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    Just booked our first SW trip. Few questions.

    What were you looking for? There is a fairly new thread about getting the All Day Dine with alcohol - ADD can include alcohol I pretty much included what is online in that thread but let me know if you are looking for something specific and I can try to find out next time I am at the park.
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    SeaWorld annual pass - when to purchase?

    At least one big advantage will be using the kiosk. The lines at the window to purchase tickets can get very long in the summer, so you could spend up to an hour waiting just to buy your pass. While I have seen lines at the kiosk they are much shorter (think 2 person deep versus 100 person deep)...
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    All Day Dining can now include alcohol

    You currently do not have to get any food in order to get just a drink, so I don't see why they would force you to take food that you might be more inclined to just throw away in order to get an alcoholic drink.
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    All Day Dining can now include alcohol

    The Electric Ocean (and 7 Seas) food locations are not part of the All Day Dining plan. Since the food is not included I would be inclined to say the alcohol would not either, although I have not seen it in operation in the park yet. If it is a "normal" draft beer like Bud or Bud Light I could...
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    All Day Dining can now include alcohol

    Once I get a picture of it in the park I will post, but there is now an online option to purchase the All Day dining and include alcohol. Your 2 product options are now - All-Day Dining Deal - starting at $39.99 All-Day Dining Deal Plus Draft Beer and Wine - starting at $54.99 The specific...
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    SeaWorld Orlando - Menus with Prices : Page 7 - Current 2019

    Some random Electric Ocean (Summer 2019) menus -
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    SeaWorld Orlando - Menus with Prices : Page 7 - Current 2019

    Sharks Underwater Grill menu as of May 2019 -
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    Veteran military tickets

    I just checked Shades Of Green since they post prices on their website - you can get a SeaWorld single day adult ticket for $51, limit of 4. I honestly do not think you can do better than that price anywhere else unless you go online. This offer is good through Dec 20 2019. Aquatica single day...
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    Veteran military tickets

    Another option, depending on where you and he live, is to stop by the local base and check on tickets at the Information Tickets and Travel Office (different branches may call it something else). They will sometimes have discounted tickets for Orlando theme parks. They may also have a way of...
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    Veteran military tickets

    Sorry, but I do not believe they have any offers for military at the gate. According to the website - SeaWorld and Discovery Cove are proud to support Active Military Members and Veterans with special pricing and promotions To qualify for this promotion, you must be registered with Once...
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    Free beer is back Summer 2019

    SeaWorld announced that the free beer promotion will be returning this summer. From May 25 until September 2 you can get a free 14 ounce beer from Pretzel Kitchen, one per day. I believe Pass Members can start free beer immediately, and then it opens for everyone on May 25. Happy Hour also is...
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    Aquatica - General Information

    Mango Market drinks menu as of May 2019 -
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    Aquatica - General Information

    Mango Market menu as of May 2019 -
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    Meal Plan Question

    Not everyone in the party needs to be on the meal plan. Go through the line, go to the cashier, those on the meal plan can show their wristbands, and then you can pay for the rest of the food.
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    Christmas activities /decorations

    They usually start their Christmas shows Thanksgiving week, although last year I think it was actually a week prior. That means the decorations themselves are definitely up by Thanksgiving. I have been before and Thanksgiving night is actually a good night to go, the crowds are fairly small...


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