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  1. Smittolis

    Stroller recommendations

    The smaller diameter and width of the regular City mini tends to track in the railroad as well as the other smaller undulations around the parts for parades and other shows. The wheels are also plastic with a very thin cover of rubber and offers very little in way of absorption. Having had the...
  2. Smittolis

    FL Residency Question

    As above, if you are a resident then you would purchase the tickets with your ID. If you are not a FL resident but your kids are I would assume a school ID card would suffice? ASB card etc.... but you can always check with Disney. There is a list of ID requirements on the Disney website along...
  3. Smittolis

    Stroller recommendations

    Baby Jogger City Mini GT. The regular City Mini has similar features but the wheels tend to 'track' in the various grooves and can get stuck. The bigger wheels with tires on the GT make it much easier to maneuver, its light, folds easily and quickly and has the best canopy in the game. Not...
  4. Smittolis

    On or Off site?

    As someone else pointed out, the fact that buses can only take 2 ECV's / Wheelchair users at a time means there could be a couple of bus waits depending on when you go etc... From my experience, the Handicap parking is good in a morning if you are going to the parks early. They have overflow...
  5. Smittolis

    Uber to Contemporary for MK?

    We've used Uber to get to the CR a number of times, they pull in to the resort driveway and then turn around in he first parking lot and drop us off. We were staying there at the time so not sure if that made a difference? We went there from AK for what its worth.
  6. Smittolis

    Fireworks from Poly or Contemporary

    Here is a little clip from when we stayed there watching from the pathway that leads to the beach right by the pool.....
  7. Smittolis

    DAS during After Hours events?

    As others have said, its a mixed bag. We have done MNSSHP and Xmas and at different rides and different times they have let us use it, others they have said not as the FP line is not up and running and in use. I believe they are supposed to have some element of support, but it definitely differs...
  8. Smittolis

    Who still brings a “camera” into the parks?

    The pixel line up is simply a beast! Phone's can't compete with high end DSLR's, but they are more than a match for most day to day shooting 'in the moment'. I take my Osmo Pocket video gimbal with me, its small, light and can do some awesome footage!
  9. Smittolis

    Teenager with

    Great news, glad you guys were able to all grow during the trip! Enjoy the memories ;o)
  10. Smittolis

    Monorail view at the Poly

    There is obviously a chance you may get it anyway, but when we have stayed at Aotearoa and got a standard view (facing away from the MK) you can get a monorail view. It isn't anything spectacular but it could be a cool view for your son!
  11. Smittolis

    Teenager with

    Awesome news! Have a great rest of your trip!
  12. Smittolis


    As others have said, if you purchase the Disney ones and they rip, they will replace them free of charge. For the most part we've been doing that for years. So while it is a more expensive cost up front, the value over the lifetime of the poncho from our perspective has been worth it! I guess...
  13. Smittolis

    Teenager with

    That's a good tip, one easy way we have found through many years of research with our own is to use the 'Temperature' gauge method, whereby, a simple question about 'what's your temperature' relates to their comfort / stress level. There is no need to explain just a 1 word answer based on how...
  14. Smittolis

    Is Disney Springs a waste of time ?

    My family likes it just so it can check out the various small vendor's selling cool and different gift ideas for friends and family. There are some cool food spots too! But alas, it's not somewhere I would plan for more so a place that we can visit if we need a break from the norm or to just...
  15. Smittolis

    What would you do???

    Stayed at most hotels on that list and based on our experience and your list of desirables, I would suggest Poly. Given the fact the Epcot monorail runs from the TTC right next door to the Poly I think it has the best of everything. Great pools, great amenities, great access to the MK, easy...
  16. Smittolis

    Handheld Fans?

    Having tried many many different versions for my numerous gadget inventions, the ones that consistently have the highest level of 'blowing power' that can be felt consistently from a good distance as well as combining batter life are these...
  17. Smittolis

    Help with Rental Car Prices

    Costcotravel has a mini-van from the 5th-14th pick up and drop off at the airport for $570.
  18. Smittolis

    Teenager with

    It's so sad that we live in such a society that feels the need to constantly project judgement and opinions onto others from their own lens. So I feel for you on that one. Me personally, I don't really care what people may or may not think about my kids using a tablet or device while at Disney...
  19. Smittolis

    Help me select a resort

    'Expensive' is obviously all relative at Disney when hotels are concerned! To some, the price of the Deluxe's isn't that much of a stretch, but to others they are obscene. If it were me I would choose the 'Poly' as it fits all of your desires and wish lists, however, it certainly is not...
  20. Smittolis

    Two Kids, Two Parents....One Hotel Room?

    I guess it all depends on your family dynamics and what you are comfortable with. I laugh and joke that my family of 5 could live in a studio apartment and do just fine! haha... But that is the type of family we are, we enjoy being with one another like that and kids are always sleeping in their...


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