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  1. starvenger

    RCCL after DCL what to expect?

    I found a video tour of the ship here. That might help ease your anxiety.
  2. starvenger


    There was apparently a shooting nearby. Some office buildings (including the one my wife works in) on lockdown.
  3. starvenger


    I hear you. Currently 2:30 - they were supposed to be at Nathan Phillips Square at 12:30. Don't think I'd be home until midnight if I was there..
  4. starvenger


    Wish I could but I don't think I'll be able to.
  5. starvenger


    I think so. People get caught up in it as fans and media start hyping up the possibility of "this could happen". I don't mind it, never have, with a couple of exceptions that I won't get into.
  6. starvenger

    Does Disney Ruin

    Guardian was quite disappointing for me. I didn't expect a light gun game and it wasn't great to boot.
  7. starvenger


    My brother was actually at the game - full Raptors gear and all. Intense series and I was unsure it was gonna happen until Curry missed that 3. Curry seemed to be off his game yesterday and that might be due to VanVleet, who was an unsung hero this series. This was a great win for the...
  8. starvenger

    Does Disney Ruin

    Eh, there's still a small bit of planning with Wonderland. It's just that it's nowhere near as encompassing as Disney. But having a general plan of attack about where to start (for us it's almost always Thunder Run) and where you want to go will minimize the amount of unnecessary walking and...
  9. starvenger

    What's a "Good" Flight Fare from YYZ or BUF?

    I think you might now be in that zone (under 6 months) where you need to be looking for seat sales from Toronto. Not sure about Buffalo. Use a price tracker like google flights or kayak to, well, keep track of prices. The cost can fluctuate a bit, so if you see a price that you're comfortable...
  10. starvenger

    NEXUS questions

    So an update on my NEXUS renewal. I applied on March 17, and the Renewal was approved on May 31. Card was sent in the mail and I just got it yesterday (Jun 11). All told, just under 3 months from renewal application to receipt of the new card.
  11. starvenger

    Does Disney Ruin

    Wonderland lets you bring in small snacks (even though they're not supposed to) and water, so we do that. Generally speaking the meal portions are enough that the four of us can split two meals and a funnel cake. I don't particularly like the food there so I basically eat whatever wife and kids...
  12. starvenger

    Does Disney Ruin

    We did Beaches Ocho Rios a few years ago. Loved it - place had large pools, waterslides and a beach area that the kids used. There were tennis courts but they don't play. It can feel boring though - if you have a "cruise mode" this is definitely the time to engage that. Excursions are available...
  13. starvenger

    Does Disney Ruin

    Free is good. You'll have fun, I'm sure.
  14. starvenger

    Opinion: Should DCL add port of Tampa?

    Fourth. Don't forget Port Everglades
  15. starvenger

    Opinion: Should DCL add port of Tampa?

    Which gulf ports does DCL use now? Galveston I think? I think those are the competition for Tampa, because I don't see DCL moving away from the Florida ports on the Atlantic side.
  16. starvenger

    Does Disney Ruin

    We have Wonderland season passes as well. Went during the last PA Day, so wasn't particularly busy. Hannah and I went on Yukon Striker... I can confidently say that Disney does NOT have a ride that compares due to That Drop. With that said, Wonderland is still very much a standard amusement...
  17. starvenger

    The Drink Package - Tips and tricks?

    I don't believe that it is possible but then again I've not tried. I will point out that the coffee/espresso card CAN be carried out over to another cruise.
  18. starvenger

    FLL - Where do you stay?

    We usually stay at Hyatt Place 17th street. You can get a pretty good price from on valuetrips, but they don't have 2020 available for booking yet. Rooms are huge - I'm not exaggerating when I say you could comfortably sleep 2 families (with preteen kids) in a room if you wanted to (I'm not...
  19. starvenger

    Is cruising for us?

    Or Mediterranean, as there would be many non-beach/water related options to do. But agreed with above - you never know unless you try. We can guide and suggest, but ultimately you'll need to make that call on your own.
  20. starvenger

    I think I might prefer land trips over cruising

    Also, hard to get to places like Austria from a cruise ship.


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