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  1. team bradfield

    What Campgrounds do You Like As Much as the Fort?

    Coulter Bay Resort, Grand Teton WY Rocky Mountain Campground-Gardiner MT Polson RV Resort, Polson MT Zion River Resort, Virgin, UT
  2. team bradfield

    I need everybody to get your opinions PLEASE.

    Most look for accredited, licensed, insured, established, Fort Wilderness approved vendors.
  3. team bradfield

    Do I need to online check in?

    if a site is available you can get right in. Disney wants you spending $$ as soon as possible, we have always been in around 11am.
  4. team bradfield

    Do I need to online check in?

    I always online check in, then a couple days in advance call and say I'm checking on my reservation, once i get a cast member I ask if they can put a specific site on the reservation, they say they will but no promises, they usually ask if we are celebrating anything, well with 6 of us, its...
  5. team bradfield

    Best tips for a family that has never camped before...

    I see in your signature you are no rookie to WDW, but I will give you my tip anyway, as always at WDW either camping or resorting, bring lots of money$
  6. team bradfield

    Golf cart parking at marina and park bus stations?

    The Marina is a struggle for parking unless you go early, it fills up fast. There are outlets in Trails End parking lot., I've never noticed any at the marina lot, but I wasn't looking. If you plug in overnight and head to the parks, your cart will stay charged all day.
  7. team bradfield

    Pop up ads on the DIS

    Ditto, chrome, no blockers, I dont get pop ups either
  8. team bradfield

    FP reservation morning....

    She's a pro, jimmy, a pro
  9. team bradfield

    Hi everyone!

    Congrats, October is an exciting time at FW and WDW, our best memories are when the kids were young and celebrating Halloween at WDW, weather is much better, you can see in my signature, more October than any other month.
  10. team bradfield

    Travel apps

    I've had good luck with over the past 10 years, like Snomedics app you can select RV services and rest areas, etc
  11. team bradfield

    Just arrived @ FW, fridge stopped, RV mechanic

    they do, that's where we got our help from
  12. team bradfield

    Just arrived @ FW, fridge stopped, RV mechanic

    Glad you got it working, Many times when mine switch from propane while traveling to electric when we plug in, It will throw a code. I always just shut it off for about 10 minutes, then turn back on and it works again. we used A-Mobile Maintenance for an electrical issue one year, they did a...
  13. team bradfield

    9 days out and disaster has struck! Mobility advice appreciated

    So sorry to hear, I slipped on the ice and broke my ankle a few years ago, ortho said bed rest for 3 weeks, no driving, I was in quite a lot of pain, but it depends on the severity of the break. there is no way I could have tried Disney.
  14. team bradfield

    Fort Wilderness (and general camping) Etiquette

    It's funny that you have used the ice machines. I would think a rig with a washer/dryer would surely never be in need of ice. ! :love: I didn't realize the Ice Machines were still in service, we have a residential fridge w/ice maker. Years ago we bought one of those portable ice makers...
  15. team bradfield

    FEEDBACK NEEDED - DIS Meet October 2020 At The Fort

    I was really hoping to get in on this, but DD#3 graduated HS early and got right into Vet Tech school and has to go 2 years without break :( She has some anxiety issues and we can't leave her home alone, as they say, being a parent includes some sacrifices, so the next 2 years will be vacation...
  16. team bradfield

    Fort Wilderness (and general camping) Etiquette

    I've never been inside a CS, the closet I've been, was when they had the coin op ice machines outside the CS, we've always used our on board bathrooms and W/D
  17. team bradfield

    Birthday trip report! WDW & Fort Wilderness for 8 nights! March 8-16 2019

    Glad you're over it, we were there a week after you guys left, the first day I commented to DW how many times we said god bless you, seemed like every kid that walked by me sneezed, usually about the level my hand hangs while walking. we made a point to was hands and sanitize often
  18. team bradfield

    Long Term Campers....Should it be allowed?

    I agree with tallis, we had no problem in March, DD 1 & 2 always stream, no complaints
  19. team bradfield

    Motorhome purchase worth it?- Rent out when not in use?

    When kids were young, we had a 5th wheel with bunkhouse, (3) beds, a pull out sofa, (double bed) and our main bedroom (king) easily slept our 5, could've handled 7, but we would need 2 vehicles for 7 people. NOM made a good point above, you probably wont find a MH with that many seat belts as...
  20. team bradfield

    New to the Fort! Questions!

    Grocery info here.


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