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  1. Dashzap

    Parking at other resorts

    At peak times, you may not be allowed to park at the monorail resorts if you don't have a table service ADR.
  2. Dashzap

    Displeased with Disney Travel Agent

    If the res is booked through a TA, you can't modify or cancel or make a payment on that res directly to Disney. You have to go through the TA.
  3. Dashzap

    Is there a disadvantage to paying off room only reservation upfront?

    I think that CM was new. When you are owed a refund on a reservation, it will automatically go back on the last payment method used (up to the amount originally charged on that payment method, then the rest goes on to the second-to-last payment method, etc.). So if you want the refund to go back...
  4. Dashzap

    Is there a disadvantage to paying off room only reservation upfront?

    Yes, they can send a form with the refund request, noting that the original gift card(s) were lost, and have new gift card(s) issued. If you are getting a refund from cancelling a reservation, the CM needs to have the cancellation on "hold" while the form gets to billing, so it doesn't...
  5. Dashzap

    Is there a disadvantage to paying off room only reservation upfront?

    Yes, so long as you cancel by 5 days before your arrival day, you get all your money back provided it is a room-only reservation with a 12 digit confirmation number. (Some people think they have a room-only reservation but actually have a basic package consisting of only a room and with a 8...
  6. Dashzap

    Disney alone as a minor?

    I went to a private high school. Our sports teams played other private schools in the area, not public schools, so we didn't have to match vacation days. YMMV.
  7. Dashzap

    Everything PhotoPass and Memory Maker

    Which attractions don't have a photo preview wall where you can link photos manually (so you either have to have a MB or call Disney to have them search for your photo?) 7DMT and what else? (maybe this could be added to the first post?)
  8. Dashzap

    Everything PhotoPass and Memory Maker

    I think it is literally 72 hours between purchase and available to use.
  9. Dashzap

    Magicband - linked or free?

    Some of the newest rides don't have touch points to select your ride photos. From "If you don’t have a MagicBand, some attractions have a photo preview wall where you can link photos manually. Visit the photo preview wall immediately after experiencing the attraction and touch...
  10. Dashzap

    Magicband - linked or free?

    If your band is more than two years old, the battery may not be good. The band will still work for anywhere you touch it to things (park admission, fastpass line admission, resort room door). However, it may not work for identifying you in on-ride photos.,
  11. Dashzap

    Packing Cubes

    Some good info in this older thread: I prefer packing cubes to ziplocks because packing cubes aren't slippery (so they aren't falling on the floor while I am filling my suitcase and when TSA opens a bag) and...
  12. Dashzap

    Pressed Pennies / elongated coins

    Disney has had more dated pressed pennies lately, and has announced a festival coin machine. I was excited until I found out they are collectible coins, not pressed coins. Drat. I wish they had festival specific pressed pennies. Pressed penny resources: Coin presses at WDW...
  13. Dashzap

    First time with allergies, nerves

    I feel your pain on difficult to watch our kids feel hurt...but sharing a burden and offering support is part of being in a family. Twelve year old bro may miss a treat, but having his little brother will more than make up for that in life. Plus your plan to divide and conquer (12 year...
  14. Dashzap

    Help with budgeting for 2 families and military discount?

    The military offer works like the other special offers in that there are a certain number of rooms available at that rate, and once they are booked then even if you see rooms available at a resort they won't be available at your military rate. Who knows how many rooms Disney makes available...
  15. Dashzap

    DIS Daily Update emails

    I've enjoyed the DIS Daily Updates emails for years. They are the best way to stay on top of the latest at WDW! Recently, the format change has the text huge, with 2-3 words per line. (Screenshot below.) Is there a way to get the emails in a plain text format? Or formatted for phones? I love...
  16. Dashzap

    Duffy and Shellie Mae 17" Bears

    I see a pre-dressed 12" Duffy from Cruise Line on shopdisney now. I wish they would stock the 17", too.
  17. Dashzap

    Tips for going bagless?

    I'm considering sewing some cargo pockets onto my capris. It probably will look funny, but who cares.
  18. Dashzap


    There is a new 12" Duffy on the shopdisney site. He's in a cute Disney Cruise Line outfit.
  19. Dashzap

    When to make dining reservations?

    6am EST to book online 7am EST to call 407-WDW-DINE


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