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  1. Cjtigger

    Wands on rides

    I want to purchase a wand at Olivanders and I have a lanyard for it (can wear around neck or belt loop). Can I wear this on the rides? I am not one that will ride RRR or Hulk. Thanks,
  2. Cjtigger

    Friend visiting but can’t ride the rides

    our dear friend can’t do most of the rides at the two parks but wants to come with us. Can she wait in line with us ( so we can spend time together) but duck out before the actual ride? She can’t do projection, spin or go upside down. What rides can she do?
  3. Cjtigger

    I have to cancel

    Should I book in October or should I just forget about WDW this year and do a Disney Cruise? All thoughts are welcome.
  4. Cjtigger

    I have to cancel

    We got some bad news today and need to cancel our first week of April trip. I called Disney and they said that I can reschedule a room only for another date, cancel the dining plan for just $200 and I get the rest of the money back on original payment. She also said I can do this up until 24...
  5. Cjtigger

    Our Experience Using the "Refresh Method"

    I have been trying to get Slinky Dog Dash since day 60. Any advice? Will this method work?
  6. Cjtigger

    Memory Maker Question

    I have a Florida resident annual pass so it does not include the memory maker Thanks
  7. Cjtigger

    Memory Maker Question

    We are annual pass holders. We are going to Epcot on in March for the day and then going on vacation 2 1/2 weeks later. I am also doing the Star Wars Rival Run. I read that your memory maker is for 30 days. Is this correct? If I pre-purchase for the March trip - I should be able to have it...
  8. Cjtigger

    Magic band question

    I know. We had to book two rooms and Disney made him get a MDE account
  9. Cjtigger

    Magic band question

    Hubby and I went on Frozen Ever After yesterday. He got the photo on his MDE but I did not. Does that mean my battery is dead on my magic band? I was able to use it to get in park and for fast pass. Thanks
  10. Cjtigger

    Official 2019 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend

    I just registered for the 5K Race. I have a few questions. We are staying at Coronado Springs Resort and need to get to the Expo. Will there be buses that go to the Expo then to a theme park? What time are the times for the Expo on Thursday? Thanks,
  11. Cjtigger

    Looking at 3 day Halloween Cruise

    We went on the Disney Dream in April 2013. We are really wanted to go on another cruise. We usually do Disney World in October but with Galaxy Edge opening we are wanting to go somewhere else. How do I get room 7190? Are the other aft rooms a good deal? Any info you can give me will be...
  12. Cjtigger

    EPCOT 2019 International Festival Of The Arts Discussion

    Do you know when Disney will announce when the artists will be signing their art? Looking for Jasmine Becket-Griffith information. Thanks,
  13. Cjtigger

    Am I crazy?

    We are within an hour. Just wondering if the crowds levels would be too unbearable to have fun.
  14. Cjtigger

    Am I crazy?

    I have the day before Thanksgiving off and I am an AP. My friend came up with the idea going to Epcot. Are we crazy? We are able to get fast passes and dining reservations so how bad can it be right? Thoughts?
  15. Cjtigger

    Best Rides To Experience at Night?

    I know this is a strange one but I love Haunted Mansion at night. There is nothing like coming out of the ride in the dark. Very spooky!!
  16. Cjtigger

    Crowds in April

    We were able to book a AP Room at Art of Animation Little Mermaid room for April. These rooms have never been discounted (as far as i know). Does this mean that Disney is expecting lower crowds because everyone will be waiting for Galaxy Edge to open? Thanks
  17. Cjtigger

    MDE today OMG urgggggggggggggh/Nov 4-6, and 9-10

    I can't access my plans. I would like to change resorts for my upcoming trip but it won't let me in. I hate to be on the phone for an hour. Ugh
  18. Cjtigger

    Star Wars Galactic Spectacular in March

    We are going in March 2019 and hubby wants to do Fantasmic and the Star Wars Spectacular. We booked the Fantasmic Dining package but noticed on the park hours that only Fantasmic is showing for the week we are going. Are they canceling the Star Wars show or is it just too early for the...
  19. Cjtigger

    EPCOT 2019 International Festival Of The Arts Discussion

    When will the artist list be available? Trying to plan to make sure I get to see my favorite artist. Thanks,


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