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  1. KenHutch

    Art of Animation or Port Orleans in late August

    Yet another vote for FQ. At night when you go back to your hotel that single bus stop and the short walk will count for a lot. When the girls were very young they only cared for the pool but now they factor in the late night walks and it can count a lot.
  2. KenHutch

    Help me pick a hotel...

    Well we stayed at AKL last June and the girls loved the place but the 18 year old nixed it for the next trip because of the 30 minute bus ride to MK. She had chosen the Poly for our next trip because of the monorail and Ohana.
  3. KenHutch

    Independence Day - WHICH PARK?

    Well I loved the Marines but a cannot lie I joined to get off the farm, All they wanted me to do in the Marines was get up at 05:30 (heaven to a farm boy), put on boots and run a few miles. Really the Marines we a lot easier and more fun than the farm.
  4. KenHutch

    8 Park Days

    Well 8 park days is our standard and we do 2 days per park. When we do 9 days I add day 3 to MK.
  5. KenHutch

    Independence Day - WHICH PARK?

    The only time we have ever been on the 4th of July I choose Epcot. Seemed more manageable and I make the girls go to Epcot America every trip to watch the American Experience show. I really want them to understand why I served
  6. KenHutch

    Post-Cruise One Day in Animal Kingdom, Worth It?

    As the above poster said I would look hard at the Magic Kingdom (a lot more to do) but as to cost remember one day at WDW is worth a lot more than just waiting to go home.
  7. KenHutch

    6 park days - what parks? No park hopping

    Considering the ages of your children I think you plan is great. As a family we do each park for 2 days but we have been several times and usually save the Magic Kingdom for the end or almost end of our trip. Any time we have had an extra day I always apply it to the Magic Kingdom because it...
  8. KenHutch

    Looking for Ohana breakfast reviews

    We eat at Ohana almost every trip for breakfast at least once but it is a sentimental thing for us. My 18 year old loved Lilo & Stitch and we had to watch those shows hundreds of times. Stitch is still her favorite and since we have to eat breakfast anyways. We are staying at the Poly for our...
  9. KenHutch

    A quiet place to dine?

    Just the 2 of you? Go to the best restaurant in all of WDW Jiko's.
  10. KenHutch

    Narcoossee’s or Citricos? How do I decide which one to go to?

    We have been to both and prefer Narcoossee's but in my case the girls love the Electrical Light Floats at night and have to see them on every trip. Plus Narcoossee's just seems friendlier if you have children.
  11. KenHutch

    AKL or CCV?

    If you have family that does not "get" Disney then Animal Kingdom Lodge is a good option. Looking out your window and watching those animals can be so cool. We were there last June and right after a rain got to see a small giraffe playing tag with its mother for about 15 minutes. The down side...
  12. KenHutch

    Help planning 8:00am AK rope drop!

    We do a lot of what you are planning except we do a PPO breakfast at Tusker House and hit Kilimanjaro 1st. Remember that 90% of the opening crowd will head to Pandora so for the 1st couple of hours the place is fairly empty and easy to do.
  13. KenHutch

    Could not get back to sleep

    Congrats on getting most of your ADR's I do not have your issue on waking up because the Marines trained me to well. Seven days a week no matter what I wake up between 04:15 and 04:25 hours to wake up platoons I no longer have. Sigh
  14. KenHutch

    Where there any Restaurants that surprised you in a good way? Secret gems??

    Two places come to mind. We stayed at AKL last trip so we tried Boma which has made the girls every trip list but after all any place that serves all you can eat Zebra Domes for desert is a good place and strangely enough a counter service place The Satu'li Canteen. We are not huge fans of WDW's...
  15. KenHutch

    Ohana or 1900 Park fare for dinner?

    Well Ohana is our favorite restaurant. My daughter goes there just for the noodles and its a good place to fill up boys but as others have stated no characters. Now 1900 is a real hoot. When my daughter was small we were there and they found out I was a single dad. They had an argument with Gwen...
  16. KenHutch

    Favorite AK snacks

    Well I do not drink or snack much but because of my daughter we have to stop at the Yak & Yeti CS place every trip so she can get a mini mango pie.
  17. KenHutch

    Character Meet Wait Times in EPCOT?

    Well my data is probably out of date but when we went last June we discovered them by accident sometime after 11:00 hours. The waits were not to long 20-30 minutes and were fun.
  18. KenHutch


    Last June we had dinner there twice and breakfast once. I honestly do not understand the haters because we have never had a bad meal there and we open and close every vacation with dinner there. Its a favorite of just about the whole family.
  19. KenHutch

    I could use some input regarding parks

    I would still try to fit some time for AK in. And you can always do FoP an hours before closing and the place at night is incredible. As for HS I must be in the minority around here because I am always managed 2 days there with no problem.
  20. KenHutch

    Ohana or California grill

    Every time we have been to the California Grill is was quiet and very relaxed. Ohana is our favorite place to eat thou. Others may disagree but we have never had a bad meal there. If you have never been to the California Grill and if your little one is laid back I would take the chance and eat...


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