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    Fireworks on the 4th

    We are going down for the Fourth of July. We may not be doing the 4th for a while after that. Which fireworks would you go to on the night of the 4th.? We will not be there on the 3rd. Is MK the best 4th show or is Epcott? The best spectacular. ? We wont arrive at the parks until noon ...
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    Points for Rent: 178 Aulani 17.00 & 325 SSR $15.00 Discounted

    Hi Deb I need a res for AKL Kidani 2 bedroom savana view July 11 12 and 13 2019 checking out 14 for 172 points. If you can do this please let me know. Thank you.
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    Next Round of Discounts?

    My AP discount for July wasn't as good as last year. I hope it isn't a sign of things to come.
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    AKL - Kidani or Jambo?

    I have heard that there now is a counter service breakfast at Sanaa. Has anyone tried this? We booked at Kidani and I am hoping that we like it. Breakfast would really help. We love the Mara but Jambo is booked solid.
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    CLOSED: 210 SS Points for transfer at $13 point.

    I am interested please pm. Do you mean in March I would call Member Services and banke to next year?
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    BC Marketplace food changes

    The Marketplace is one of our least favorite places at BC. It is so crowded and CMs are obviously stressed. The layout and options really need a redo. We were walking around this September and went to the new Yacht Club Marketplace. It was fantastic! Healthy food options beautiful layout...
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    Renting at Beach Club- book a back up plan?

    Is the rent/ trade board here good. I haven't heard of any scams etc. That would be my only fear. Otherwise great.
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    Walking / Running Shoe For Disney

    I would recommend the Nike Air Max 360. The cushioning saves any foot problem. Running shoes can become very hot there and not great on water rides thp/ I love to wear the Teva terradactyl (sp?) a water sandal... Lightweight, cushioned and good support. it just depends on your feet...
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    BCV vs. AKL

    Every year we do a split stay at AKV and the BC. It has become part of our routine and honestly makes our stay seem longer and better. We always stay at AKV for 3 nights. We love Jambo house The Mara, The pool, the hotel is gorgeous. WE have also done Kidani and have found the Savana View is...
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    Why are crowds lower this summer?

    My family loves the hot weather! We live in a climate where warm days are few. Our favorite time in Disney is the last week in July or first week in August. Next year we may hve to go in September. Isnt the Orlando weather hot and humid in September as well?
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    Thoughts on our recent stay in a Polynesian Studio

    Sounds wonderful. My fam has been thinking about trying it. Next year we will have a large group including 2 young children tho not sure how to configure it with studios. I wish there were 1 or 2 bedrooms too.
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    Alligator Incident Discussion/Fence being built at Grand Floridian?

    I wonder if there is a way to create some type of electronic deterrent or noise...vibration deterrent in the water near the sand so they (gators, snakes will avoid it). They do the same for cattle fences etc. Ive been zinged by cattle fence. It isn't that bad for humans...I don't think...
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    How many rooms are available?

    Overall it may mean CMs spend less time on each person. The IT change would be a one time update. More efficient in the long run.
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    How many rooms are available?

    I think they should be given the ability to do this. This system is very stressful. Why not? Why isn't it more user friendly? Lets keep the customers happy!LOL
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    How many rooms are available?

    Right Ive been told by different CM s in Member Services that they do not know any more than we know. Maybe they just didn't feel like checking. It may not be consistent. However.. It would make a difference to me knowing where I stood on the list just so I could make a general decision...
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    How many rooms are available?

    I think that Member Services should be able to tell us about how many rooms are left at any given time, where we stand on the waiting lists, and they should be given an envelope of time where once they begin to initiate a reservation availability for the room remains until reservation is...
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    Finally staying at Kaidani village and have queestion about Boma's.

    Boma is my family's favorite restaurant. The selection is amazing! Everything from vegan to prime rib selections. We love the African foods that we don't get to see where we live. My daughter had her rehearsal dinner there. Everyone who came to the wedding still talks about the fantastic...
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    Help with Wait List Strategy

    I am waitlisting one night at BCV to add to my cash stay (didn't have enough points for whole stay No prob for 2 bed BCV with cash stay) what are the odds I will get that night Thursday before Memorial day weekend. I hope that one night is possible but no luck so far. Should I just book...
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    Can a DVC Rerservation be linked to a Cash Reservation

    I will call CR and ask about type of 2 bdrm. Member Services said they would not guarantee or recommend me to go ahead. This is a regular cash reservation thru central reservations/Dis. I wish I could have rented points for that part of trip but it is Memorial Day and low availability for...
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    Can a DVC Rerservation be linked to a Cash Reservation

    My family and I are coming down for 8 days in May. We now have 5 nights at Kidani in a 2 bedroom with our points. We have (following that stay) a cash reservation for 3 nights in 2 bedrm at BC. We would definetely like to take one night from Kidani and make it 4 and 4. In that case we will...


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