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  1. Madame

    SSR Lovers and Owners Part 3

    Your new signature is fantastic :lovestruc
  2. Madame

    Yikes. Help!

    Modify your current reservation. It will use the banked &borrowed first and use your current UY last to finish off the reservation.
  3. Madame

    Favorite quick service for lunch at Hollywood Studios?

    Hop a boat to the ESPN club on the BW. Good food at a reasonable price and less time consuming than going all the way to EP for table service.
  4. Madame

    Falling in love with ROFR backup

    Yes and I was somewhat relieved when our BLT contract was taken. I immediately (same hour) submitted on a larger BCV & am very happy I did.
  5. Madame

    Wire Transfer Payments

    Check with your title company that the receiving bank in the US doesn’t charge a fee. Our first resale with MTV they had us factor in the wire fee. The second was through FA and I tried to explain that the bank would take part of the deposit for a wire fee and was ignored. The deposit...
  6. Madame

    APs and Resort guests can now upgrade their magicband

    Following along as I just booked a bday trip for my boys’ Aug 1-7. It would be nice to have personalized bands but not the end of the world.
  7. Madame

    SSR Lovers and Owners Part 3

    Going home Aug 1-7 for my twins’ 10th. Can’t wait! We love our home resort :lovestruc
  8. Madame

    CCV now $210/Point Direct

    7 month window is open. All the resorts which are cheaper to buy, whether resale or direct, (ie netting the buyer more overall points) provide those owner with the possibility of staying in these point heavy rooms for an overall cheaper cost. Some bash the "cheaper points" but it's better than...
  9. Madame

    Canadian Disney Gift Cards

    After you buy a card & register it on the site, can it be loaded up via credit card on the site itself, or do you have to purchase more physical cards & transfer the balance?
  10. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    Completely OT, but did someone not too long ago enumerate how the system is set up so that DVC essentially never actually pays dues on their points? I'm just curious and looking for clarification. I'll try to find it...
  11. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    We're all shocked I'm sure :rolleyes:
  12. Madame

    Chances of 1 night BWV garden/pool view studio waitlist coming through?

    That's the opening date for Galaxy's Edge. I wouldn't count on it coming through.
  13. Madame

    As a DVC Member, which resort is your favorite...And Why?

    Favourites (in order) 1. BCV (atmosphere,dining) 2. BRV (boat to MK, relaxing) 3. SSR (quiet, serene, pools) Only stayed at AKV & VGF besides. AKV - felt boxed in, like we couldn’t explore VGF - just not our vibe, screaming kids unsupervised running down halls and climbing railings...
  14. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    Yeah, I was being facetious. Sorry your plans were wrecked :guilty:
  15. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    Well, you can purchase the package like the PP.
  16. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    Yep, but my point was it wouldn’t have made it better at 11 months for some. & it wouldn’t have been easy to switch out to a different resort if say you wanted PVB for beach fireworks viewing. Once you’ve accepted that profit trumps all, then anything is fair game (no matter the...
  17. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    WDW is notorious for not enforcing on the frontlines, decision made by the beancounters. They can do as they wish and we can write letters which will be ignored, but whether they made this decision now or 11 months ago (and let's face it, customers would have been inconvienced either way), as...
  18. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    I see your point, but "I personally have no problem with this" fails to understand that others have a problem with it. IE The dogs defecating all over the BC back lawn. Not YC (where they are allowed), BC. Whether right or wrong (and I wasn't necessarily responding to you specifically) when...
  19. Madame

    TOTW closed July 4th for paid event

    But that's YOUR line. Everyone else's line is somewhere else. And that's the problem; sooner or later they will cross one's personal line and all the while one is assuming it won't impact HIS/HER vacation. And then will come the outrage. I have little patience left for the "it didn't impact...
  20. Madame

    Most Economical Resort

    It's too low all together. Just a couple hrs ago I contacted David's about renting out 2 BCV 1bds for NYE and a CCV 2 bd for Dec 30. I have a BCV 2bd Jan 1-5 and do not want to have to switch rooms 2 times and split up my party. I have a waitlist for a a 2 bd at BCV or CCV for the 31st, but...


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