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  1. rachaeld

    Fried Pickles

    That sounds perfect though, more for you!
  2. rachaeld

    Fried Pickles

    Looks like Carnation Cafe is it then. Would I need a reservation to be able to get these, or can you normally get a table if you avoid lunch/dinner rush?
  3. rachaeld

    Fried Pickles

    I see these are on the menu at the Carnation Cafe, where else can these be found? Would prefer a counter service or quick service.
  4. rachaeld

    Best phone network for inside the parks?

    I emailed Sims r us, who is the supplier of the SIM cards on amazon, they replied with the following: In the US, the 4 major carriers are: Verizon: expensive Sprint: Trash, does not work at Disneyland, I tried it there, dead zone AT&T: Decent, slightly more expensive than T-Mobile for almost...
  5. rachaeld

    Best phone network for inside the parks?

    Thanks. Coming from New Zealand. I don’t want to roam with my plan as it is far too expensive, $5 per day. I can buy US SIM cards from Amazon and either get shipped to our hotel or for $7 can get sent to NZ before we go. Just not sure what provider to go with, I think AT&T and T Mobile where...
  6. rachaeld

    Best phone network for inside the parks?

    We are coming from overseas and are going to buy local SIM cards, what provider gives the best data service within the parks? Thanks
  7. rachaeld

    Little Boy Blue

    I just looked it up, there are lots of recent reviews on The location looks good.
  8. rachaeld

    Has anyone recently seen the castle?

    disney366_ on Instagram has photos in his story...
  9. rachaeld

    What movies to watch before visiting SWGE?

    We will be in Disneyland late September/October this year. We haven’t watched any of the movies (my husband watched some as a child). What movies do you recommend we watch before coming? Should we watch them all to get the full story, or will watching some of the later movies be enough.
  10. rachaeld

    Cheapest way to stay near Land?

    I am fairly sure I have looked at every hotel within 15 minutes walk of the park that has beds for 4+, with either a separate living area or two separate sleeping areas - so we can have a separate area when the kids have gone to bed earlier etc. The cheapest we found was Best Western Raffles...
  11. rachaeld

    Official Superthread: SWGE Opening May 31st

    We are coming from New Zealand (although after this time period so it won’t apply to us), the tickets we have are a voucher that needs to be redeemed for tickets at the ticket booth. The voucher itself can’t be scanned into the app. I imagine a lot of people would be in a similar situation.
  12. rachaeld

    *September 2019 Check-In*

    We are coming from New Zealand and staying at Best Western Plus Raffles from 28 September until 10 October and we will have 10 day park hoppers. Myself,my husband and our to girls who will be 14 and 13 (turning 14 while we are there). This will be our second visit, our first was in 2015. We...
  13. rachaeld

    Best places to see the construction on Galaxy's Edge...

    Fresh Baked Disney on YouTube does Star Wars construction updates each week. They get their best views from the top deck of the Mark Twain, Tarzan’s Treehouse, Chip and Dales treehouse in Toontown and the top of the Mickey and friends parking building.
  14. rachaeld

    Any tips for finding great car rental rates? always seem to have really good prices. They will show you the rates from numerous companies.
  15. rachaeld

    October 2019 Check-In Thread!

    This thread shows school breaks and other events etc
  16. rachaeld

    Good Neighbor Hotel w/2 bedrooms

    Best western plus Raffles might suit and the price is good too. This is a family room
  17. rachaeld

    Upgrading from 2 day to 3 day park hopper?

    If you have a 2 day park hopper and wish to upgrade to a 3 day, when do you have to do this by, is it before the end of day 2? Or can you just come in on day 3 and upgrade? Secondly if you upgrade do you then get magic morning?
  18. rachaeld

    Travel time to LAX

    We will be staying at BW Raffles, and my parents will be flying into LAX about 8.30 on a Monday morning. If we chose to go pick them up (in rental car), what would approximate travel time be for that time of day? Also how long would it take for us to get back to hotel again?
  19. rachaeld

    10 Day Park Hopper pass for Disneyland

    Yes we are New Zealanders and we can buy these via a travel agent.


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