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    Have you ever heard of this when buying a used car

    Why is there this need for days for insurance binders or picking up checks from the bank? Everything is so digital, that I'm really not understanding why this cannot happen pretty much instantaneously. Even if we had chosen financing from our credit union, it would have been able to be done...
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    Have you ever heard of this when buying a used car

    We've never gone car shopping without the pieces in place already. Granted, we've only had to go car shopping twice. Once was used from a dealership and once was new. Both times, we secured outside financing, but both times it was advantageous to take the financing offered by the dealership...
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    Off or onsite for family of 6 teens/tweens- what do you suggest?

    There are very little savings for buying a dining would be paying $75.49/night per person. If you are saying that your entire family can eat a quick service meal for $70 and table service for $294 (and lets say $50 at 2 snacks each) which equals $414 then why would you pay $452.94...
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    Another day....another lawsuit. This time about a bird.

    I know you are being facetious, but I bet there are a lot of laws about disturbing the nests of birds. To me, that makes it even more ridiculous. Disney probably can't do anything to remove the birds.
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    Need a new cocktail to replace Vodka/Redbull. Recommendations?

    This is what I was going to suggest
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    Woohoo! Another trip report. You two always start vacation off right...especially the watching Midsomer Murders part. I've watched all available on Netflix, along with all the Poirot, all the Inspector Morse/Lewis/Endeavour available...I may have a problem but Midsomer Murders started it!
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    Lebeau Family Trip Report 2019: Portofino Bay, Mardis Gras and More

    Your report is giving me the Universal itch. Those APs are burning a hole in my pocket. The drive is 6-9 hours (depending on traffic and stops), but I am seriously thinking about just going for a few days...although summer would be miserable! I am thinking we will wait until February or April...
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    What’s something you’re weird about..

    My mother-in-law does this, and then even though she uses "heated dry" she is usually having to dry the dishes because of the way the water pools. I wonder why she doesn't just skip the dishwasher. I don't think she is "weird" about it...I think she just comes from an era where dishwashers...
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    Pools - with a little belly, like 3 months pregnant (not)

    Before I was plus sized, I loved my Lands End looked like a tank top and shorts
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    Restaurant ideas for 12 year old boy

    My older son enjoys buffets. He is 12 now. He is constantly eating. He also enjoyed Sci Fi, Via Napoli, and Mama Melrose
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    Pools - with a little belly, like 3 months pregnant (not)

    What I wear is more in this style (different patterns/colors) and I wear a bikini top under the rash guard for support.
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    Pools - with a little belly, like 3 months pregnant (not)

    I am considerably overweight, but even when more of a normal size, I have preferred shorts and a top/tank. My most recent suit is a rash guard with black shorts made out of swim material. I like that I don't need a cover-up. Helps with sun exposure as well.
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    Onboard Account - Onboard Credit and Credit Cards

    What I am trying to say is that once onboard, you can pay down your stateroom account by other means without changing your main form of payment/charge to your room.
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    Onboard Account - Onboard Credit and Credit Cards

    Onboard, they apply the discount at the point of sale, though. They charge your card at the conclusion of the cruise. I suppose if you totally switched your payment method, they could try to go back and reverse the discounts, but that sounds like a nightmare logistically. I am betting that if...
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    Onboard Account - Onboard Credit and Credit Cards

    I set up our onboard accounts (two rooms) to be charged to my Disney Visa. It was noted on the room key they give you. Whenever we purchased merchandise, they gave us the discount at the point of sale because of the notation on our room key card. At some point, I paid a lot of the onboard...
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    Onboard Account - Onboard Credit and Credit Cards

    For instance, I made sure our Disney Visa was the form of payment on our stateroom. If I purchased $50 worth of merchandise in the gift shop for $40, then I was charged $40 at that time. When I went to guest services to pay some of the stateroom balance with a gift card, guest services didn't...
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    Onboard Account - Onboard Credit and Credit Cards

    The Chase site says this: When you check in online or at the embarkation terminal, enter your Disney® Visa® Card as your form of payment for all onboard purchases. 2. On the ship, your “Key to the World” card will indicate that you’re a Disney Visa Cardmember and eligible for the perks listed...
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    Onboard Account - Onboard Credit and Credit Cards

    IIRC, the fact that we had the Disney Visa as our charge method was noted and we got a discount at the places that we were entitled (for us, mostly on larger souvenir purchases). I didn't think it mattered if you actually paid for each thing with the Disney Visa but that you had the Disney Visa...
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    Looking for feedback- pros and cons of visiting WDW & Universal on same trip.

    We loved Universal, but honestly, I am glad we didn't go until our youngest were 6. Even if that meant that my oldest had to wait until nearly 13 years old. I would personally do option 2
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    Last 3 Non-WDW vacations you've taken

    Okay the last two kind of don't count: Universal Orlando (not counting that one though, LOL)-April 2019 Disney Cruise-June 2018 Savannah, GA-April 2017 California-June 2010 (one day at Disney) California-June 2007 (one day at Disney) It got me thinking that in my life, I have taken very few...


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