility issues. @loriwvu I found the page...
  13. mamabunny

    Chronic Pain

    I know this sounds crazy, but I agree with @kaytieeldr for a couple of reasons here: First of all, despite popular belief, little nuggets don't really remember their first Disney trip before about the age of 5, no matter *how* Magical it is! Yes, the *parents* (and grandparents) get to make...
  14. mamabunny

    How early can you rent ECV at parks?

    The difference between Disney Parks scooters and a rental scooter is like a UPS truck vs a Formula 1 race car LOL :upsidedow
  15. mamabunny

    Can't sit down...

    Yes! Thank you, Miss Betty :)
  16. mamabunny

    Can't sit down...

    @jillofspeed I know that a "standing ECV" seems like a good idea - just please approach it with caution. Personally, *anything* that touches my back in the wrong place will literally result in me spending the rest of the day in the fetal position on the nearest horizontal surface. If there is...
  17. mamabunny

    On or Off site?

    @JustGo In *general* WDW internal transportation (buses) run to/from Resorts to Parks & Disney Springs about every 20 minutes. Remember that currently, pretty much every bus running at WDW has only 2 spaces for personal mobility devices, so if you roll up and there is already someone with an...
  18. mamabunny

    How early can you rent ECV at parks?

    Thank you for the clarification :)
  19. mamabunny

    How early can you rent ECV at parks?

    Have they changed that? It used to be you could "hop" your rental from Park to Park during the same day, provided you had the receipt. You did still have to wait in line, and if they were out of ECVs, you had to wait for one to be returned.
  20. mamabunny

    Can anyone tell me your experience with these Disney Pop Century rooms with different types of handicap bathrooms?

    I agree! I wish there was a way to select the top 2 or 3 room features you really need; I know for some of us it would be roll-in showers, but other folks might put lower bed frames as a higher priority.


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