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    Italy - how much time in Orvieto?

    I went on the 2016 Italy ABD. I think we had around 90 minutes of on your own time after they brought us into Orvieto, but I don’t remember exactly. The trip has changed since then. Our group had lunch after leaving Orvieto, at some villa along the way toward Florence. The itinerary now...
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    ABD Itinerary with theme park admission

    I think it depends on the trip. We went on the So Cal Short Escape in Oct 2018, and on one of the evenings, Disneyland had the Halloween Party. However, we did not receive tickets to that event. But there have been trip reports of the six day Backstage Magic trip where people have reported...
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    Question on early booking discount

    Thanks for all the replies. I talked to a Vacationista today about other matters and then asked her about the early booking discount policy. She gave a different answer than what I’ve heard. She said that the first few groups get the EBD. She couldn’t say how many groups, but apparently it...
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    Question on early booking discount

    So I was on hold for two hours on opening day. But I did get the early booking discount for my trip. Looking at the ABD site the day after, it seems the vast majority of dates still have an early booking discount available. I don’t mean for Egypt, but for the older, existing trips. But...
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    Group size of 45?

    So like many people here, I was on hold for hours this morning. One of the announcements during the hold was that ABD takes “groups of up to 45” or something like that. 45? I thought the max group was 40, and they sometimes went over that to accommodate a party. But is 45 the new standard...
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    ABD: Priority order for 2020 bookings?

    I have the same concerns. Three days to go and I still haven't seen 2020 rates posted. Makes it difficult to make plans, see if there are changes to existing itineraries, etc. and still get the booking discount. I worry they won't post things until May 14, if then. Has ABD behaved like...
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    ABD: Priority order for 2020 bookings?

    I called ABD and a Vacationista said the people who can book early on May 14, 2019 are ABD Insiders, Gold and Platinum Castaway Club members, and DVC members. In other words, the same or almost the same as last year. So I guess Disney doesn't care about giving Insiders priority over the...
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    AbD Japan April 2019 Inaugural Trip

    Thanks very much for the detailed report! It is helpful for those of us considering going on this trip. Was it warm during this trip? Did the hotels have good air conditioning? I ask because I took a business trip to Japan a few years ago in the Fall and I found it difficult to cool the...
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    ABD: Priority order for 2020 bookings?

    ABD is likely to open 2020 dates and bookings within a month or two, correct? If ABD reads this board, would you please give ABD Insiders a day or two of booking priority over others such as DVC and DCL Castaway Club members? Last year, ABD included DVC and DCL members in the priority group...
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    River Cruise Early Booking Discount

    I have some notes about a Rhine River cruise and dining at the Chef's Table. My Rhine River notes includes menus for one of the dinners:
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    Cali short trip vs. longer trip

    You can look at my trip report for the 4-day short escape: And I believe there are several trip reports available for the 6-day full So. Cal. ABD. At a high level, the short escape doesn't go to Hollywood or...
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    First International Trip

    Then taking your trip through ABD is a good idea. They handle all the logistics. You have a local guide who speaks the language and knows the culture, plus additional local experts to guide you through the sights. If anything goes wrong, Disney has your back. I talked with our guides and...
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    First International Trip

    Could you be more specific on what your wife is nervous about going overseas? That might help us give suggestions.
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    How Many Kids Were on Your Trip?

    Our July 2018 ABD Rhine River cruise had 20-25 kids. Our June 2016 ABD Italy (Rome, Florence, Venice) trip had about a dozen kids. The Oct. 2018 So. Cal Short Escape had exactly 4 kids. The river cruise is very different than a normal Disney cruise (Dream, Wonder, etc.) I don’t know if you...
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    Disneyland ABDs - Parties?

    You might ask a Vacationista on what the plan is. For our Short Escape in Oct. 2018, we did start the first night in Disneyland. But we did not get tickets to the Halloween Party in DL the next night. If I remember correctly, there are reports of guests in the longer 6-day Backstage Magic...
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    Trying to pick the right trip for our family....

    Yes, the kids get to do a scavenger hunt at the Doge's Palace and in the Palazzo Vecchio there are secret passageways and a room where they can try on costumes. But I interpreted the original poster as stating their entire family didn't like museums and big cities, and would rather go to small...
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    ABD Short Escape - Vancouver ?

    There was a Vancouver short escape offered. I saved a PDF of the itinerary.
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    Trying to pick the right trip for our family....

    We went on the Italy Rome/Florence/Venice trip in 2016. Yes, there are quite a few museums, churches and monuments. Our trip included the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Pantheon, Trevi fountain, Roman Forum, St. Peter's, Accademia Gallery (statue of David), Palazzo Vecchio, Doge's Palace, St...
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    So Cal Short Escape 10/4/2018 trip report

    Nice to hear from you. I was at your table at Storytellers Cafe for breakfast. Hope your world tour worked out well! If you decide to do.a trip report, let us know where to find it. But I don’t know which DIS board would be the appropriate one for such a report...
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    So Cal Short Escape 10/4/2018 trip report

    If your trip is in March, then maybe you’ll get to experience World of Color. Hope they will have it running by then. Since you are arriving early, you might ask a Vacationista how early the guides will be in the lobby on the first day. You might not be able to get the 4-day pass before the...


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