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    DVC Tour Free Luau?

    We will be there in April 2020. Hopefully this will still be available:)
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    Laundry at Poly

    That's pretty cool> Thanks:)
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    Laundry at Poly

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    Laundry at Poly

    My family will be staying in the DVC deluxe studios at the Polynesian and I was wondering where the laundry machines are located and if there was any cost to using them. I read somewhere to bring your own laundry pods. Any info would be great:)
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    June 2019!

    I’m there too. Go Green!
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    Disney dollars

    I meant reward dollars from my Visa Disney card
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    Disney dollars

    Do Disney dollars work at Aulani?
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    CLOSED: 157 Aulani points for rent $15 per point, must use by Oct 2020.

    I am looking for Aulani April 3-10 2020. Do you have points available for those dates?
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    June 2019!

    Bringing the wife and 2 DD down June 18-25 at the Poly!
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    How many days left until you leave?

    39 days until The Poly!!
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    Disney dining plan

    Can you combine 2 QS credits to make 1 TS?
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    Disney dining plan costs compared to paying on own

    I did the math and it was almost a wash. I think I will continue to use the meal plan. Thanks
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    Disney dining plan costs compared to paying on own

    I am debating on whether to pay for Disney dining with 1 full service meal per day or pay as we eat. We are 4 adults going. Has anyone done the math to figure this out?
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    Flavored Creams

    Do Disney resorts or parks have flavored creams for coffee?
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    August 5th, 2006

    the gangs all going
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    July 4th Week

    My almost 3 yr old would insist on Dumbo ,first to be followed by its a small world.
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    Illuminations Cruise Central--JUNE

    I have not been able to book a cruise so I was wondering if anyone out there could share their cruise and cost with my family of 4.Dad and 3 daughters. I would be looking for June 29 -July 4.Any night. Thanks Darren
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    Illuminations Cruise Central--JULY

    I need June 29. Thanks Darren


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