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    Travel agent

    If you're a Costco member you can book through the number on the Costco travel web site and you can get up to $2000 back on a Costco cash card. The amount you get is not strictly a percentage, but for the ABDs I've taken it's worked out to be around 8%. If you're an executive member you also...
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    Utah/Arizona ABD in summer?

    We took this trip in the first week of July. The day we arrived in Phoenix is was 113 degrees, which sound horrible, but was only really bad in the sun. Once we were out of Phoenix, temps were in upper 80's to 90's. We were never uncomfortable, but we're used to high humidity with our 90+...
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    Group size of 45?

    We had 44 in Peru 6 years ago and one of the guest's mother had to cancel, so they booked 45 even that long ago. It was too many and had an adverse effect on the experience, IMO.
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    Other Options...

    When we did the Nat Geo Galapagos trip, it wasn't designated a family trip, but I did get 50% off the adult price for my son. It's been a few years, so that may have changed. It was in March (spring break for us) and there were a lot of kids between 10 and 16 on the trip.
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    Favorite ABD trip

    Was the polar bear trip the one in Churchill? I really want to do that. I received a 30% discount offer last week, but I have to book by April 15, and I don't think I'll be able to make a decision that quickly. :(
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    Ireland or Scotland?

    I did the Ireland ABD in 2014 and spent 5 days in Scotland before the ABD. We saw the sites in Edinburgh, did a day trip to the highlands with Rabbie's tours, then flew on Aerlingus to Dublin for $65 each. This worked out very well. My son and I both agreed that the best part of the trip was...
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    Tauck vs. ABD River cruise- help please!

    The Danube cruise.
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    Tauck vs. ABD River cruise- help please!

    On our cruise there were 4 guides and a cruise director. They did a great job. I didn't see any need for more. There was nothing lacking. They even took the time to put together a video slide show for the farewell dinner.
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    Tauck vs. ABD River cruise- help please!

    We did the TB Danube cruise and it was perfect for kids. The guides came up with a lot of fun activities for the kids that were not listed in the itinerary - on and offshore. The boat was bigger than the new boat for the Douro cruise, but we were always split up into smaller groups for...
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    Other Options...

    The river boats that Tauck uses are owned and operated by a Swiss company called Scylla. The crew members are Scylla employees and the Cruise Director and guides are Tauck employees. I don't believe an individual can book a cruise through Scylla. I think they just provide the boats to tour...
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    ABD booked through Costco

    That's the 2% reward that Executive members receive on any trip booked through Costco travel.
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    ABD or Tauck Bridges for London/Paris

    We had an adult couple on our TB land trip. And there were solo travelers on our TB river cruise.
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    Insider Christmas gift

    Five ABDs for me and I didn't get the gift either.
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    Holiday Danube River Cruise ABD vis Tauck Bridges. 7K price difference?

    We've done 5 ABDs (none river cruises) and 2 TBs (one was the Danube cruise in the summer, not the Christmas markets). All of the trips were good, some of the ABDs less so than others. The TB Danbue cruise is probably #2 or #3 on my list of favorite vacations (Nat Geo trip is #1). We had 4...
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    So angry with ABD right now

    We did the TB Danube cruise too and loved it.
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    Our Epic Iceland Adventure-July 14-21, 2-18-

    Sorry if you mentioned this in another post already, but what happened to your Disney guide?
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    Is the price listed per person or for two people?

    The price of the package is the same. The rebate isn't a percentage of the price, but the ones I've received have worked out to be around 8% or a little more. I think it is based on a scale. The rebate is significant.
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    Cell Phones or Smart Phones usage over in Italy???

    If you're willing to change carriers, T-Mobile has unlimited texts and data at no additional cost and 25 cents/min for calls to over 210 countries, including Italy. We just got back from Scotland and we used a lot of data and texted quite a bit as well, with no extra cost. I don't make calls...
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    "Is ABD worth the $$$?" Discussion thread

    No offense, but I have to disagree with this statement a bit. The hotels are not always expensive luxury hotels, some are very average. Although there are definitely exceptions, I haven't found the food to be all that great and there are a lot of buffets, which I don't consider luxurious at...
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    Advantages to Larger Group Size?

    I've had ABD group sizes of 16, 33, 36, 40 and 44. I don't see any advantage to the larger group size. The larger the group is, the more time standing around waiting on everyone instead of seeing the country you are visiting. And sometimes the activities/facilities are not meant to accommodate...


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