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    Well This Is Disappointing...

    My DNiece was in a similar position after using Transat for her destination wedding package. She wound up driving to YUL, using one of the multi-day parking lots, and flying to Tampa (?) to visit her parents for a week.
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    Trip months away but Air Canada changed our flights

    Just a word of caution about AC. Over time we have noticed that they more reliably notify you of flight schedule changes if you purchased your flights with cash/cards, etc. rather than by redeeming miles. It pays to check for changes on a regular basis.
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    OT: Changing planes in YUL?

    Has anyone changed planes from a domestic flight to a flight going to the US at YUL recently? I have a vague memory of a very long walk and some construction the last time I was there, about a year and a half ago. Wondering if connecting at YUL is better or worse than connecting at YYZ?
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    Organ donors

    My late DH wanted to donate his organs. Sadly, his condition made the agency in charge of donations refuse him. The worst 20 minutes of my life were when, as a very recent widow, I had to respond to their telephone survey about his medical condition at death prior to their refusing his donation.
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    Airmiles ALERT!! Current week's offers start on page 974

    Yeah. This was my experience with my closest Rexall too. This is not the first time that coupons failed with them, so I’m wondering about going further afield with coupons...
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    "Dress Coded"

    When I was in high school girls wearing mini skirts were dealt with by having them kneel on the floor. If your skirt didn’t touch the floor, it was deemed too short and there were consequences. Of course, there were “modesty screens” installed on student’s desks too!
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    NEXUS questions

    One thing we have found is that your Nexus card doesn’t really work as normal if you, or someone in your party, requires wheelchair assistance in an airport. When I travel with a friend in a wheelchair, our entire small party is expedited through the airport following the airport’s (or...
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    Do you buy your daughter/DIL a gift for mother's day if they have children?

    My DSis once asked me if my DH ever got me anything for Mother’s Day, which I found odd, as we never had kids. I never got him a Father’s Day present either. It was kind of like checking the not applicable box on a survey.
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    Can you help plan a Quebec City visit?

    If you are arriving in the early afternoon, I would switch touring of the Citadelle to Day 2, as the Citadelle closes at 5 pm. You can easily spend several hours there. I would also add a visit to Ile d’Orleans to your itinerary, but I’m a foodie and I find it appealing.
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    Can you help plan a Quebec City visit?

    I have to ask, where are you staying? Quebec City is a popular summertime destination, and there are lots of school trips to QC, so you should really get your reservations firmed up. Also, there are issues with parking in the old city.
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    Travel insurance???

    This is the same group insurance I had. I strongly suggest you check the value of the medical and cancellation portions of the insurance and decide if you are comfortable with the amounts. Remember the value is expressed in Canadian dollars, and you will have to pay out in US$, so there is a...
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    traveler's checks

    Confession: this was not a DCL cruise, it was Holland America. I went to Guest Services and cashed them. I could also have applied them to our onboard account. The last time I cashed Amex traveller’s cheques on DCL (2014) their default mode seemed to be to apply the cheques to our onboard...
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    traveler's checks

    We started noticing that there were fewer and fewer Canadian banks or other outlets either issuing or redeeming the Amex TCs a couple of years ago. Very annoying, as these were always a good, safe way to carry a cash equivalent when travelling. I recently cashed out my last Amex TCs while on a...
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    OT: Experiences using online groceries in Canada?

    I need to find an online grocery service that delivers fresh fruit and veg, meat, dairy and dry goods during the winter/bad weather. Are the fresh items good quality? Is the service worth it? Finally, how much do you tip? (I understand 5% of the total bill is recommended).
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    OT: how long to change flights in Vancouver?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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    OT: how long to change flights in Vancouver?

    We would all prefer a direct flight, unfortunately there is no such flight. We have to make a connection. Air Canada’s messing around with the departure times of both our flights doesn’t help any. If memory serves, they did exactly the same thing with comparable (same itinerary) connecting...
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    OT: how long to change flights in Vancouver?

    We are arriving from the US and have to go through Canadian Customs, security, etc. in Vancouver. Air Canada has just changed our flight times, leaving us just over 1 1/2 hours to make our connection. We have Nexus.
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    "Ladies Entrance"

    I have memories of passing by one or two establishments in town that featured a “Ladies and Escorts” entrance. Both places were considered to be dives.
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    OT - For those who have an independent cleaning person

    What do you do when you are on an extended vacation that results in missing your cleaning days? Owing to my home insurance requirements during our absences, the water has to be off, so the cleaner can’t come in to work. My independent cleaning lady wants me to pay her, at least in part, for...
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    Snowbirding with kids

    My DSis and her family moved permanently to the US a few years ago. Her two high school aged kids had to transfer to a US high school. Their family very carefully checked out school districts before deciding where to buy a house, as they wanted the kids be in a top-ranked school. Both...


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